After I was pregnant with my boyfriend, my mother said that I didn’t check something

What is lust?

One night I came out of the gym. On the way back to school, there were many small merchants pulled some fruits with tricycles. Cherok looked very fresh. The price was much cheaper than the fruit supermarket in the school.Eat when writing a manuscript.

I walked to the school with the fruit. The night in the early spring was a little cool. I pulled the collar of the sweater up, so that the whole face would not be exposed outside and was blown by the wind.

There is a food street on the left side of the school.At night, the taste of barbecue and beer is lingering. The meat skewers placed with steel dishes must be placed a lot of cumin and pepper powder. Tudou and lame slices must be a must -order vegetarian dish.In case you don’t eat enough, you can get hungry, and you can get tired of getting tired.

The girl picked up a grilled gluten with her left hand, lifted her glass cup to drink beer in her right hand, but her eyes kept staring at the senior who kept talking.The lipstick is stained at the edge of the cup, which is the right red of 999. It seems that with a bit of naive sexy.

I like this atmosphere, seven or eight friends, men and women, flowers and green, because they have nothing to have, but because they are young, they dare to say anything.

All the youthful drugs are in the presence, and the air is all the kind of exciting hormones.Moreover, with a little ignorance.


So, what is erotic?

Just when I walked into the school gate, I received a call from Xiao A.

"I … I …" On the other side of the phone, she never explained.

"What are you?"

"I … I … I have won the prize." In just six words, his voice became more and more unclear.

"Winning? What winning? Weibo draw or public account?"

"It’s not that winning, it’s that … two lines …"

When she came out, I probably understood what it meant, but she really surprised me. An accidentally fell to the ground by accident.

"So, it’s sure … I’m pregnant?" I also asked myself, and the tone was deliberately careful.


Little A is smaller than me. I didn’t have me in a school. It is also my schoolgirl. There are many cross parts in our majors. She often communicates with me.

The girl looks beautiful and has a good personality. She took off the bill just when she entered the school in September last year. When she called me on the phone, she and her boyfriend moved out for less than two months.

To be honest, I haven’t encountered this situation before, and I was a little panicked, but her tone was almost crying, and she didn’t dare to tell my family that her boyfriend didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, there is still a little reasonableness. I told her that it is too late now. I will go to the hospital for an early check tomorrow. After all, the pregnancy test stick is sometimes inaccurate.It is not necessarily just a false alarm.

"There are security measures, right?"

"No … no …"

"What ??? No?"

"He told me that it’s okay, we have a day …" Speaking of which, she cried suddenly, "What should I do."

Originally, I wanted to comfort her, but at that moment I suddenly wanted to poke her head with my fingers and scold her.

I am not going to tell her, why do you do n’t understand self -love so much?Why did you just live with your boyfriend just in your freshman year?

I really want to ask her, why don’t you even have basic sexual knowledge?Why don’t you know the importance of condoms?


Actually, I would like to think about it later, and I couldn’t blame her.

Chinese sex education is really scarce.

I found me in an appointment of an educational magazine before and gave me a month and a half to write an article about sex education about sex education.

This magazine is mainly oriented to school students, from elementary school to college, so I asked me to start recalling from sexual enlightenment from a young age. I wrote down such a big view and my view of "sex".

Speaking of this, I am sorry for the editor’s Xin Ge. I have not written it last year’s appointment.

Although I often drag the drafts and find various excuses, but this time it is really not that I am lazy. I tried hard to remember, checked various materials, and left a lot of time to write this manuscript. In the end, I couldn’t write it.

Before my college, my sex education knowledge can be said to be zero

Except for my mother in the year of my first year, I taught my aunt’s towel to use, and my parents gave me the knowledge of sex education almost zero (if you teach me to use my aunt towel, it can be calculated.)

Because it is a girl, I have stricter from the small house. I have never allowed me to involve this aspect. The family watched TV, and they will switch the channel immediately.

I did n’t talk about going to elementary school at all. In junior high school, most girls came to leave. Remember to sponsor Shubao at the time. Each girl can send a bag. The junior high school class teacher is a big man in his thirties. I am in my thirties.I remember that night, after class, he asked the girls to stay, and the boys quickly returned to the bedroom. He didn’t say a word, and everyone gave us a pack. Let us go without saying anything.

The junior high school biological class, when it comes to the reproductive system, the physiological characteristics of the testicles, the physiological characteristics of the ovarian, the students below have always laughed, and the teacher flushed his face and he was embarrassed.

I continued to graduate until the college entrance examination, and my sex education knowledge was blank. At that time, I even felt that I was killed by accidental pregnancy.

