After giving birth to a child, my husband often hinted that I want to be affectionate, saying that I want me to "happy" with him while feeding my milk

[Fan Lai Lai] My husband and I have always been very close and harmonious.However, since I was pregnant, he never touched me again, maybe he was afraid of causing harm to me or baby.I saw him solving his desire alone, and he felt very pitiful in his heart.

After my childbirth and the birth of children, our lives have changed.My husband once again implied my needs with eyes.I understand his feelings, and I also want to restore our close relationship.However, whenever we are ready to enjoy the two -person world, the child is crying like a magical intuition, and we cry and seek me to breastfeed.

Once, when the child was preparing to be affectionate, the child suddenly cried again to breastfeed. At this time, the husband’s face suddenly changed. He suggested that I feed with him while feeding.I was scared by his proposal. I hesitated and didn’t know if it was possible.

[Doctor answers] Breastfeeding is essential for baby’s health and growth. At the same time, the intimacy of husband and wife relationship is also an important part of family life.However, many parents will worry about whether they can breastfeed their babies at the same time when they are in the same room.This article will explore this issue in depth and analyze the impact and factors that need to be considered in the same room.

1. The importance and benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is of great significance to the healthy and development of the baby.Here are some of the benefits of breastfeeding:

Provide nutrition: Breast milk is the most suitable source of nutrients for newborns and babies, and is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.It can meet the growth and development needs of the baby.

Immune protection: Breast milk is rich in antibody and immune cells, which can provide baby’s immune protection and reduce the risk of respiratory infections, gastrointestinal diseases and allergic diseases.

Promoting emotional bonds: Breastfeeding can not only meet the nutritional needs of the baby, but also help the establishment of parent -child emotional bonds and sense of security.

2. The effect of feeding the baby when the same room is in the same room

1. Babies’ needs: give birth to the baby when they are in the same room, first to ensure that the baby’s needs are met.Babies may need more frequent breastfeeding or longer breastfeeding time.During the same room, mothers can more easily perceive the baby’s hunger signal and breastfeed in time to meet the baby’s feeding needs.In this case, it is important to ensure that the baby is sufficient time and a comfortable environment to meet their feeding needs.

2. Mother’s comfort: Feeding the baby in the same room may affect the comfort of the mother.Mother needs to find a balance between husband and wife life and feeding to ensure that she feels relaxed and happy.Mother’s relaxation and comfort can promote the secretion and flow of milk, and provide a good feeding experience.If the mother feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable, it may affect the secretion and feeding experience of milk.Therefore, mothers need to ensure their bodies when they are in the same room and communicate with their partners to maintain the consensus and understanding of both parties.

3. Risk of infection: Pay attention to the risk of infection when feeding the baby when giving breastfeeding in the same room.There may be body fluid exchange in sexual behavior.In this case, it is necessary to seek advice from medical professionals to ensure that appropriate preventive measures are taken.Doctors can provide suggestions on safety and risks, such as using condoms, interrupting sexual behaviors, or avoiding breastfeeding during the same room.Make sure your baby’s health and safety are the most important, so you must deal with this problem carefully.

3. Consider factors and precautions

Communication and consensus: Before deciding whether to feed the baby in the same room, both the couple should conduct full communication and consensus.This involves each other’s wishes, needs and expectations.Open and frank dialogue can help both parties understand each other’s point of view and find a satisfactory solution.It is very important to respect each other’s decisions and decide the most suitable way for family feeding.

Comfort and relaxation: It is important to ensure comfort and relaxation when making a mother feel comfortable and relaxed in the same room.This includes sufficient rest time before and after husband and wife life to relieve physical pressure and fatigue.Both husband and wife can try to find the best time and ways to balance life and feeding needs.Mother can choose a husband and wife life before or after feeding to ensure physical and emotional comfort.

Health and Medical Consultation: If any of the parents suffer from infectious diseases or is undergoing some kind of treatment, especially the treatment involving drugs or body fluid exchange, it is recommended to consult medical professionals and take appropriate prevention measures.Doctors can provide guidance according to personal conditions, such as using condoms, avoiding body fluid exchange or adjusting drug treatment solutions to reduce potential risks to babies.

Whether it is possible to feed the baby at the same time is a personal and family decision.Breastfeeding is critical to the health of the baby, and the intimacy of the relationship between husband and wife is also an important part of family life.When deciding, it is necessary to fully consider the baby’s needs, the comfort and health of the mother, and to communicate appropriate communication and consensus.The most important thing is to ensure that the baby’s feeding needs are met and create a comfortable and relaxed environment for the mother.If you have any questions or worry, it is recommended to consult the medical professionals.

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