After pregnancy, the more lazy the pregnant mothers are in these three things, the healthier the fetus develops, don’t be diligent and fast.

Before, a pregnant mother complained that she had married the wrong person. It was already the 31st week. I had to do housework every day with a big belly. I had to do anything I wanted to eat, and my mother -in -law didn’t care.Not only that, you have to cook for your family every day.After standing for a long time, I feel stomach and tight.Check it online and say that it is a pseudo -contraction, it is really afraid that it will affect the baby’s health.It’s really not easy to sympathize with this pregnant mother. It is really not easy to meet such a mother -in -law.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can’t be very popular. Don’t be too diligent in these things. If you can be lazy, you will have an impact on the development of the baby.

One: Housework is alive

It’s not that the pregnant mothers do nothing during pregnancy, wait for others to wait.Instead, you need to do your best, especially in the early and during the early pregnancy and the third trimester. The development of embryos in the early pregnancy is unstable. If the pregnant mother is too tiring in the third trimester, it will stimulate the uterus. It is likely to hurt the baby baby.Essence

Therefore, do not move heavy objects during pregnancy, do not bend over, stand for a long time, do not climb high and low, and do not clean the bathroom (the ground is slippery, it is easy to fall).Basic simple housework.

Two: heavy taste foods of garbage food

The diet of pregnant mothers must be balanced, rich in nutrients, and light taste, so as to provide sufficient nutrition for fetal baby. Many pregnant mothers talk when they are pregnant.I want to eat, but these foods are not only guaranteed to be sanitary and safe, but also have no nutritional. Evergreen foods are likely to cause discomfort to the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant mothers.Fetal poisoning will affect the value of the baby’s baby, so the less you eat these food pregnant mothers, the better.

Three: Help others to worry

Many pregnant mothers are more idle during pregnancy and are more helpful. They like to help others solve their problems, but helping others solve problems on the mothers’ emotional impact on the pregnant mother.If the mothers of pregnant mothers are relatively ups and downs, it will affect the secretion of related hormones in the body, and it will affect the development of the baby. Therefore, it is better to worry about the pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers also have to be "lazy to get angry". The emotional emotions during pregnancy itself are very unstable. In this regard, the pregnant mother must learn to regulate themselves. Don’t always get angry, and to communicate diligent in communication.

These things, the lazy the pregnant mother during pregnancy, the better.

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