After pregnancy, the five most common sleeping postures of husband and wife are seated on the signs!

There are many very interesting things between husband and wife.For example, the husband and wife spit each other daily, even if they sometimes quarrel, they are reconciled but soon. At night, the posture of sleeping between husband and wife is particularly interesting! Especially after pregnant mothers are pregnant!

After knowing that the mother has a fetus, the status of expectant mothers is like a national treasure -level figure. Everything is carefully served, and she is afraid of what will be lost.Of course, when sleeping, the sleeping position will change.Because I always think about a baby in my belly, I can’t do whatever she wants when I sleep.Many expectant mothers around said that after pregnancy, they are almost like these postures as they sleep. See which one you are?

1. Hug behind the back

Husband hugs the quasi -mother from behind, and puts one hand on the shoulder or belly of the expectant mother. The couple who sleeps in this posture shows that your husband and wife relationship is very harmonious and intimate.Such a husband is also very intimate, and on the other hand, it can give a sense of security for prospective mothers.

2. Hugging and sleeping

The husband hugs his wife considerate and avoids his wife’s abdomen as much as possible. This posture shows that the husband cares for his wife and is eager to give you a sense of security. At the same time, he also likes to hold you.You sleep, it is really a love picture.But as the pregnant belly appears increasingly, when the husband is holding his wife to sleep, you must pay attention to your posture and location, and don’t hurt your wife.

3. Facial shape

This kind of husband is more honest when he sleeps. He is worried about hurting the stomach of the pregnant mother. He keeps a certain distance with the expectant mother. When sleeping face to face, he can detect the movement of the expectant mother at any time. Once the expectant mother needs, get up at any time.

4. Back -to -back type

The two sleep their own sleep, how comfortable and how they come, and do not interfere with each other. When her husband knows that his wife can move, he can’t move casually after he sleeps, but after falling asleep, he is afraid that he can’t control himself.This sleeping position is estimated to be the most commonly used between couples during pregnancy. It can’t be said that this is not loving, mainly because they are afraid of hurting the baby in the stomach, and both sides can sleep well.

5. grab the site type

This sleeping posture is definitely the most pitiful, because the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the temper is getting older and bigger, so the prospective dad just sleeps!

After pregnancy, the husband and wife have a lot of sleep in the same bed

1. Increase communication between husband and wife and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

2. It can make pregnant women and fetuses sleep more solidly and more secure.

3. It can prevent heart disease and make pregnant women and fetuses healthier.

In fact, no matter how sleeping, the best is to persist in these 3 points:

Give pregnant mothers more space, so that the pregnant mother can flip her body.Safety first, safety first.

It is best not to leave if your husband is not left to prevent pregnant women from emerging at night.

It is best not to have severe exercise, which is easy to cause abortion of the fetus. If you really want to exercise, please keep in mind that the premise of protecting the mother’s belly is as light as possible.

Pregnant mothers, what kind of sleeping position is your husband and wife?What are the changes before pregnancy? Let’s talk about your husband and wife’s sleeping position?

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