After pregnancy, the body of a woman has a quiet change

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment of a woman …

But pregnancy does make our body have many seemingly "imperfect" changes, reminding moms not to feel depressed because of this, because these wonderful changes are prepared for children ~~ In meThis change in the eyes is really beautiful!

Women will have hair rolling and falling off after pregnancy, which is particularly difficult to take care of it.This is caused by hormone changes in pregnant women. Usually, after 6 months of birth, children can gradually return to normal.

During pregnancy, some pregnant women will feel that their brains are not enough.Indeed, pregnant women’s brain will have a mild contraction, but a few months after the child is born, it will return to the original size.This is the so -called "one pregnancy silly three years".

The nose of pregnant women seems to be particularly spiritual, at least particularly sensitive to those bad smells.This is actually a kind of instinct for human self -protection.Pregnant women’s noses are also very common. They always feel a bit uncomfortable, and some people even flow from time to time.

Pregnancy makes the breasts obviously changes, the nipples of pregnant women will become strong, the areola becomes larger, and the color will be darker.The breasts become softer, and the ligament and fiber tissue are stretched, so the breasts are drooping.The interior of the breast is also changing, and more blood flows to the breast, so sometimes it feels sore, and the bra will be large.Because this is prepared for breastfeeding.

Slowly reaching the third trimester, as the baby grows up, the skin "tears" stretch marks on the belly, thighs and hips are rampant due to expansion.

After pregnancy, the hips will slowly wider and thicker, and frequent urination and leakage of urine will occur.The impact of progesterone is easy to accumulate on the one hand, and on the other hand, the stability of the sacroiliac joints and pubic bone combination on the pelvis are deteriorating. Coupled with the pressure of the fetus, the mothers’ pubic bone combination gaps and the buttocks become wider and thicker.

Moisture increased in the feet often concentrate on ankles and feet to swell them.At the same time, the pubic loser hormone will make the feet thicker and wider, and add a size.

Many people say that being a mother is happy, but at the same time, it is painful to be a mother.When a girl becomes a mother, she is going to face the happiness of breeding new life, but also the physical change brings a series of torture.So whether you will become or already a father, remember to say to the mother’s mother:

"You have worked hard!"

This is the best understanding and support for them.

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