After pregnancy, my boyfriend’s response made me see everything clearly

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In the circle of friends, he brushed a couple who was just married, and his wife complained that his marriage was unfortunate in the circle of friends.

Although the content is deleted in seconds, it is still seen by many people.Think of a sentence I saw before:

"Sometimes people are unhappy, but because they are too easy, they trust their promises."

Seeing a netizen’s post: In the past, she really thought that she had encountered true love, because the other party always considered her feelings.

For her, she rarely felt such a strong love, and once made her think that she was really happy until an unexpected pregnancy.

When she was lying on the cold operating table, and the other party just turned money and comforted a few words, she began to be chilling.

After that, she suddenly realized that in her feelings, she could really see a person who was sometimes not an ordinary manifestation, but an attitude of encountering trouble.

If a person is unwilling to face the problem that should be faced with you, even when he is used to trying to confuse the level by avoiding it, delay, etc.

He is telling you: Actually, you are not so important, but you are the best choice in my current option.

Therefore, it is not you from beginning to end, but not you, but that, that is not very strong in love, which is artificially increased, and has the ability to deceive people in the bureau.

What the film "Husband has depression" is actually the easiest kind of mutual companionship and redemption in the emotion.

In order to allow his wife to better complete his dream as an illustrator, the husband provoked everything outside the family, including pain.

But one day, he fell down. For this, his wife did not choose to escape. On the contrary, she tried to find all ways to help her husband.

Making a favorite dish for him, finding the way to help him soothe emotions, take responsibility for family expenses, and support the husband for a day.

In the process, she was painful and confused, and even realized how easy it was for her husband to make everything for herself.

Therefore, even if this road is very bitter and painful, they have always been the dependence of the other party, and they have become the most anticipated person of the other party.

Just like the promise they had made at the wedding: "Whether it is ill or disaster, we still have to respect each other and love each other, bear it together, and everything in marriage."

After we have experienced something, we can truly understand the sentence: "There are only three things that cannot be hidden in this world: cough, poverty and love."

Hayao Miyazaki said a word: "If you like someone, then you take two more steps to him. If he sees but does not welcome, then you stop."

The reason why too many people immersed in the immersed will only cause them to hurt them repeatedly, the root cause is that they do not know how to stop the loss in time.

They are immersed in the fantasies and commitments given by the other party, and they think that these will be realized after all, as long as they are willing to pay for them.

But the reality is often. If a person really likes you so much, he will take the initiative to welcome you, even if he just loves you.

Therefore, do n’t use ’he has promised me‘ or ’. I think that as long as I pay enough, the other party will always move‘ the reason for self -deception.

People who don’t love you, even if they are close to you, are just because he has no better choice.From beginning to end, he doesn’t really love you.Hope you can remember.

There is no absolutely broad and correct definition, you can tell you what is love, and people who can’t do these must not love.

It can only be said that when you can’t feel love, when your marriage or love can only be maintained by yourself, you should exit.

Perhaps this process is painful, and even the weight you can’t bear.But even if you don’t let go, the other party will not have a little guilty.

I do n’t like it, do n’t you like it, if you drink water, you do n’t need to find the answer from other people.Because, the answer, you have already held in your hands.

The above, I wish you a good dream, good night.

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