After taking emergency contraceptives, I became pregnant?IntersectionCan this child still want

Beijing time June 30

A female netizen’s cry appeared on the hot search of the entire network

Women have been pregnant for more than 6 weeks

As a result, her boyfriend actually secretly

Drinking medicine in the brown sugar water she drank?

According to her own, she and her boyfriend accidentally "wiped the gun away" and had a pregnancy.She was looking forward to the child, but her boyfriend had a decision to give birth to her child.

In the case of her unknown, she drank brown sugar water prepared by her boyfriend, and the water was mixed with the abortion effect of rice non -olsitone, as well as promoting blood circulation and cold.

After examination, the doctor said that the fetus had deformity risks, but the woman insisted on protecting the fetus. It is still unknown whether the fetus can be kept at present.

Such a thoughtful plot is like the realistic version of "Disappearing her".

However, after all, the scumbag is still a small probability, and the other situation is more common: there is no contraception when doing romantic things. Although it was used to find the "emergency contraceptive pill" afterwards, it was unexpectedly conceived.

At this time, the question came: Can this baby blocking the surround of contraceptive pills be required?Will children be born with abnormal risks?

Those who accidentally "winning" will suspect that they may have taken fake medicines. In fact, the contraceptiveness of such drugs is not 100%, especially the effective rate of emergency contraceptives is the lowest in all types of contraceptives, only 80%, only 80%about.In other words, even if taking emergency contraceptives, there is still a certain probability of pregnancy.

If the method of medication is wrong, for example, if you do not take more than 72 hours or take it multiple times in a menstrual cycle, it will also cause the contraceptive effect to fail.In addition, taking antibiotics and other drugs at the same time will reduce the concentration of contraceptives, which will affect the efficacy.

In most cases, the abnormal cause of the fetus is related to long -term use of hormones, which is not the result of short -term use of low -dose hormones.In other words, if it is an emergency contraceptive taking within the menstrual cycle, it will generally not affect the fetus too much, but the eugenics should be screened strictly during pregnancy.

Some studies have shown that most women take contraceptives without knowing pregnancy and do not increase birth defects or other problems.If you are still pregnant after taking contraceptives, remember to tell the doctor and perform a production test and color Doppler ultrasound on time.

The principle of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives is to achieve the role of contraception by inhibiting ovulation and preventing the bed in the bed, and increased cervical mucus and increased the resistance of sperm penetration. It does not cause harm to sperm or eggs.

At this time, if the drug affects it, it will only cause these two results: either directly act on embryo cells, causing the embryo to directly die, that is, abortion; or there is no adverse effect, the embryo continues to develop.

Therefore, if you are really pregnant after taking a contraceptive pill, as long as there is no natural abortion, it means that the baby is healthy and can be left.

If the menstruation is not normal after taking emergency contraceptives, remember to go to the hospital to check HCG as soon as possible, that is, chorionic hormone to determine whether it is really pregnant.As for the next step after pregnancy?See if you are ready to welcome the little baby ~

*The content of this article is not used as a medical diagnosis, for reference only

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