After eating the Boston lobster, there is a problem with a multi -organ organs?IntersectionBuy another test: heavy metal exceeds the standard

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After Daguyi, after a Boston lobster, 17 -year -old Xiao Cao has been painful, abdominal pain, and multiple organs to find problems for 4 months.For this reason, Ms. Xu, Ms. Xu, said through today’s headline Shanghai Channel "Headline help"”Headline help”Entry to "Xinmin Help Nong", she highly suspects that there is a problem with the lobster that her son eats, so she was in "Ding Dong Buy" twice.Purchase, detection found that heavy metal mercury and arsenic exceeded the standard.

After the big speed

Starty groin pain

On October 8, 2022, Ms. Xu bought a few things on Ding Dong’s buying APP, of which a Boston lobster (127.90 yuan).

Ms. Xu told Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Bang Nong Busy" reporter that her son likes to eat Boston lobster. This is the fourth or fifth time she bought on "Ding Dong".When the lobster is delivered, it will move.Ms. Xu brushed the lobster and boiled it in the pot for nearly half an hour.

Lobster was eaten by his son alone, and what Ms. Xu regretted was that there was a detail that night did not attract enough attention."When my son eats lobster, he mentioned a mouth, saying that the lobster this time is not the same as the flat time. After the head is removed, there are many places in it that are black and green, and there are also green parts." She said, but the lobster, but the lobsterThere is no strange body.The son ate the whole lobster, and ate a dragon fruit that purchased Ding Ding at the same time.

Boston lobster

A few hours later, Xiao Cao felt pain on both sides of the groin.The next morning, the pain began to be upgraded to drama pain.Ms. Xu did not dare to neglect and took him to the nearby Tongji Hospital for treatment.

Running three hospitals

Still not cured

At Tongji Hospital, the scanning results of the two -sided groin area of Xiao Cao showed that: Seeing several lymph nodes sample echoes, 16*4mm on the right side, 11*3mm on the left, the shape rules, the border clearSignal.Subsequent colonoscopy reports are written: 随 随 inflammation.The gastroscopy diagnosis report is: gastritis.

Scanning results of bilateral inguinal region

At first Ms. Xu thought that the lobster may not be cooked enough, and her son had a bad stomach, but the more he looked less.The doctor also muttered: This is a bit like food poisoning!A few days after hanging water in Tongji Hospital, Xiao Cao’s groin pain was slightly relieved, but it was not completely eliminated.

Over time, "there seems to be a problem with the whole body."According to Ruijin Hospital’s small intestine CT examination results: lymph node hyperplasia (yes).On January 16, the People’s Hospital of Putuo District inspected that Xiao Cao was "full of pancreas and small cysts in the right lobe of the liver".On January 19th, it was also discovered "bilateral neck mandibular lymphic" and "dioprocyst nodules of thyroid gland, Ti-Rads2".

Ms. Xu was very worried that the incident had not recovered for 4 months."Now that I still go to the hospital for three days, the inguinal lymph nodes have not yet retreated. The stomach pain after meals is still obvious, and sometimes the bone joints will hurt."

Buy another test

Comecades and arsenic are superbly marked

Ms. Xu projected doubtful eyes on the Boston lobster."Only the son had eaten lobster alone." On the night of the incident, Ms. Xu had already thrown away a bunch of "wet garbage".However, she still complained to "Ding Dong to buy vegetables", and the website replied: She could only compensate her 100 yuan.

After that, the lobster did not go to the shelves for a while.But soon, this Boston lobster was re -sold.Ms. Xu simply bought another single Boston lobster (149 yuan) and sent it to a third -party test company for testing.

The reporter from the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Helong Business" saw that the test report issued by Anhui Jingwei Testing Technology Co., Ltd. showed that the test items include lead, total mercury, total arsenic, cadmium, chromium, of which the test results of the total mercury were 0.0516mg//KG, total arsenic 3.93mg/kg, and the remaining three are "not detected".All 5 single judgments are "/".

Anhui Jingwei Company’s test results

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Helong Business" contacts Anhui Jingwei Company.The test personnel introduced that "/" means unspeakable.Users can compare themselves according to national standards.

According to the test report, the sample was detected based on GB 5009.268-2016.The reporter of the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Helong Business" then consulted the "Measurement of Diversity of Food Safety National Standard Foods" numbered GB 5009.268-2016, which stipulated that the detection limit of solid samples (lobster) arsenic (AS) was 0.002mg/kg, mercury (HG) is 0.001mg/mg.

"Measurement of Diversity in Food Safety Standard Food"

According to this standard, Ms. Xu’s second -time Boston lobster heavy metal arsenic and mercury were exceeded the standard.

Ms. Xu said that at the time, she reflected the test results of the heavy metal exceeding standard to "Ding Dong buying vegetables" and asked to give a statement. The other party said that she was willing to pay another 500 yuan on the basis of the original compensation of 100 yuan.

Self -claiming each batch must be inspected

Unexpected statement

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening News logged to the "Ding Ding Buy" by the "Xinmin Bang Nong" and saw that the same Boston lobster was still available.According to the page, this lobster is produced from Canada, and each batch must be inspected. The test standards are limited to pollutants (GB 2762) in food safety standard foods, and the 250th announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China.

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening Daily "Xinmin Helong Business" reported that GB 2762-2017 "Limited Pollution Limited Food Safety National Standard Food" is also related to the limited indicators of mercury and arsenic in food.However, because different standards correspond to different detection methods, the detection data of Jingwei Company cannot compare the GB 2762-2017 standard.

Ms. Xu said that the heavy metal data detected by the national standards of GB 5009.268-2016 seriously exceeded the standard. In this case, even if "Ding Dong buying vegetables" can come up with qualified data based on GB 2762-2017, there is no persuasion.She believes that since it has found possible problems, "Ding Dong Buy" should be from the perspective of attaching importance to consumer health. The Boston lobster related to the batch of batch should be given reasonably after a detailed investigation.In this regard, the reporter of the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Bang Nong Business" will continue to pay attention.

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