After pregnancy, completely lose freedom of eating

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About a thousand people have been pregnant. It is said that the good "most comfortable in the middle of pregnancy" has not been enjoyed at all. There is still a strongest trend in pregnancy during pregnancy.The mother of Dingxiang Mom Planet said.

I have always been a very sensitive constitution, and I have found early pregnancy in 4 days before the holiday.But early pregnancy did not have an abnormally reaction. I was so fragrant and sleepy. I was not as difficult as I was legendary!Then he faced it five days later, and it gradually upgraded.

Round 1: Frequent freedom of food

Five days later, I always felt that I couldn’t eat my stomach. I wanted to eat something fresh, non -greasy, and sour, and I just ate the grapes for two days.The third day is really low blood sugar, and you have to eat staple food for a small life.So I quickly spent all kinds of foods.Well, want to eat white water to boil noodles, this is the taste!

I have to be surprised that the human brain is an unmotstty existence, and it has screened this odorless staple food that is disliked by modern humans.But I really eat it very well. I do n’t want to boil the noodles for two days, and the salt is not needed.

Then I want to eat spicy potato flour again, and arrange it right away!But I didn’t expect to smell this hot and sour taste, but I ca n’t stop being nauseous, but this is the hot and sour taste of my heart, what’s the matter?But take it away and miss this taste, and arrange a nausea.Repeatedly repeatedly, finally confirmed that the damn reaction during pregnancy was reacted. I couldn’t control even my own thoughts, taste, and smell.

Cooking eggs, stir -fried dishes and various meats cannot be eaten. Only peaches barely ate a little, and cope with lunch and dinner.Due to the persuasion of the mother -in -law and relatives, the mouth could not be opened, but it was the most comfortable to eat.

Round 2: support me to live by "immortal"

Then the response was upgraded again. There was a lot of flatulence in the stomach, and it was not clear whether it was flatulence or a pregnant belly.I only know that I ca n’t drink water. Except for a little bit of porridge in the morning, it is hung by a “fairy” all day long …

Then, I do n’t eat anything. Fruits, porridge, and nuts can not be eaten. They ca n’t even drink boiled water, because they are bitter, very thick and strong, and they ca n’t cover everything.This can make the quasi -hearted heart bad. I asked me to go to the nutrient solution.

It is also amazing. I do n’t eat weight without eating. I suspect that I start to be self -sufficient for photosynthesis.

Round 3: The throat becomes an automatic switch

Then I upgraded again, it was really unexpected!My throat looks like a very high sensitivity switch. Any sensitive factors may trigger this switch, so that my stomach opens floods. Even if there is nothing in the stomach, it will shrink fiercely.Several times.

What are sensitive factor?There is no standard answer, everything is possible.

When I was sleeping, I woke up when I smelled the smell of leek, and then vomited. It turned out that when I was sleeping, my mother took a handful of leeks and put it on the table. I was awakened by the light leek flavor!After my summary, I must have a magical sense of smell and taste upgrade during pregnancy.

The long -distance gasoline flavor, sewer flavor, car tail smell, smoke flavor, bath dew, mildew taste, toothpaste flavor, fruit and vegetable mildew flavor … all of this taste will make me vomit, I like the unsustering flavor, the one who has no taste is the one who has no

So I gave up basic personal cleaning such as brushing, bathing, and shampooing, because there was an unbearable taste; I gave up various processed foods.Because all kinds of snacks were eaten by me, the front, the taste, the middle taste, the post -taste … I cried and said that it was the taste of food added.

Fortunately, there are vitamins in pregnant women in this era, and they must be nutritious by this to transport small lives every day.

Round 4: disgusting leave, chest tightness to relay

It lasted for more than three months, and unbearable flatulence, unreasonable nausea, and severe vomiting made me completely depressed. Finally, one day when I was in front of the prospective dad and the quasi -姥: "Why is there only a dream?I feel that I am personal, and I am awake like being sentenced. Why is only my reaction! "

They repeatedly comforted and worked hard, but the physiological and psychological pain still did not reduce it.

The reaction during pregnancy was also very angry. It continued until 30 weeks of pregnancy. The nausea and vomiting finally ended, but it ushered in chest tightness.After meals, chest tightness is so stuffy that you can only exercise if you can only eat it. After digestion, you can eat it and lose it; at night, you have to wake up many times at night.After finishing the third trimester.

Finally waited until October was released, and when he saw the cute baby, the various hardships of pregnancy were immediately thrown, and he could only sigh: the new life is always worth it.

Maybe not all pregnant mothers have such a serious response, but more or less physical changes will change.

Swallowing, puffiness, poor sleep, constipation, etc. are all common symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy. Have you ever experienced pregnancy discomfort?Or you have other unforgettable pregnancy experiences, welcome to share it ~

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