Anyway, you can regenerate when you get older. The role of contraceptives and condoms is the same.


Speaking of this, I really thank our school’s Youth Association’s companion education department. I went to a few lessons and learned about the basic knowledge of some sex education. Only then did I realize that my thoughts were stupid.

Contraceptives hurt girls, especially emergency contraceptives, with large dosage and strong efficacy.

Many girls eat blindly, but they do not know that its side effects are manifested in all aspects. A little more appetite, nausea, vomiting, leucorrhea, thinner, etc.What’s more directly lead to infertility.

No matter how expensive the flow of people you do, go to the best hospital and find the best doctor. This is a kind of harm to the body. In real life, I have seen a lot of loss because of too many tires.Opportunity girl.

Every semester I go to the popularity of sex education knowledge (we call PE in school). At first, I was embarrassed. Explanation of everyone sent us a plastic banana, a condom, and taught us to use it.

They were seriously pointed out that the students around me were studying seriously. At that moment, I suddenly felt that my so -called "shame" was actually a bit shameful.

In the university anatomy, young female teachers explain the neural network around the testicles, the role and characteristics of the fallopian tube, use the most professional vocabulary, and bring our most tentacle cognition. The surrounding students have this as knowledge and academic studies.educational.

I was still talking to friends that day. I said that all my sexual education knowledge was basically studying at university.

Zhang Beichuan said this: "In our sexual culture, treating fertility as the purpose of sexual culture, purifying ignorance, ignorance as the principle of prejudice as the principle of prejudice."

To some extent, I agree with this sentence. When I communicated with Xin Ge, he told me that we had thought for a long time before setting the theme of "sex".Looking at the sales volume and the wind review, this topic is very sensitive in China, but we still want to do it. The domestic sex education is too scarce, and the sales volume is not related to the click -through rate. Even if the company loses moneymatter.

Let’s talk about Xiao A. I went to the hospital for a "winning". At that time, it was really the point of borrowing money. She asked me to borrow money. I didn’t borrow it.And great things, parents must know that the care and nutrition after the flow of people can be done simply at school.

The man’s parents later used some dirty words to say that Xiao A did not check, and the boys did not dare to speak in front of their parents.

In addition to the distressed head of the little A’s parents, she still had to accompany her to the hospital to take it home and take a good recuperation.


Study for one month.

It is not just physical pain, but also trauma in her heart.


Thinking of this, in fact, the overlapping rate of the dog blood plot in my college life and the movie is very low. The must -have car accident in the movie in the movie.Elastic

Most of the girls around me were on the road with the most people. They took black -frame glasses, holding small water cups, and brushing the rice card into the library.Insurance and research places, work benefits.

Occasionally, I went to the nearby malls to watch movies on the weekend and another companion, and bought a cup of caramel Mickey Dot in Starbucks. The boy escorted the girl downstairs to the bedroom, kissed her forehead, and gently said "good night" with her.

I’m not a very conservative person. I don’t necessarily think that the "first" of the two people must stay on the wedding night. The relationship is to a certain extent. This is a natural thing. In my cognitionIt is both parties, and there is no difference between who suffers.

Look at this issue objectively and rationally.

Our society is experiencing the pain of "at first night, sexual assault, low aging". The corner of the women’s toilet in colleges and universities is covered with "painless people" advertisements. Parents heard their children talking about "sex" and quickly covered their mouths.Sexual education knowledge textbooks are only used to pretend.

The little girl didn’t know why the uncle of the neighbor’s house was always "smiling" to her, and the couple did not know the importance of condoms.

The scarce sex education allows us to be said to be "involved in yellow" as long as we talk about it. Many people feel nauseous as soon as they reach the same sex, and choose to be regarded as a negative image of relatives in the New Year.

It is recommended that everyone here, in fact, you can know more about sexual knowledge. If you are a parent, I really want to say that sex education is a matterIt is said that it is ten times more important than the polyphonic glyphs in the textbook.

In the end, I want to quote a high praise of Xia Mu, who knows to answer Xia Mu, he said:

"I hope that one day, after a 17 -year -old middle school student is pregnant, his parents and teachers criticize, not why she is in love, but why they do not wear condoms;

And those who are in their twenties will not be forced to get married by their parents and relatives, seven aunts, and eight aunts; those who have same -sex lover can take their male and female friends home without worrying about parents’ balance or even evenDistermine with parent -child relationship;

The "Painless Pennel" advertising meeting on the street disappeared, and replaced it with the popularity of sexual education and sexual culture in textbooks."Text/Mu Shan Source Public Account: Huaizuo Classmate)

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