Aesthetic girls must know the common sense of hairdressing

The heart of beauty, everyone has it, especially girls, pay more attention to their own image!As a woman, except for the skin, what I care about most is my hair.Although it is not allowed to touch her hair like Big S, at least it is the kind that does not wash her hair.

When it comes to shampooing, the most annoying thing is to lose hair, especially for girls with long hair, a lot of hair loss every time I washed my hair, and my heart hurts when I look at it.

In fact, the daily hair that falls daily is a normal metabolism within 50-100, but more than 100 roots will produce obvious appearance changes such as alopecia areata and pillow baldness.

The following situations will lead to hair loss:

1. Stay up late and cause hair loss.

Frequent insomnia or staying up late will make the level of male androgen in the body high, which is what we usually call endocrine disorders.When staying up late, it is usually accompanied by anxiety, depression, etc., so that the brain is in a tense state, and mental stress also increases. The hormones produced by pressure are used to make the hair follicle blood vessels shrink.In the end, the hair follicles atrophy and the hair loss.

2. Excessive weight loss leads to hair loss.

Many people lose weight by eating staple foods. The main food is carbohydrate, that is, carbohydrates. It will be converted into glycogen in the body. It is a direct nutritional supply of the brain.bad.For hair, because it cannot absorb nutrients, hair loss will be produced.

3. The frequency of hair washing.

Shampooing is too dangerous for a long time or not washing your hair for a long time.If you do not wash your hair for a long time, it will cause too much oil to secrete the pores, which will lead to hair loss.Washing hair every day is not good, because shampoo is a chemical item, and hair follicles and hair are damaged every day, which causes hair loss. Generally, wash it once every 2 to 3 days.

4. Perm and hair dye.

With the development of the times, people are increasingly pursuing fashion. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the barber shop is full of perm and hair customers. The chemical composition in the hair dye will stimulate the hair follicles, severely direct hair bald, and often dye hair.There are potential risks, which really requires hair dyeing, it is best to control it once in half a year.

5. Hair loss caused by pregnancy production.

Women will feel that their hair is obviously lost than before, which is caused by the decline in estrogen hormone levels in the body, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.In addition, women will cause anemia due to a large amount of bleeding during the production process, which will cause hair loss to lose their nutrition. It is recommended to strengthen nutrition after delivery, supplement iron and blood, and restore the body as soon as possible to improve the phenomenon of hair loss.

In addition, there are many misunderstandings for hair care

1. Regularly trimming hair helps the hair growth.

Every time I go to cut my hair, I will hear Teacher Tony said so, but in fact, the speed and speed of the head growing are regular. Frequent cutting of hair can not change the growth rate of hair.It will not affect the hair follicles, so it does not affect the speed of the head.

2. Long hair can absorb the nutrition of the body.

How many people were cut off their long hair by this sentence?In fact, the growing hair becomes dead cells, and it does not absorb excessive nutrition of the human body, just like split hair, no matter how much nutritious things you eat, you will not heal anymore.No matter how long the hair is, the speed of hair grows, consumes the same nutrition.

3. Ginger hair washing water can prevent hair loss.

I believe that this is already ingrained in the hearts of most people, but in fact, no study has shown that ginger hair washing water can be prevented.In fact, the content of ginger in the shampoo is very limited, and the stimulating effect of ginger on the scalp will not help the growth of the hair.

If you want your hair, it is actually very simple. As long as you work regularly, do not stay up late, have a reasonable diet, eat less spicy food, keep the scalp clean and reduce hot dyeing. It won’t be long before you have a healthy hair!


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