Actor Yan Xuejing: At the age of 45, she was pregnant and pregnant.

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In 2016, 45 -year -old Yan Xuejing was pregnant unexpectedly.

She and her stepdom Lin Aoxue and son Lin Aojun held a three -person meeting.

The theme of the meeting is: "Should this child be born?"

The follow -up female Lin Aoxue and her son Lin Aozhen were the children of Yan Xuejing’s first husband.

And she is now pregnant with the child of the second husband.

Both the stepvis and son are adults, so Yan Xuejing wants to ask for the children’s opinions.

After she said the news of her pregnancy, both children were stunned.

The whole room was silent, and everyone thought about it.

Lin Aoxue Yan Xuejing Lin Ao

After Lin Aoxue pondered for a moment, he spoke to break this embarrassing situation.

She said that her mother was too hard in her life. If she gave birth to this child, she would have to work hard for decades.

But if Yan Xuejing wants to give birth, she will also respect her mother’s opinions.

His son Lin Aoyuan said: "You have a girl, my sister, and a boy is my brother."

Lin Aoxue also expressed his willingness to help his mother bring children together, and willing to treat the child as his closest person.

Hearing his children’s words, Yan Xuejing couldn’t help crying.

For decades, she has suffered a lot and has experienced many unknown past events.

For example, after half a hundred this year, it was surprised and happy for her.

What’s even more surprising is the support and understanding of the stepvis and son.

This has a lot to do with her herself.

Yan Xuejing has won the title of "Top Ten Filial Performances in the Performing Arts".

After the divorce, she also insisted on supporting her in -laws and insisted on raising her stepdown.

As the saying goes, "Home and Everything", the entire big family can live in harmony and cannot be separated from Yan Xuejing’s dedication for decades.

01 Unknown early experience

Yan Xuejing’s origin is not good.

It has grown in the mountain village in Liaoyuan, Jilin since childhood.

When I was very young, I followed my parents to work.

Every time her father was broken by a crowd, and Bian Dan was overwhelmed, she couldn’t feel distressed, and secretly vowed to let her parents live a better life.

At the age of 17, Yan Xuejing was admitted to Jilin Drama School and began to learn the duo and the drama.

At that time, there was a female classmate in the dormitory as her, and the family conditions were not very good.

In order to take care of her classmates, Yan Xuejing only ate half of each time when she ate, and the remaining half left her.

Good people have been kind since childhood, and attentive people have been attentive.

Yan Xuejing is a kind and careful person.

There was another roommate who had a fever in the dormitory, and the whole person couldn’t walk.

Yan Xuejing went to the medical room to see a doctor with his roommate.

After watching the illness, I climbed back to the dormitory with my roommate.

With this kindness and enthusiasm, she is very popular everywhere.

At school, she is a good girlfriend of everyone.

At home, she is the filial piety in the hearts of relatives and friends.

In a turn of the game, Yan Xuejing won the first prize with "Snow Snow Tour".

The first prize bonus is 90 yuan.

This is the first time Yan Xuejing has received so much money.

She didn’t get money to buy clothes for herself, nor was she willing to eat a good meal.

After all, this is the first time I made by my own performance.

She wants to make the money the greatest significance.

So Yan Xuejing took all the money to buy socks.

Then divide the socks to the parents, grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, uncle uncle and others.

The elders who were close to the family received the socks she bought.

This filial piety has made relatives unforgettable for a long time.

Seeing the smile on the elders’s face, Yan Xuejing felt the meaning of making money for the first time.

During this period, Lin Yue appeared in her life.

Lin Yue was 10 years older than Yan Xuejing, divorced, and a daughter Lin Aoxue.

For the first time, Yan Xuejing was going to marry this man.

But parents are unwilling to be their daughter to be a stepmother for others.

After all, Yan Xuejing is so young.

However, the woman is not left.

His parents did not persuade Yan Xuejing, and after all, let her get married.

After the marriage, Yan Xuejing and his step -girl Lin Aoxue became a good girlfriend who had nothing to talk about.

She was a teenager, and the two were very easy to get along.

In 1993, 21 -year -old Yan Xuejing gave birth to his son Lin Aoyu.

After her son was born, she gave up the two to work and came to work.

It didn’t take long to become one of the four famous Dans of Jilin, and was a well -known celebrity in the three east provinces.

During this period, Yan Xuejing’s father -in -law had divorced.

As a daughter -in -law, she did not change her attitude because of the relationship between the two elderly people.

After the father -in -law divorced, he moved to life, and the mother -in -law stayed at home.

Yan Xuejing went to the father -in -law’s house every time to send daily necessities.

He also deliberately invited a nanny for his father -in -law to be responsible for the elderly’s clothing, food, housing.

She will naturally not fall on her mother -in -law.

Every time she goes to the outside world, she will buy the same gift for her mother and her mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law often shows her daughter -in -law with her neighbors, and she is filial than her own daughter.

The filial Yan Xuejing was also appreciated by Zhao Benshan.

At that time, Zhao Benshan was a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Gala and became popular nationwide.

