After taking a cold medicine, you can find pregnancy. Can children ask?

Early in the morning, a young couple stayed at the door of the pharmaceutical clinic. I was anxiously greeted: "I took the medicine in the early pregnancy, did I consult here?"

I nodded, and the other party immediately said, "I took the medicine before, and I found that I was pregnant later. I don’t know if the child can ask."

But when I learned about the specific situation, they repeatedly looked at and looked at each other, and never wanted to be asked.

In fact, every information as the following is related to the decision of "stay or not".

The last menstrual time, follow -up date date

14 days before pregnancy is a relatively safe period

It takes about 14 days from the formation of fertilized eggs to the root of the uterus. This time is called the "relative safety period", that is, "all or no period":

During this period, intake of drugs without embryonic toxicity, the result will either cause natural miscarriage, or safe, that is, embryos are not affected.

However, this girl suffers from "polycystic ovary syndrome" and irregular menstruation. The last menstrual time and subsequent room time do not remember.

Similar to this situation, the B -ultrasound report that can display the number of embryos should be provided.

Fortunately, she can also provide a B -ultrasound results.

Specific medication situation

Be sure to be careful after eating Libavirin

What is the reason, what time, what medicine you have taken, how much you used … the more detailed the better.If you have a doctor, it is recommended to bring medical records and prescriptions (or medicines).

It is necessary to pay special attention to the drug of Libaweilin. It has a strong teratogenic effect, and the metabolism is particularly slow. Generally, it is recommended to avoid using it 6 months before pregnancy.

This girl recently went to the clinic to see a doctor and prescribed medicine, and she took a needle. The specific medication was incomplete.

I asked them to call to the clinic to check it, and asked them to ask specially, haven’t had Libalin?

The young man went away and returned soon.

According to his notes, 4 medicines were used for the two times before and after: composite cold medicine, antibacterial cephalosporin, levofloxacin, and a shot of Bupleurum.

My brain started to run at high speed and analyzed one by one:

Composite cold medicine: The composite cold medicine she took contains acetaminophenol and caffeine. At present, no embryonic toxicity has been found. During the relative safety period, the B -ultrasound report has shown that the fetal buds have been showed.It can be eliminated.

Cobe: Relatively safe during pregnancy.

Levofloxacin: The time she took was about 17th day after conception, which exceeded the relatively safe period, which could affect the development of fetal bones and cartilage.

Fortunately, the development of embryo limbs is about 24 to 36 days after conception. It has nearly a week interval with the medication, and the drug has enough time to fully metabolize.

Chaihu: There is no sufficient modern research data, and embryo toxicity is not clear.However, according to traditional medication experience, Bupleuria is not taboos during pregnancy.

After some considerations, I told them: "Don’t worry too much, good mood is also very important for pregnant women and fetuses. It is necessary to follow up on time on time and obstetrics and gynecology."

"Thank you so much!" They finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally, remind everyone that in the early pregnancy, some people may have symptoms like colds, which is normal.It is recommended to choose a regular medical institution for a cold during pregnancy, and inform the doctor to prepare for pregnancy, so that the doctor will consider it when prescribing prescriptions.

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