After pregnancy, if the husband and wife "do" regularly "houses", they may have two influences on the fetus, don’t be shy!

In ten months of pregnancy, a small life was used. During this period, my mother and the baby got along with each other, so many dads felt cold.Especially some women feel that the same room will hurt the fetus during pregnancy, so they blindly reject their husbands, which leads to an increase in derailment during pregnancy.In fact, for a while during pregnancy, it can be safe in the same room. Not only will it not hurt the fetus, but it may also bring some benefits to the fetal development.

The fetal development in the early pregnancy is very unstable, so when you learn that after pregnancy, you are not recommended to have a room in the first three months, otherwise it may cause fetal abortion.After three months of early pregnancy, in the three months of the second trimester, couples can perform an appropriate amount in the same room.Because the fetal development is relatively stable in the second trimester, and in the same room in the middle of pregnancy, the fetus will develop well.At the expected period, the fetus has developed very large, and at this time, the same room is strictly prohibited.

1. Help the fetal brain development

In the second trimester, if the husband and wife can have a proper husband and wife life, such as a husband and wife life once in 1-2 weeks.During the same room, there will be some subtle changes in pregnant women, which will stimulate the fetal brain development to a certain extent.And in the same room during pregnancy, it is conducive to regulating hormone changes in women, and it is also conducive to bringing a pleasant mood to women, and it is also good for fetal development.

2. It helps the personal development of the fetus

In the same room in the middle of pregnancy, this intimate interaction between expectant parents, the fetus in the abdomen will feel it.When she was in the same room, her mother was in a happy mood, and she would feel her mother and child even her heart, so to a certain extent, she helped the fetal development of the fetus to a certain extent, and it also helped promote the emotional exchanges between the prospective father and the fetus.But even in the same room in the second trimester, pay attention not to be too severe, and try not to stimulate the mother’s chest. If the pregnant mother feels unwell, stop immediately.

Regarding pregnancy, when can you safely have the same room and the proper room, do you know the impact on the fetus?Do you have other questions about this, can you leave a message in the comment area below.

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