After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has some "reactions", which just shows that the fetus is developing well. Congratulations first

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The neighbor Wen Wen recently had a serious pregnancy reaction because of pregnancy. Not only did you not eat well every day, he could not sleep well, but also had a vomiting reaction, which made her feel very painful, so Wenwen was also worried that her belly was in her stomach.Whether the baby is unhealthy can cause her to vomit.

There is also a neighbor and Wenwen who are pregnant at almost time, but she is not as heavy as Wenwen’s reaction. It seems that she should eat and drink like there is no one.

The two often chat together, and they are also curious, and how much pregnancy is so different.

Indeed, the pregnancy response of each pregnant mother may be different, but Zhang Peng, a gynecological expert, said that when pregnant women have some obvious pregnancy reactions.

In fact, I do n’t have to worry too much. On the contrary, some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy also suggest that the fetus is developing well, so pregnant mothers do n’t have to worry too much.

Since many mothers have already understood the pregnancy response, it does not mean that the baby in the belly is not developing well. So which pregnancy reactions indicate that the baby in the stomach is all healthy?

1) Pregnancy

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will have a variety of reactions, and the pregnancy reaction is a pregnancy reaction that most pregnant women will appear after pregnancy. This is also a normal phenomenon. Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

Researchers at the University of California did research during the pregnancy stage and found that the reason why pregnant mothers had pregnancy vomiting mainly because the hormone level in the body changed and the body was difficult to adapt for a while, so it would lead to the emergence of pregnancy.

Therefore, from another aspect, it also shows that the baby’s healthy growth in the stomach of the pregnant mother. Of course, if the pregnant mother’s body has no symptoms of discomfort, it also shows that the fetus is developing well.

2) frequent urine

Many mothers will find that as the month increases, the number of times to go to the toilet has also increased significantly, which makes many mothers feel very troubled. Out of the door is either on the way to the toilet, or in the toilet, it is very delayed.

But in fact, it is normal for pregnant mothers to have such a reaction during pregnancy, because as the uterus increases, the mother’s bladder began to compress, resulting in stimulating the bladder of the pregnant mother. Therefore, the pregnant mother will show the reaction of going to the toilet.EssenceOf course, this also implies that the fetal development is very good, isn’t it?

3) Physical discomfort

Many mothers may feel uncomfortable in the early days of pregnancy. They always want to sleep or have back pain. This is also a very normal thing.

Because with the continuous changes in the level of hormones, the body of pregnant mothers may be difficult to accept for a while, and the bones of pregnant mothers will also make the baby’s bigger, so that the baby can give birth smoothly when producing.

Therefore, when the pregnant mothers have this situation, it means that the body is very healthy, and the baby in the stomach is also developing well.

Just like the two neighbors above, there will be obvious feelings in the comparison. It is indeed pregnant. Why do some pregnant mothers have a serious pregnancy reaction after pregnancy, but some are no different from normal people?

In fact, after pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers is also related to the fetus. The baby’s development in the stomach of the pregnant mother needs to provide a large number of nutrients. If the baby’s baby and the pregnant mother have a signal, it implies that the pregnant mother needs to supplement it in timeNutrition, otherwise the baby may be malnourished.

In addition, after pregnancy, the pregnancy response has a certain relationship with the physique of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother with a poor constitution will have a pregnancy reaction, which will also be more obvious than the pregnancy response in the pregnant mother with better constitution.

However, the pregnant mother has a pregnancy reaction, which also shows that the baby is developing healthy. The pregnant mother only needs to pay attention to rest.

Many mothers have a headache in the face of uncomfortable pregnancy, because the pregnancy reaction has a great impact on their work and normal rest.

Even making them unable to eat and not sleeping well, it may also affect the baby’s absorption of nutrition. Then you can use some methods to alleviate the pregnancy reaction so that pregnant mothers can spend more easily during pregnancy.

① Try to eat light food

Many mothers become sensitive when they are pregnant, and because of vomiting and other conditions, trying to eat lighter foods can reduce the reaction of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is very serious, you should eat more hungry things when eating, such as bread and steamed buns.

② Don’t be too tired

As the fetus continues to increase in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the body of the pregnant mother will become more and more heavier, and then there may be symptoms such as backache and back pain leg cramps.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not be too tired during pregnancy. Excessive fatigue will only increase the burden on the body, and it may also cause damage to the baby in the stomach.

Therefore, as long as the pregnant mother during pregnancy, as long as they take a proper walk, try not to keep their bodies a posture for too long, so that the body of the pregnant mother will be relatively more comfortable.

③ Keep an appropriate amount of exercise

In fact, exercise has a certain relief effect on pregnancy reactions. It can make the mood of pregnant women more soothing, so as not to maintain a more depressed state.

In addition, if you maintain proper exercise, you can also make pregnant women fall asleep better every night, but if you do exercise during pregnancy, you must choose some gentle, not too violent exercise, because there may be a counterproductive effect.

In fact, when pregnant women have a pregnancy reaction, don’t be too nervous, because many pregnant mothers will experience it when they are pregnant, so just go through the natural.

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