After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s backache and back pain will be better to you and the fetus!

After Mommy was pregnant, her stomach was getting bigger every day.While growing up for the healthy growth of life in the belly, pregnant mothers will also face more challenges.For example, I gradually found that I was inconvenient to start to move! Following it was backache and back pain, which had suffered from our pregnant mummy.Pregnant mothers will have back pain, which is generally due to increasing lumbar burden due to the development of the fetus, causing lumbar muscle fatigue.At the same time, the pelvic ligament becomes gradually relaxed and the pressure on the waist increases.At this time, we can use these 6 tricks to greatly relieve the symptoms of back pain in pregnant mothers!

Pregnant mother’s backache and back pain pay attention to these 6 things, fetal development will be better:

1. Make good use of the belly belt:

Family family can buy a belt for pregnant mothers.Not only can the fetus be protected, but the waist and abdomen pressure can be carried out to relieve pain.

2. Use waist pillow:

The use of the waist pillow pillow pillow is used well, so that the pregnant mother can reduce the discomfort when resting.To hold the abdomen with the waist pillow, you can also cultivate the correct sleeping position of the pregnant mother to better relieve waist pain.

3. Pay attention to standing and walking:

Remind the pregnant mother to avoid standing with their hands on their hips, and do not get too fast when they get up.The correct standing position can help the pregnant mother find a reasonable force, thereby reducing waist fatigue.

4. Appropriate exercise:

Pregnant mothers can enhance physical strength by walking, swimming, and doing suitable exercise, thereby reducing the soreness and fatigue of the body.

5. bed with appropriate sleep hardness:

Don’t let the pregnant mother sleep like Xi Mengsi.Slightly harder, not easy to collapse mattresses, can avoid the waist collapse when lying flat, eradicating the induction of low back pain.

6. Wear the right shoes

Comfortable shoes can relieve the discomfort of pregnant mothers.Both flat shoes and high heels are actually inappropriate.The comfortable shoes are preferably about 3-4cm! The symptoms of back pain in pregnant mothers are normal physiological reactions. Usually, pay attention to rest.There is a very important thing that it must not be able to massage pregnant women at will, and should not use drugs that promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so as not to cause miscarriage or premature birth.If pregnant mothers have serious discomfort, be sure to see a specialist.

Relieve up the back pain of pregnant mothers, do you have any little tricks?

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