After eating a dragon fruit, I didn’t expect to get out of bowel cancer!Thanks to the doctor’s decision, she saved her life

Experts in this article: Liang Baosong, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital

No one expected that because I ate a dragon fruit, I even took out a colorectal cancer!

This is a real case shared by Professor Liang Baosong, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, and it is worth thinking about.①

After eating a dragon fruit, she suspected that she had intestinal cancer

There are two most common dragon fruit in the market: one is white heart, and the other is red heart.

The red -hearted dragon fruit contains a large amount of beet red, which is why the red heart dragon fruit shows red.When you eat red heart dragon fruit, some beet redness is absorbed in the small intestine and enters the blood circulation. Finally, it is excreted from the body through urine. At this time, you will find that the urine is a bit red and even a bit "hematuria".And some undertake pigments are excreted with the feces, and many people will find that the feces will be a bit reddish, and they mistakenly believe that it is "blood stool."This is not really hematuria or blood in the stool.

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However, this worries are really not worried!

An old lady in Zhengzhou, Henan, is 63 years old. She is a sunny, happy, and healthy retired elderly.Because I ate a red heart dragon fruit, when I went to the toilet at night, I found a red "blood stool", so I was very worried that there was a problem with gastrointestinal tract.

This scared the old man and quickly called the daughter far away in the provincial capital.The careful daughter did not dare to take it lightly, and quickly took the mother to the hospital for a series of examinations. The test results showed:

(1) Physical examination: The conjunctiva of the eyes is not pale, and the skin is not available in anemia; no block and tenderness are seen in the abdomen;

(2) Routine blood test: Blood conventional blood pigment is still in normal range;

(3) Anal pointer: Surgeon thinks that there is blood on the fingers.

Is there really a gastrointestinal bleeding?Is this because of the interference of dragon fruit?

Although he began to check that Professor Liang Baosong, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, made a serious discussion, and he also believed that the elderly were fake gastrointestinal bleeding (red stool caused by red dragon fruit).The elderly do not have any uncomfortable symptoms, and the old man’s examination is not needed.

Thanks to the doctor’s decision, the elderly saved the life!

However, Professor Liang Baosong who took the consultation still suggested that the elderly conduct a gastroscopy and colonoscopy.Professor Liang Baosong said, "Any early cancer has no symptoms and signs."

And letting the elderly do a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, in view of two reasons:

(1) The elderly have the family history of the family members of close relatives;

(2) The elderly have never done gastrointestinal examination.

Although there are no symptoms and signs, preliminary examinations can basically exclude the possibility of gastrointestinal bleeding. Professor Liang Baosong thinks it is necessary to "make small questions". It is necessary to do gastroscopy for gastroscopy. See if there is any problem for the elderly!

Professor Liang Baosong first performed gastroscopy for the elderly. The good news was that there was no abnormal gastroscopy.

Then the colonoscopy was performed, and it was continuing to enter the mirror. At 17-20 cm from the anus of the sigmoid, a 3 cm diameter ulcer -like lesions were found. With the experience of doctors, it should be cancer!

17-20 cm from the anus, 3 cm ulcerative lesions

So it was immediately arranged that the disease was transformed into the tissue, and the pathological examination was diagnosed with sigmal colon cancer.Because the elderly discovered earlier, if the surgery was removed and comprehensive treatment, it could get a good therapeutic effect.

Review the insistence of this doctor’s diagnosis. If according to the conventional thinking of the clinical thinking of gastrointestinal bleeding, this patient can basically determine that it is a pseudo -bleeding caused by dragon fruit, and the patient has no other symptoms and signs, and the blood test is not found anemia.So there is no need to do gastroscopy.If so, her cancer is 100 % missed, and the consequences are self -evident.

Therefore, as a doctor, we must be careful and responsible. It is necessary to comply with the diagnosis and treatment specifications and to respond flexibly.

When people reach middle age, they must do a colonoscopy once!

Generally, doctors recommend those over 40 years old, and if you do not have to do a colonoscopy once.And this is not more one fell swoop, nor is it a messy examination, but for the professional ethics of the doctor!

Like this case, we might as well assume this:

If the patient does a colonoscopy at the age of 40 or 50, it must be a benign small polyps at that time; if you find it for 1 year early, the tumor will definitely not be as large as 3 cm, and you should be removed under endoscopy.Neither operate nor chemotherapy.

Even if it is not found now, even if the endoscopic surgery can not be performed, it can still receive a good treatment effect through laposol or surgery.

But if you find it later for a year and a half, and even wait until the symptoms such as real blood, abdominal pain, anemia, weight loss and other symptoms, everything may be too late!

Therefore, what needs to be emphasized with everyone is that when people reach middle age, they must do a colonoscopy!

The reason is actually very simple:

1. The symptoms of colorectal cancer are very hidden. In the early days, there were almost no symptoms, or the symptoms were mild and typical; polyps were not asymptomatic. Only colonoscopy could be discovered. Others such as CT, color Doppler, and MRI were incomparable.

2. 90%of colorectal cancer evolved from polyps. Timely discovering and removing polyps is the most effective means to prevent bowel cancer.

3. According to clinical experience, people are 40 years old. More than 20%of people have polyps. After 50 years, more than 30%of people have polyps; the proportion of people aged 60-70 will be higher.

4. Discover the polyps and early bowel cancer, the treatment is very simple, it can be completed under the endoscopy, the trauma is small, and it has little effect on the expected life expectancy!

Therefore, according to "Frequently Ascended malignant tumor screening and prevention recommendation (2022)", it is strongly recommended that the following people should make a colonoscopy in time: ②

(1) Symptoms of no symptoms over 45 years old;

(2) There are two weeks of anorectal symptoms over 40 years of age, which refers to the following symptoms of any symptoms for more than two weeks: changes in stool habits (constipation, diarrhea, etc.); changes in the shape of the stool (thinning the stool); changes in the nature of the stool (blood, mucus, etc.); Crowds of pain in the abdomen fixed parts;

(3) Patients with ulcerative colitis for a long time;

(4) People after colorectal cancer surgery;

(5) Popular after the treatment of colorectal adenoma;

(6) Direct relatives with the family history of colorectal cancer;

(7) Diagnosis of patients with genetic colorectal cancer (referring to family adenoma polyps and hereditary non -polypylecat colorectal cancer) patients with a direct relative of the patients who are over 20 years old.

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Source: Health Times

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