After pregnancy, do those things that are not required by elders really can’t do it?

“Headline article development plan”

"Don’t always play with mobile phones, watch TV, and watch your computer.

"Don’t blow your hair with a hair dryer, the radiation is particularly strong"

"After pregnancy, don’t wear high heels, which will affect your baby’s development."

"During pregnancy, you must eat more nutritious foods, or you can’t keep up with the nutrition of the bag"


Do you feel familiar with these words?When I was pregnant, I was caught by the elders around me?With the banner of "care" and "good for you", they ask you to do a lot of things.

Standing from the perspective of the elderly: Many things cannot be eaten, and many things cannot be done. I feel that pregnancy is "cage" and can’t do anything.

As a young man who has received higher education in the 21st century, everyone is unaware of the elderly’s rhetoric, and even try to argue with them.

However, the old man’s thought is too stubborn.If you justify them, they will feel that you do n’t care about yourself, do n’t care about your baby, do n’t understand their good intentions, and then upgrade the contradiction.

I want to talk to you today. Can those elderly people do not let things really do?This problem is believed to have troubled countless pregnant mothers, and everyone wants to know the answer.

During pregnancy, can I lie down and play electronic products?

If it is considered from the perspective of radiation, it is really unnecessary. The radiation of electronic products is actually particularly low; if it is considered from a healthy perspective, it is best not to lie down for a long time.

From this point of view, the old man’s statement is right, but the reason they put forward is wrong.If you can’t lie down and play your mobile phone, you are worried about the same posture, which will make pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, not the reason for radiation.

Even if an office worker, you need to work with an electronic product for several hours a day.But the premise is that we must pay attention to protecting the eyes, and from time to time, you must stand up and move, and change your posture by the way.

The radiation of electronic products is particularly mild. It is not as horrible as the elderly said, and it is impossible to cause teratogenic.If you are really worried, you can buy a radiation -proof pregnant woman.

Do you really can’t wear high heels during pregnancy?

There are many pregnant mothers around them. They are all white -collar workers, and they usually pay special attention to the impact in their work.High -heeled shoes are also standard for their office workers, especially in some formal occasions.

After pregnancy, I can actually wear high heels, but the heels should not be too high, just three centimeters.Moreover, don’t wear too long. After all, high -heeled shoes are still tired.

By the end of pregnancy and late pregnancy, if it is not necessary, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers wear high heels.How to say, tired is one aspect, and it is not good for the health of her mother.

By the third trimester, many pregnant mothers have edema and soreness in the lower limbs, and their feet have edema.At this time, wearing high -heeled shoes will only worsen the snow to make the discomfort stronger.

In the matter of wearing high heels, the older generation of people said that it is not wrong. Pregnant women are more suitable for loose and comfortable flat bottom lines, and the safety factor is higher.

Do you really need tonic during pregnancy?

Women today not only pay attention to health, but also pay special attention.Even during pregnancy, they hope to maintain the best state and the perfect body.

Most mothers are unwilling to accept the supplement that the elderly say.In fact, everyone knows that nutrition is needed during pregnancy, but for the replenishment method of the elderly, pregnant mothers cannot accept it.

The old man feels that you should eat big fish and meat, but you should eat more each meal.In short, eating more than before, it is better to eat better than before.

But in fact, according to the supplementary method of the elderly, the last baby did not absorb much nutrition, all of which were growing on pregnant mothers.

It is necessary to supplement during pregnancy. It is just a tonic way. It cannot be used in accordance with the elderly. Instead, it is a rational diet in a scientific way. From the selection of ingredients to the way of cooking and the amount of meals, there are strict requirements.

During pregnancy, abstinence, not in the same room

Many mother -in -law, in order to avoid young couples from drying firewood, even from the pregnancy of her daughter -in -law, they asked the couple to sleep in a room.

I really want to say: Mother -in -law’s approach is not to help young couples, but to hurt them.Originally, the young couple’s feelings were very good. If the old man was tossed, no matter how good the feelings were, it would fade.

Many elderly people feel that if the same room during pregnancy, it is easy to hurt the baby in the stomach, and the risk coefficient is too large.Is this really the case?

Studies have found that except for the three months of early pregnancy and the last month in the last month of the third trimester, the rest of the time can be the same.And there are many benefits in the same room in the same room.

From this point of view, things that the elders do not allow them are right, and some have no scientific basis at all.As a young man, you should maintain a scientific attitude during pregnancy and talk to your elders in a scientific way.

In addition, when you encounter problems, you must maintain a peaceful attitude. It is best not to do it against the elders.In any case, he is a pregnant woman and can’t always be angry.

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