After getting married, my wife was not pregnant, but she was pregnant. When I saw her pants when divorce, I kept away.

My name is Li Xiongwei. I am forty years old and I have n’t got married yet. No matter how I urge me at home, I just do n’t want to find someone to get married. Besides, I have always hidden a person in my heart.That person is my first love. I have been with me for ten years. At that time, I had no money, no house, no car, and I couldn’t give everything she wanted. She directly left me to marry others, but I have been forgottenDon’t drop her.

For so many years, I have never had an emotional affection for other women. Except for Xiaohui, she is an employee of my restaurant. From the countryside, she can do it well.I get off work late every day, and often like a person to drink a lot of sullen wine. She is willing to accompany me, listen to me to say something sad, and then comfort me. I think this girl is really good, but she is too young, she is too young, she is too young, she is too young, she is too young, she is too young, she is too young, she is too young.I dare not hit her idea casually.

But who knows, it didn’t take long for Xiaohui to tell me that he liked me and married me. I couldn’t touch my head at all, and was shocked and happy. Since my first love abandon me, this is the first time I think because I think because I think because of my because of my first love.I felt happy, and I was willing to marry Xiaohui back home.Although my parents asked me to be cautious again and again, my parents suspected that the young girl in the countryside was to be greedy for my money to be with a middle -aged man like me. I said that I would not marry such a good girl. After this village, I did n’t have this shop.It’s right.

After getting married, I spent a while, but when I came back, I found that my wife’s stomach was big. It was two months pregnant. But we did n’t have the same room in the same room, and it was only a month to get married. How could this happen?I was surprised to Xiaohui. I didn’t expect a girl who seemed to be honest and honest.

During the divorce, Xiaohui couldn’t get up in bed. I asked her that she didn’t talk about her. She didn’t feel right. When she opened the quilt, her pants were all blood, and she quickly sent her to the hospital.It’s not time to send this child in time!

I asked Xiaohui what was going on, she told me the truth.The reason why she wanted to marry me so was because I was pregnant before my marriage, and she didn’t want her child to have no father before getting married.It’s not just me and even my parents suspect that the child’s origin is unknown. My mother even got a miscarriage medicine in her meal, and she became what she is now.

I didn’t expect because I asked Xiaohui to bear so much pain, and I even doubted her to divorce her. I was really an irresponsible man, and my mother did too much!I said nothing about this marriage. In the future, I must treat Xiaohui well, and no longer let her be wronged.

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