After getting married, what should I do if my wife cannot give birth?

Recently, I watched the variety show "Brother of the Greater Bay Area". Because I like Zhang Zhilin and Chen Xiaochun, I went to watch this show, but the more I watched Liang Hanwen.

One of them was a school next to their restaurants. The school leaders came to invite them to play football with students together.They accepted the invitation, and then played with the students.

Just that day was Liang Hanwen’s birthday. After he was elected as a manager, he wanted to make the hotel lively, so he wanted to invite students to eat at their restaurant at night and lively.

After eating a good meal, when they were about to sing, Liang Hanwen said that he hoped that the students could call his brother because except him, several other brothers had children …

When I heard this, I felt weird. After all, they were 40 or 50 years old. They all had wives. How could there be no children?Do you not want children, do you choose Dink?

So he searched Liang Hanwen’s information on the Internet. It turned out that he didn’t want Dink, but because his wife was cured by cancer, it was no longer suitable for childbirth.So they decided to abandon the idea of children, and enjoy the happy world of two people in the future.

Liang Hanwen and his wife fell in love with each other for 20 years. After getting married in 2008, they took care of each other and supported each other. This true love is rare.

Many men are married now for a certain basis for passing.After finding that his wife cannot be pregnant, some may choose to divorce, or a 180 -degree change in the attitude of his wife.

A friend just encountered this situation. He has been married for two or three years and has been preparing for pregnancy, but there is no response.There is no problem with the medical examination before marriage, and it is okay to go to the hospital for examination.But after two or three years, why haven’t you pregnant?

So she went to a large hospital for a whole examination before she found that it turned out that a tumor had a tumor in her fallopian tube, blocked ovulation and affecting conception.According to others, I went to the local infertility hospital to do a tubal dredging surgery.

At the time of the peak season of the integrity company, after a week of rest at home, he returned to work.

But she found that after this small operation, his husband seemed to be as enthusiastic as before, so considerate.

When she was resting on the weekend, she told her husband to go to the surrounding cities to disperse, no matter what she said, her husband refused to go.Usually, when her husband was at home, he bought food and cooking. Now, if you do n’t buy the vegetables, the food does n’t make it.

The person who was very attentive to her now has a great change in attitude. It seems to treat her as air and ignore it.

In this embarrassing situation, my friend’s decision is divorce because it is boring.

In the issue of fertility, in the universal values: boys cannot have children, and there are few chances of divorce; but when girls have problems, the chances of divorce for boys are very high.

With the advancement of the times, the current young people’s thoughts have already changed. It is considered that marriage and having children are not something that life needs to be completed. In fact, choosing Tintins is also good.

Unfortunately, not every girl is so lucky enough.

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