After "the same room", these parts of women feel pain, maybe "good pregnancy" arrives

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As we all know, women’s pregnancy is a particularly amazing process. Two small cells that are invisible to the naked eyes of humans meet in the body and produce a brand new life.It is difficult to predict and control such things as pregnant. Some women can’t ask for it, but some women hit in one blow.

There are individual differences in the performance of the successful bed, and women often have a miscarriage due to their negligence in the early stages of pregnancy. As a woman, they must pay more attention to their delicate changes and pay more attention to early signals of pregnancy.

1. chest pain

If successful conception, women’s body hormones will stimulate the breast area, so breast pain will occur, and even when wearing clothes to tease, there will be a tingling sensation. At this time, it seems like a woman’s second breast developmentSimilarly, it will be stronger than women’s breast swelling during menstruation.

Generally speaking, this pain only appears in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will not be in the middle of pregnancy. Once the body adapts, the situation will gradually improve.

2. Abdominal soreness

The soreness of the lower abdomen is mainly caused by the combination of sperm and eggs after the husband and wife live in the same room, which is caused by the implantation of the uterine cavity. Therefore, if women feel abdominal pain, a large reason is because of the successful conception.

1. Good living habits

During the pregnancy, couples remember to develop regular work and rest habits to avoid excessive staying up late, tiredness, anxiety, and ensure sleep quality.

2. Diet aspect

Pay attention to daily eating habits and avoid eating too greasy foods. Women should consume more cereals and green leafy vegetables to supplement folic acid. Men should add more calcium.

Pay special attention to drinking less and drinking less. Smoking will largely reduce the quality of male sperm, and it will also have adverse effects on women’s ovaries. It is likely to accelerate the speed of egg loss.

Women who prepare for pregnancy should adjust their physical condition to the best, and change some bad habits in diet, such as drinking milk tea and beer with ice, eating less spicy, processing and "fast food" and other unhealthy foods. These thingsIt is likely to affect conception.

3. Grasp the best time to conceive

It is the best time to conceive within 12 hours after female ovulation.After ovulation in the same room, sperm requires a more complicated swimming process into women’s body. It is difficult to budget the time required for this process.Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is best not to let the eggs "wait". It is recommended to try the same room once a week before ovulation, predict the ovulation time by measuring body temperature or ovulation test strip, and try to go close to the ovulation time as much as possible.The chance of conception may increase significantly.

4. Appropriate exercise

Do not sit for a long time during pregnancy, exercise more, moderate exercise is helpful for conception, and to a certain extent can also help eggs to improve their activity.But keep in mind not to exercise too much, just choose some accepted exercises within your physical condition.

5, let it go naturally

Psychological pressure can easily cause endocrine disorders in the body, which will affect the surrogacy rate.The young couple who prepare for pregnancy should maintain a happy mood and enjoy the same room as much as possible. Do not treat the child as a difficult task every time, living in the anxiety of pregnancy every day.

The mentality of women to a large extent affects the function of the body. In the final analysis, human reproduction is a natural process. It maintains a strong energy and treats it relaxing. Perhaps it has ushered in "surprise" inadvertently.

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