After pregnancy, no one can cook housework. Don’t do these four kinds of them. It is not responsible for the fetus

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The pregnancy is particularly happy to make many families particularly nervous and joy for pregnant mothers. After all, they are about to be mothers immediately. Some women decided to stop work after pregnancy.After taking a vacation, nourishing tires at home, at this time, many pregnant mothers have become "idlers"

However, not every pregnant woman is nourishing and preferential when raising her tires. Most pregnant mothers can’t rest when they raise their tires.Living, some pregnant women do not stand it, and they will do it in person, especially when their mother -in -law is not around, all the housework in the family has all taken it on her own, and it is very hard.

Some pregnant mothers feel that they are pregnant and do housework, and they have a psychology that they are moved by themselves. In addition, if they do n’t do it, they will do n’t do it.It is not suitable for pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers did not stop pregnancy and almost harmed the baby!

Xiaole is a pregnant mother who is 3 months pregnant. When she found that she was pregnant, she chose to take a vacation and raise her tire at home. After all, she was the first child, so she must pay attention to it.

Before there was no vacation, Xiaole’s husband told her mother -in -law and asked her to take care of Xiaole. My mother -in -law was very willing. After all, she would have a grandson immediately, so she went to Xiaole’s house in a few days.I was so happy to take care of herself in my mother -in -law, so I soon took a vacation from the unit to raise a good child at home.

In the first two months of the beginning, my mother -in -law took care of Xiaole very well. Whether it was three meals a day or laundry and cooking, Xiaole was not worried.But not long after, her mother -in -law fell on the way to buy food, causing fractures of her arms.

At this moment, my mother -in -law couldn’t do housework anymore. Not only could she not take care of Xiaole, but now in turn, Xiao Le is taking care of her mother -in -law, but also responsible for the housework in the family. Because Xiaole’s husband is very busy, he often travels at home., So since the mother -in -law’s fracture, Xiaole himself is responsible for his own.

Later, when Xiaole was mopping the ground, he suddenly felt the stomach was particularly painful, so he quickly told her mother -in -law that this made her mother -in -law frightened.In the examination, the doctor told Xiaole’s husband and mother -in -law that the pregnant woman had a miscarriage because of excessive fatigue!

My mother -in -law almost fainted, and Xiaole’s husband also blamed himself. Later, after Xiaole was discharged from the hospital, he invited a nanny to take care of Xiaole. Xiaole also paid great attention, saying that he was never stubborn again.Rest and raise tires.

In fact, when pregnant women are pregnant, these housework cannot be done. If you do it, it will hurt your baby!

One: cook

The cooking oil fume is particularly large, and the pregnant woman itself has a reaction of pregnancy. If the smell of these oil fume smells, it will increase the reaction during pregnancy.

Two: Drag the floor

Mopping the floor needs to bend over. At this time, the fetus will cause some compression and cause hypoxia in the fetus.

Three: Washing dishes

When washing dishes, it must be used in cold water. At this time, it will easily stimulate this pregnant woman. It is the body cold, and it will induce abortion in severe cases.

Four: Moving things

Do not move things during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, it will easily cause premature birth.

In addition to these housework, do n’t you have any pregnant mothers?

One: Excessive activity

Some pregnant mothers can’t help but move back and forth even when they do not do housework during pregnancy. Sometimes they choose to climb the stairs in order to exercise.Development.

Two: posture when sleeping

Pregnant mothers like to sleep with their heads, and feel that this is relatively quiet. In fact, it is easy to cause the baby’s hypoxia, so pregnant women should not do it.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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