After drinking, I was pregnant that night. Can the child ask?Mainly you have to look at this

For some husbands and wives, especially some young couples, they are more particular about mood, so before going to bed at night, you may drink a little wine, adjust the atmosphere, and it is likely to have a room after drinking.

And after drinking, I was originally interested, so in the same room, I may forget to take contraceptive measures. If you are catching up with the ovulation period, the chance of pregnancy is very high.

But we all know that during pregnancy and conception, we cannot drink. If you drink, you may increase the malformation rate of fetal.

So some couples found that they were pregnant that night when they were drinking. At this time, they were very hesitant. I don’t know if this child can be asked, making many people very entangled.

If it’s a man drunk

The reason why drinking can cause fetal malformations is mainly because wine contains ethanol. As for material, once entering the body, tissue cells will damage germ cells and even mutations, which will increase the fetal malformation rate.

If it is just a man drinking, after a man drinks, hereditary can not directly act on the sperm discharged that night, because the maturity cycle of the sperm is very long, it takes about three months, so it will not immediately reduce the sperm quality.It has almost no effect on babies.

If it was drunk

If a woman is drunk and pregnant that night, it will have a lot of impact on the fetus compared to the pursuit of men.

It is not as big as everyone thinks.

If both men and women have drinking, but they rarely drink or even drink before, then the impact on the baby is very small, so it is generally not a problem when you are pregnant on the night of drinking.

But if you not only drink on the night of pregnancy, but also drink before, then the problem may be relatively large.So if you want to keep this child, you must take a good check -up during pregnancy to effectively ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

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