After becoming famous, he returned to the Northeast to hold the first "Benshan Cup Two Two Turning Competition" and began to dig up a newcomer.

Yan Xuejing signed up for the competition, successfully won the championship, and won the reputation of "two people to the queen".

Because of this competition, Zhao Benshan took Yan Xuejing as an apprentice, and also took her to participate in "Liu Laogen".

Yan Xuejing played the role of "mountain apricot" in the play.

Many audience friends know Yan Xuejing through "Shanxing".

02 Unexpected pregnancy, surprised and happy

In 2001, the 29 -year -old Yan Xuejing appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage for the first time, and partnered with Pan Changjiang and Huang Xiaojuan to perform sketch "Building No. 3".

Since then, Yan Xuejing’s career has moved steadily, and its value has risen higher and higher.

Unfortunately, when God opens a door for you, it will also close a window for you.

It seems that when you are proud of your career, you are always accompanied by frustration.

In the increasingly busy work, the relationship between Yan Xuejing and Lin Yue ended.

The two went through the divorce procedures peacefully.

After the divorce, Yan Xuejing still took her step -female Lin Aoxue to take care of it.

The attitude towards the former in -laws has not changed at all.

In 2006, Yan Xuejing entered the Haizheng Cultural Troupe and moved to Beijing.

At a dinner, a coal owner of Ma walked into her sight.

It didn’t take long for Yan Xuejing and Boss Ma to get married.

After marriage, settle in Beijing all year round.

Just standing in Beijing with his feet, Yan Xuejing’s father suffered from illness.

She received her father for Beijing for the first time, and she ran before the hospital.

In fact, she still has two younger brothers,

It’s just that the two younger brothers are just ordinary people, and her income is not as high as her.

In order to make his younger brother easier, Yan Xuejing took his father’s medical expenses alone.

Over the years, her parents’ clothing, food, housing, and transportation have been responsible for her own.

The husband also supports his wife’s approach, and he usually takes care of his father -in -law and mother -in -law.

How many brothers and sisters become revenge because of Qian, but this incident will not happen in Yan Xuejing’s house.

After the female family’s room, she was still close to her.

Although the former mother -in -law divorced, she was still like a pro -daughter.

Their family understands each other and takes care of each other. Everyone considers the problem from the perspective of each other.

Thanks to Yan Xuejing’s obscure dedication, we can unite a family intimately.

In 2016, his son Lin Aozheng starred in the TV series "Mother -in -law" for the first time.

In the play, he plays a supporting supporting role in intelligence.

In order not to shame his mother, he studied acting in the room every day.

In the crew humbly, he asked his predecessors to ask for experience.

But he didn’t ask his mother, he didn’t want to make selfish interest in his mother’s halo.

Yan Xuejing also had this intention. She did not go to the crew to visit the class, nor did she ask the director to take care of her son.

When the youth was killed, the director took the initiative to say to her, "Your son is really good!"

After hearing the crew’s praise of his son, Yan Xuejing’s stones hanging in his heart landed.

In this year, she filmed in the crew of "Love with Mom".

During the filming, Yan Xuejing found that he was pregnant unexpectedly.

Before that, she did not intend to have a second child. After all, she was no longer young, and her children had grown up.

So when she found that she was pregnant, she was half -worried, and was surprised and excited.

When Lin Aoxue and Lin Aozhen heard the news, the whole person was stunned.

But they still support all the decisions of their mothers.

The words of the stepdom and son made her burst into tears.

At the same time, the actor Sun Tao was still stunned.

This year, Sun Tao and Yan Xuejing’s sketch "True Love" was selected by the Spring Festival Gala director.

But Yan Xuejing said to Sun Tao: "Brother, I’m pregnant."

Sun Tao was stupid.

I think about how old it is and still pregnant.

Sun Tao didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

Then he told the Spring Festival Gala director group.

The reaction of the entire director group is the same as him.

Sun Tao asked her when the due date was,

Yan Xuejing said in October.

The Spring Festival of that year was particularly early, and the New Year in January.

In other words, Yan Xuejing will take confinement before December.

But the Spring Festival Gala review is not waiting.

Missing censorship, their show is not guaranteed.

Sun Tao thought that the elderly maternal cesarean section was born.

Cester section can also choose a day without delaying censorship.

As a result, Yan Xuejing said to him, "Brother, I plan to give birth."

Sun Tao was stunned at the time.

There will be deviations in the delivery and due period, and it is likely that the Spring Festival Gala review is likely to be missed.

He told the director group.

The director group asked him to change the actress again.

But Sun Tao didn’t want to change, and wanted to wait quietly for Yan Xuejing out of the mountain.

It soon ushered in the first review.

Sun Tao told the director group that Yan Xuejing had not been born yet.

The director group asked him to change the actor again.

Sun Tao told Yan Xuejing about the news and asked her when she was born.

Yan Xuejing: "I don’t know when to give birth."

Sun Tao did not speak and let her have a good child.

She called her to be born every other time.

The answers given by Yan Xuejing are all "not born yet."

When Sun Tao is worried,

Yan Xuejing made a call: "Brother, I gave birth to a daughter! It happened to be able to catch up with the third review."

