After the cat is pregnant, the owner should take care of this and the precautions. Do you know?

Hello everyone, I am a meow home. We should take care of the "quasi -cat mothers" who are pregnant like this. From the day of the success of the mating, it is calculated from the day of the mating.The pregnancy process of "quasi -cat mother" is as hard as human mother.During this period, the owner wanted to give it meticulous care. Suffering cat food and water are the best owner to prepare the cat.In addition, you can add some nutritional paste, taurine, folic acid, and eat cat canned cats twice a week, but also pay attention, do not let the "quasi cat mothers" who have a big appetite eat too much, cause obesity to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity, so as not to avoid obesity.How big the kitten is, resulting in production difficulties.

Both pregnancy is a happy and good thing for humans and cats. At this time, the owners must have a twelve -point spirit. What are the precautions during pregnancy and what preparations do owners need to make before production?In order to ensure the health of cats and cats, the owner must first achieve scientific breeding. The most pregnant season is in the spring and autumn seasons.At the same time, be sure to confirm that the baby cat will have a suitable new owner before breeding.

The owner needs to prepare a quiet, safe, clean, and comfortable "delivery room" for cats.A large, clean, without odor cardboard box.1. Quiet: Place the "delivery room" in the home room, balcony and other secluded places.2. Safety: Mother cats are willing to go in and stay is the standard of safety.If it feels unsafe, it will only turn around in the "delivery room" and then leave.3. Clean and comfortable: The owner should not pad it in the box with clothes with a strong aroma. The cat’s mother does not like something that has odors. Wash the old clothes.4. Closer door thanks: A few days before the production, the owner would decline other guests to visit the cat and let it wait quietly for the advent of his baby.

What do the owner need to pay attention to during pregnancy?Keep enough patience to "quasi -cat mom" during pregnancy and don’t disturb it at will.It should make it feel comfortable as possible to prevent cats from abortion.1. The owner should be considerate of the emotional fluctuations of the "quasi -cat mother". Don’t hold it barely, don’t barely touch the cat in his belly.If the "quasi -cat mother" during pregnancy is wrong, do not scold, and they may have a miscarriage because of scare.Cat Mom is intimate.

2. Don’t easily disturb the "quasi -cat mother" rest. During pregnancy, they are easy to get tired and always want to sleep. All the owners have to do to make them sleep more comfortably as much as possible.3. Cats may have a miscarriage due to bacteria, viruses, and raw insects.Hormone balance disorders, chronic endometritis, recent reproduction, fetal dies early, fetal membrane and placental lesions, major diseases of female cats, improper breeding, mechanical damage, etc. may cause cats to abort.Once abortion occurs, it is often impossible to stop.What the owner wants to do is to prevent cats from infection.The important thing is to do a good job of preventing work, prevent cats from being hit by external forces, and timely treatment of other diseases.

Cat mothers generally handle everything in production by instinct. They will tear the cat’s cells, bite the umbilical cord, and eat the placenta and lick the blood of the cat.Generally speaking, 2 hours after the first cat baby was born, the cat’s mother will end the birth process and lay down to feed the cat.If at this time, the cat mother still refuses to feed the cat, indicating that it has no effort to regenerate the remaining cats. At this time, the owner needs to send the cat mother immediately to the hospital. At the same time, if the last kitten is born, 5In minutes, the placenta did not give birth, and they needed to see it immediately, because the placenta was stranded in the cat’s mother and would ask it for its life.

Baby cat is about to be born. How can the owner help the cat mother to spend this difficulty?On the day of production, the owner should prepare a bowl of clean water and canned cats for "prospective cat mothers". Of course, they may not eat anything in the production gap.There are many, the safest way to produce is to handle it to the doctor.If the following cases have the following situation, the owner can help the "quasi cat" busy.The cat’s mother will not handle the cat, 1. If the cat’s mother does not tear off the cells by her own, bite the umbilical cord, the owner should immediately tear the cells and quickly wipe the cat’s mouth mucus until the cat emits "squeak" "squeak".The crying sounds that everything is good.

2. Prepare disinfection cotton noodles, scissors and alcohol, disinfect scissors and hands with alcoholic alcohol, and make cotton wires at 2 cm from the belly of the cat’s umbilical cord, and cut off the excess umbilical cord.After cleaning the cat, the owner re -disinfected his hands, wiped the secretions of some cat mothers, and then put the cat on the cat’s mother, so that it would eat breast milk as soon as possible, and avoid the mother who could not recognize her baby.Well, this is here that the matters should be paid attention to the cat’s pregnancy. Thank you for watching. If you do n’t understand, you can leave a message below.

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