After pregnancy, can pregnant mothers eat hot pot?The answer is surprising

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After pregnancy, do you suddenly want to eat hot pot?

Friends said that after pregnancy, there is no serious pregnancy reaction, but the appetite has decreased a lot and does not want to eat anything.But recently, I especially want to eat the Chongqing hot pot near the community.She knew that the hot pot must have used ditch oil, but she was too painful.I ca n’t sleep at night, and sometimes dreaming of hot pot.Is it really impossible to eat?

What else can I say, I want to eat hot pot, we should pick it up.Obviously I know that there is a ditch oil, even if it tastes good, it can’t go.And the reason why many people think that pregnant women are not suitable for hot pot, in fact, most of them are the following three reasons: worrying about the beef slices of beef and mutton rolls, there are bowworms in the lamb rolls. When the hot pot is shabu, the bow -shaped worm cannot be killed, which will affect the influence, which will affect the influence.Fetal development; cooking with raw and cooked food in hot pot, easy to digest; hot pot base may be unhygienic.

But people with a bit experienced experience should know that even if they are not used for hot pot, there may be bowworms in raw meat slices.It would be unsafe if it was not fried or cooked.So don’t think of a bow -shaped worm as soon as you eat hot pot.Just be able to grasp the time as long as the meat is shabu.And many people eat hot pot, which is actually very particular. Basically, cooked food will be cleaned, and then re -add raw food.

As for the third reason, if the pregnant mother wants to relieve it, she also wants to ensure the hygiene and safety of the soup base and ingredients.In fact, you don’t have to go to the hot pot restaurant. You can try to do it at home.Here is some suggestions for pregnant mothers who want to eat hot pot in dreaming:

About the bottom of the pot

After pregnancy, try to eat less peppers. Although the hot pot is more flavorful to add peppers, it is still recommended to use chicken soup, duck soup, pork rib soup and other pot bottoms.It tastes light, but it is very nutritious.

About ingredients

The more popular is eating hot pot balls. Here is a reminder to pregnant mothers that the so -called hot pot balls, such as sweet and spicy, fish balls, shrimp balls, tribute pills, urine beef balls, etc. In fact, the meat content is only 30 %, and the rest are left.It’s starch.Some of them are not even one -melted, and they are mixed with various additives, flavoring agents and flavors.Some black -hearted merchants even add borax, etc. to increase the taste of the ball.

Therefore, try to eat less hot pot meatballs. If you really want to eat, you must also buy quality assurance at the supermarket.Do not take it cheap, buy Sanwu products on the roadside or vegetable market.

In addition, when shabu -shabu, the meat must be cooked for a while, and the vegetables should not be cooked for too long, otherwise the nutritional ingredients will be destroyed.After eating hot pot, you can drink a cup of lemonade or light tea.


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