After pregnancy, I found ovarian cysts. Is there any way to stay away from ovarian cysts!

After 50 days of pregnancy, the cherry went to check today and did a B -ultrasound. The result was prompted to have ovarian cysts.Cherry is very worried, how can you grow this?Does it affect the little guy in the abdomen?Do you want to treat it?… Just ask in the group if he has the same mother who has the same experience.

Xingxing Mom said: "I have a cyst on the right side, and when I am 3 months of pregnancy, the doctor’s inspection is not said. After the birth of a child, there will be nothing in the 42 -day postpartum, and I don’t know why there is nothing."

Cheese: "When I was pregnant, B -ultrasound also showed cysts. The doctor said that it was okay, and it might be absorbed slowly. If it was not absorbed, I did it when I was born. As a result, my slowly absorbing."

Sister Zeng: "I also have it. At the beginning, 3.5*4, I may also be annoyed and mood. Now I have grown up a little bit, I am worried, I wonder if it will affect the baby?"

Many pregnant mothers find ovarian cysts during their births, thinking that they are long ovarian cysts after pregnancy.In fact, in most cases, ovarian cysts have already existed, but they are only discovered during pregnancy.

Among them, approximately 12%of the early pregnancy was found to be luteal cysts, and sometimes 8-10 cm can be reached. It is manifested in cystic, activity, one side, and no pain.Usually disappears within 3 months.

Under normal circumstances, it will go through the pregnancy period, healthy babies.Regular examinations should be checked during pregnancy, and abnormal abnormal abdominal pain and abdominal distension will be treated in a timely manner for treatment.

1. What should I do if I find ovarian cysts before pregnancy?

Ovarian cysts are relatively common, and some can disappear by themselves without treatment.

If the volume of the cyst is also small, you can get pregnant first.

If the ovarian cyst is found before pregnancy, the observation does not disappear for a period of time.

2. What should I do if I find ovarian cysts in the birth check?

1. The pregnancy test found that it is necessary to observe the 12 weeks of pregnancy and see if the size of the cyst has changed.After pregnancy, luteal cysts can be merged, and luteal cysts will reduce or even disappear with the number of pregnancy weeks.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta has not been formed, and sufficient progesterone can be produced to maintain embryonic development. It can only be maintained by progesterone produced by pregnancy luteal. Surgery will destroy the promotion of embryos and cause miscarriage.Therefore, ovarian surgery is not recommended before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

2. 12 weeks of pregnancy can be determined based on the size, nature, location, part, and family members of the cyst.For cysts with a diameter of greater than 8 cm, surgical treatment is adopted at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.For the formation of placenta at 16 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta’s own endocrine function is enough to replace the function of ovarian luteum, which can avoid adverse effects caused by pregnancy.

3. If the ovarian cyst is not large, it does not prevent the growth of the uterus, wait for the operation and postpartum surgery.If you have a twist, rupture, and malignant changes, surgery should be immediately.

3. Discover ovarian cysts, what should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Standardize testing during pregnancy.

2, physiological cysts do not need to be treated.

Physiological cysts disappear with the gestational week; if the cysts exist during pregnancy, but it does not change or small, it can also be treated without treatment.

3. Do not exercise violently.

4. Optional surgery.

4. How to prevent ovarian cysts?

1. Physical examination, early discovery.Many young women usually do medical examinations. Usually, they find that if they reach the age of childbearing, pay attention to the annual medical examination.

2. Don’t abuse hormones.Some foods containing hormones (such as fried chicken, anti -seasonal fruits, animal offal, poultry neck, etc.), as well as weight loss drugs, beauty, breast enhancement, etc. These may contain hormones. The use of hormones for a long time can easily cause female endocrine disorders, which will affect the influence, which will affect it, which will affectOvarian function appears ovarian cysts.

3. Physical exercise and enhance physical fitness.When you take the computer for a long time, do more exercise and sweat. You can excrete the acidic substances in the body with sweat.

4. Diet

The diet should be light, and you should not eat mutton, shrimp, crab, salted fish, etc.

Avoid spicy, such as pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, liquor and other irritating foods and drinks.

Do not eat foods such as cinnamon, red dates, Ejiao and other foods with hormone ingredients.

Eat more lean meat, chicken, eggs, fish, cabbage, celery, spinach, fruit, etc.

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