After breastfeeding, drooping, relaxation, size of the chest?Don’t toss blindly first!Try to do so

One of the biggest "sequelae" after breastfeeding is that our breasts are "collapsed" …

Regarding the chest, there are too many "spitting":

Shrinking, drooping, relaxation, size of the chest?Today I talk to you about the point of the chest.

When the mother talks about her chest, I have to admire everyone’s "paragraph hand":


"I specially bought sports underwear when I was pregnant, 36D. I guess I never have the opportunity to put on them in this life."

Speaking of breastfeeding chest changes, Yuan Yuan directly dumped two sports underwear bought after pregnancy.

"I have never thought that the breasts after pregnancy can be so big …"

"Now the chest is not collapsed, it is just a bit loose, but do you know? It becomes too small after weaning!"

@ Lily

As a small chest, Lily has the right to speak.

"My pair of breasts feeds the two babies, which can be regarded as retreat, but I really envy your big breasts.

"The same feeling the same as the back of the chest, the back of the chest, and the back of the chest, think about being a brother with my husband in the second half of my life ~"

@ @洁

"Well, don’t say, can you imagine a pile of skin hanging on your chest? Like us, we are duangduang before we have a baby. Now … only a pile of soft ‘cotton’ is left."

@ @ @

"Dry and drooping the whole recruitment, it is a bit asymmetric when feeding, the worst is just the same, fortunately, now it is a bit well ~"

Moms "spitting" their chests are really soft, and they must have a secret rubbing opportunity to find a "counterattack" opportunity.

Is massage, food supplement, and breasts really useful?

I’m sorry to splashing cold water for everyone, no!use!


The culprit of postpartum breast loose and drooping is it

We heard that some mothers chose milk powder to feed in order to keep their chests upright.

Not reliable!

Tell you very "cruelly" that your chest has quietly sagged when you are pregnant.

Let’s talk about why it is relaxed and drooping:

It is very simple. From the end of pregnancy to lactation, due to the impact of hormones, everyone’s chest will continue to increase. This state must be maintained until the end of the breastfeeding period. The skin and ligaments that have been stretched out cannot be restored.

Think about it, our chest and chest are in a long -term overweight state. Even if we return to the size of the baby after weaning, the skin and ligaments that have been stretched out cannot be returned.

In addition, due to gravity, aging, etc., your chest will always sag about one day.And breastfeeding is not the main cause of sagging of the chest.

So, I have suffered a "internal injury" chest. Even if I use how much beautiful breasts, it is useless to eat more supplements.

If you really want to make your chest back in spring, it is estimated that you can only adjust the chest plastic surgery.(But there will be risks in the smaller surgery, and mothers still choose carefully.)


Try these methods to improve chest problems

If you want to make your chest more visually beautiful, you can also refer to the following methods:

1. Choose the right bra

Choosing a bra that suits you best, it can be said that it is a shortcut to adjust the chest shape.

The branches on the market are classified as the class, and the following three types are probably:

In order to make yourself more comfortable, it is best to choose cotton material, it will be more breathable ~

In addition, if your chest has a drooping problem, remember to choose the largest number, there is a better support for steel rings and wide shoulder straps ~

2. Do more chest exercise

Try to insist on doing some exercise of the chest muscles, which can make the chest more upright and visually look a lot.

Recommend a few actions that can be done at home:

For example, the stretching of the supine britket, the supine flexion arms, the dumbbell flying bird, the single -arm dumbbell rowing, the dumbbell side flat lift, etc. are all good exercise choices:

△ Click the picture to enlarge it to view

Remember to wear sports underwear during exercise ~

3. Control body before and after production

From the time of pregnancy, everyone must try to control the figure as much as possible, don’t let yourself be too fat!In addition, don’t rush to lose weight after delivery. Let’s take a step step by step. Otherwise, this is fat and thin, and the body will be fascinated by the body.

4. The breastfeeding posture should be correct

If the baby does not hold the entire nipple when he eats milk, the incorrect posture will pull the nipples, which may cause breast sagging.

The correct milk posture should be like this:

The baby’s nose touches the breast, but the nostrils will not be covered.The tongue extends on the lower gums, and most of the areola can be caught by the baby’s mouth.

In addition, it should be discharged in time when raising milk to help avoid skin relaxation and sagging breasts ~

5. Three moves to deal with size breasts

Some mothers are fed and found that the size of the chest on both sides is different. Don’t worry at all. After weaning, they will recover.

In case of particularly asymmetric, don’t be too nervous, try so:

Make more, let the smaller side produce more milk;

The rain dew is stained, and the breasts on both sides are almost large. Keep breastfeeding on both sides to maintain the same frequency;

Don’t change the edge frequently. If you eat one side, you will not feed the other side. The next time you never eat.

In short, our breasts bear the sacred responsibility of nurturing human cubs, and remember to care carefully.

As for the unavoidable changes such as drooping and relaxation, we still relax the mentality and give it "delicious and good exercise". I believe it can get better and better ~

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