After pregnancy, do n’t forget to do this for the pregnant mother, it ’s related to the fetal IQ, it is still free

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Some time ago, a news went on a hot search. The content tells that a mother gave birth to a low wisdom. Bao Dad turned his slap after he knew that he was his own fault.The reason was that Bao Da often poured garbage by the hometown of his hometown. He was scolded by the villagers and said that he would be reported. I did not expect that the child was really a problem after birth.

This statement is naturally nonsense. Most of the reasons for the birth of unhealthy babies are that the pregnant mothers have not performed a check -up during pregnancy, so that the fetus is damaged and unaware of it. This situation is particularly common in economic tight families.However, what pregnant mothers do n’t know is that not all pregnancy tests are expensive now. After pregnancy, do n’t forget to do this test after pregnancy. It ’s related to fetal IQ, which is still free.

Here refers to the Tang’s screening, judging the health of the fetus through the mother’s blood.

As we all know, the congenital fool and neural tube defects are mostly caused by abnormal chromosomes. 60%of the fetus with this disease will automatically abortion in the mother, but 40%of the fetus will continue to survive. After birth, we often say that we often sayThe "Tang family" is specifically manifested in obvious low wisdom and developmental disorders. It is also seriously accompanied by multiple deformities. For non -wealthy families, a Tang family represents the collapse of the entire family.

The existence of Tang’s screening is to help pregnant mothers understand the health of the fetus in advance and avoid babies with lack of intelligence.

Of course, in view of the accuracy of Tang Si, the doctor will not give a certain answer -for example, tell you whether the fetus is Donald.Medically, Tang’s screening is only the possibility of "Tang’s Er". It is judged whether it is "high risk" or "low risk" based on numerical judgments. Specific decisions are to be handed over to pregnant mothers.

At present, big data shows that there is a Tang family every 600-800 babies. Therefore, since 2017, the state provides free Tang screen inspections for pregnant women.The community health service center can enjoy the free Tang screen. You only need to bring a copy of the household registration book and ID card to apply for free.

In addition to Tang Si, the blood routine, urine routine, blood type, hepatitis B, liver function, renal function, syphilis test, AIDS detection, blood sugar, electrocardiogram, etc. can also go to community hospitals for free examination.After 11 weeks of the fetus, pregnant mothers can also perform color Doppler ultrasound NT screening for free, as free.It’s just that the free projects across the country are slightly different. Everyone is better to consult the service center of the community where the community. Most of the service staff are friendly and always provide free consultation to pregnant mothers.

Some parents asked, can my ancestors of the three generations of healthless Tangshi medical history, can I not do it?The answer is negative. Tang’s syndrome is an occasional disease. No one can guarantee that healthy families will not give birth to Tang’s. Do n’t make jokes for the fetal intelligence for saving trouble, especially the age of pregnant mothers is close to the elderly maternal.

Finally, how many pregnancy tests did you do during pregnancy?And which projects do you think it is necessary?Share it out quickly.


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