Sun Tao, who heard the news, ran on the sixth floor and told the director group.

The entire director group was relieved.

This year, Yan Xuejing was particularly hard.

As soon as the child was born for more than a month, she came to the stage to participate in the performance.

At this time, Lin Aoyuan was 23 years old and Lin Aoxue was in his 30s.

My brother and sister who is more than two rounds loves this little sister.

Yan Xuejing is old and daughter, and every day is overflowing in happiness.

But no matter how good my brother and sister can, you can’t replace motherly love.

Therefore, she brought her daughter in the crew every day to strive for her daughter without lack of motherly love.

03 Take the daughter -in -law to worship Feng Gong, get along like a girlfriend

In 2021, 28 -year -old Lin Ao and Xu Mengdi married.

After the son got married, the family lived together.

Yan Xuejing and daughter -in -law got along very well, and often bought gifts for daughter -in -law.

Xu Mengdi liked to watch the sea, Yan Xuejing wrapped a yacht.

The whole family took a picture on the yacht, and it was very warm to say and laughed.

Xu Mengdi exposed long legs and gold bracelets and gold rings, which is full of nobleness.

She was also sitting on her mother -in -law’s legs, which shows how good the relationship between her mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is like girlfriends.

The mother -in -law and daughter -in -law feed each other and travel together.

Yan Xuejing also took his daughter -in -law to worship Feng Gong, and asked Feng Gong to teach his daughter -in -law to learn art.

It seems that Xu Mengdi intends to develop to the entertainment industry.

In December 2022, Yan Xuejing sent a long article on the online platform to promote "Liu Laogen 5".

Hello friends today, I am an actor Yan Xuejing and played Shan Xing in "Liu Laogen 5".

The role of Shanxing is a character that dares to love and hate in my eyes. Her bones reveal a strong persistence, dare to fight, dare to love, and hate.I did not agree at the beginning. She still insisted on not giving up, and could even give up her current life for Zhao San.

She is also strong in her career, because Shanxing actually has most of the time in the big stage office. She knows what time she should do and work hard at her goals.I am very admired and admired.

I also hope that everyone can like the role of Shanxing, and I hope that everyone can support the "Liu Laogen 5", which is broadcast on the entire network of Youku.

Embarrassing is that there are many opposition voices in the comment area.

Some netizens said they did not like to watch the "mountain apricot" she played.

Some netizens said that if she was there, she would not watch "Liu Laogen 5".

According to the comments, it can be seen that the audience is disgusted with two points.

The first is to play the role of a sad woman with the same humiliation.

The second is that the acting skills are too hard and the expression is too exaggerated.

As far as things are discussed, Yan Xuejing’s role in recent years is indeed relatively single.

This has a lot to do with the age of actresses.

Once the last age, the road of the play is much narrower.

What’s more, there are many bitter roles played by Yan Xuejing, and the path of the play is basically shaped. There is no possibility of transformation.

Over time, the audience will have aesthetic fatigue.

Another reason is that she has appeared too many times on social platforms.

Live broadcasting, bringing goods, etc., all consumed her audience.

Zhang Yi once said that the actor is like a book, and he can’t stand too long.

The exposure is too high, and this book will soon be read by the audience.

So he never participated in variety shows, nor live broadcast, and did not bring goods.

He felt that he had insufficient connotation and could not stand the consumption and exposure of entertainment programs.

Worried that the audience would be bored with him.

Zhang Yi’s worry is unreasonable.

Over the years, short video platforms have risen, and many veteran artists have begun to broadcast live, seeking fans’ rewards.

Yan Xuejing is no exception. Over time, the public is tired.

So the words "I hate you!"

The comment area has fallen, and the most likes to like to oppose her.

This situation will inevitably make people feel sighing.

It was an old artist, but when he was 50 years old, he fell into such polarized reputation.

But this is life, suffering and joy.

In the movie "A Grand Master", Ye Wen said such a sentence: "I learned boxing at the age of seven, and before the age of forty, I haven’t seen high mountains. I didn’t find it when I first saw it.","

"the Grand Master"

Life is not a fairy tales. There are warmth and sorrow, support and opposition.

But whether the audience supports or opposes, it cannot cover up the kind of kindness of Yan Xuejing.

For parents, Yan Xuejing supported the old age of the second old man.

For the elders, Yan Xuejing did everything he could.

To his in -laws, Yan Xuejing was respectful like his biological parents.

For the stepdom, Yan Xuejing is both a stepmother and a good girlfriend.

For daughter -in -law, Yan Xuejing helped each other and took her to worship Feng Gong.

Since ancient times, everyone has said that her mother -in -law is difficult to get along with, and the mother -in -law of reorganizing the family is more difficult to get along, but Yan Xuejing has been handled by handling.

The former in -laws and the current in -laws, she is respectful as her biological father.

The stepdom, son, daughter -in -law, and little daughter also got along well under her influence.

It can be said that the whole family can gather together in harmony and cannot be separated from Yan Xuejing’s credit.

"Family heavy responsibility to lead leadership, women can support half -wall sky." The poem is used to describe Yan Xuejing, which is not suitable.

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