After taking the medicine, can you still ask for your baby?In 3 cases, the baby’s baby is injured

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Most women will entangle such a thing after discovering that they are pregnant. In the early days of pregnancy, they have not known that they have been pregnant, such as cold drugs, anti -inflammatory drugs or emergency contraceptives, etc.It will not cause harm to the baby in the abdomen. Whether the baby can stay. If you choose to give a fetus, not only will it be psychologically hit by women, but it may also affect future fertility.

If you choose to stay, in case your baby has birth defects, the family burden will be very heavy in the future, and it will also cause a very large blow to the children.So in the face of such a problem, should the baby stay?Because most women are worried about the occurrence of malformations after pregnancy, we can start from this aspect to solve the doubts of pregnant mothers.

Obstetricians said that although women’s pregnancy cannot be used in disorderly, taking medicine will not cause fetal malformations 100 %. In order to rigorous, doctors generally say that they may cause malformations when they encounter this kind of situation.Whether a child should stay depends entirely on how parents decide.

In fact, there are many factors that cause fetal malformations, such as environmental pollution, poor living habits, and insufficient nutritional intake. Under these conditions, even if the pregnant mother does not take any drugs throughout the pregnancy, the probability of malformations in the fetus is still very large, and even some pregnancyMom avoids all factors that are not conducive to the development of the baby, but still have a baby who is suffering from deformities. For the reason, we cannot know, and there is no way to verify, because the baby’s deformity has become a fact.

Medical research has found that if the baby’s deformity occurs, it probably appears in the early pregnancy, but because the embryo has not yet developed in the early pregnancy, it cannot be observed earlier through obstetric examinations.The obstacles include hearing, vision, intelligence, etc. The disability in the limbs may be detected during the babies for about 5 months, but like some potential functional disorders can only be discovered after the baby is born.Therefore, it is really difficult to judge whether the baby is abnormal, and sometimes it is difficult to give an accurate answer.

1. After taking emergency contraceptives

Regarding this, pregnant mothers can understand the working principle of contraceptives. Generally speaking, emergency contraceptives mainly act on women’s ovulation time.Sperm binding to achieve the purpose of contraception, so the component in emergency contraceptives does not increase the probability of deformed in this child, and does not need to terminate pregnancy.

2. Just seek medical treatment without knowing it and use the medicine

We know that sometimes doctors will take medicine on the spot. The more commonly used anti -inflammatory drugs or anesthesia, etc. HereThe key is to look at the measurement of the medication. In this regard, the pregnant mother can consult a doctor who shows you a doctor at that time, or directly consult the obstetrician. In most cases, the baby can stay.

3. Use some drugs when you know that you are pregnant

Some women have a poor physical condition in the early stages of pregnancy. They cannot heal themselves without medicine. In order to maintain good health, pregnant mothers will promote the recovery of the disease through drugs.In response to this situation, pregnant mothers should understand that the embryo is still a cytoplasm around 4 weeks of pregnancy. If the drug damage the embryo is very strong, natural abortion is prone to occur, but some drugs have very mild damage to the embryo, so it will not not be able to do it.It will not even cause deformities, so within 4 weeks of pregnancy, if the pregnant mothers do not want the fetus, it is best to avoid using some drugs with very strong effects, or take the medicine by the doctor’s instructions.

Starting from 5 weeks of pregnancy, the cell group has begun to differentiate, and gradually forms all parts of the body. At this time, the embryo will usher in a pharmaceutical sensitive period. That is to say, if you use unsafe drugs at this stage, the probability of malformations in the fetus will have the probability of malformations.It will increase.For the special stage of the differentiation of cells, if there are some difficulty in self -healing in pregnant mothers, doctors generally prescribe some safe drugs for pregnant mothers. At the same timeThe effect on embryonic development and avoid deformity of the embryo.

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