accidental pregnancy

In the face of accidental pregnancy, if you decide to choose people, you must pay attention to all aspects of the flow of people to avoid regrets of accidents. The easiest point of many people is the choice of time for people. Because once the best time to miss the flow of people, the difficulty and risk of surgery and risks will be missed.It will greatly increase, when is the best way to do people?

Gynecology experts from Shishi Hyundai Hospital pointed out that the time of best flowers is generally between 35 days and 55 days after pregnancy.Of course, because each person’s constitution is different, there may be certain differences, so there is also a certain deviation in the best time of people.Therefore, to determine the best time for your own flow, it is best to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination and hear the doctor’s opinion.


■ Too early

(35 days ago)

Leakage may be large: women are within 35 days of pregnancy, embryos have just developed, and they are still small.If you do abortion during this period, it is easy to take air or leakage during surgery, resulting in failure or incomplete abortion.Once this happens, the palace must be performed in secondary surgery.


■ Just happened

(Between 35 and 55 days)

The size of the uterus is suitable and safer: When 35-55 days of pregnancy, women’s uterus has changed accordingly, but it is not too large.At this time, the uterine wall is thick, the abortion surgery is difficult, and the planned external pregnancy is terminated, so it is safer and the postoperative recovery is fast.

The harmful damage of the carcass is small: When the pregnancy is between 35-55, the size of the gestational sac in the pregnant woman has just been appropriate. The gestational sac can be clearly reflected in the B-ultrasound, and it has not yet formed a complete carcass.Surgery is less harmful to pregnant women.


■ Too late

(After 70 days)

The damage increases and the risk increases: for more than 70 days of pregnancy, the fetal sac has been formed, and the uterus has grown up.Surgery has greater damage to the human body and has great damage to physical health.

The risk is increased and life -threatening: The pain in Qing Palace in the Qing Dynasty after the output of labor made women unacceptable, and the incompleteness of the Qing Palace caused postpartum hemorrhage and infection may also lead to infertility.What’s more, it can cause uterine perforation, intestinal perforation, etc., cause serious complications, and endangers women’s lives.

Early pregnancy algorithm, how many days have you been pregnant?

Formula: Medically, the first day of pregnancy is calculated on the first day of menstruation.

It is important to note that the standard of world unity is: the first day of the last menstruation as the beginning of pregnancy, not the last time in the same room.This is because the pregnancy time is calculated from the development of follicular eggs.For example: The first day of the last menstrual period is the menstruation of March 1 on March 1, so the estimated day on April 10 is 40 days of pregnancy.

Women generally have only one mature follicles a month. Sexual life is the time for mature follicles. It is not the first time it develops. All medicine is calculated from the beginning of the development period.

Best time+scientific method = security flow

The gynecologist of Shishi Modern Hospital reminded that women must choose a professional hospital with abortion to do painless palace abortion, so as to comprehensively ensure the safety and comfort of surgery and not affect future fertility.

What technology is good for women to get pregnant?

The Shishi Modern Hospital uses -Helen Palace Palace has no pain flow surgery. The technical doctor observes the size and part of the gestational sac under the visual state, and accurately sucks it without leakage and inhalation.It was more painful during the operation and easily got rid of the trouble.After surgery, the surgeon will slowly return, and the recovery is fast, which will not affect normal life and work.The birth of this technology has added another guarantee for women’s safety and health.

Helen Painless People Optimum advantage

1. The operation time is short, only 3 minutes

Helen Painless abortion surgery is performed under the action of anesthesia, and women can complete the entire surgery in sleep. The operation only requires a short three minutes. There is no pain in the whole process. After waking up, unexpected and troubles are easily lifted.Essence

2. Visual operation throughout the process, less damage

Helen Palace Palace has no pain, and does not need to expand the palace directly into the uterine cavity. Under the positioning of the endoscopic positioning, accurately sucks the gestational sac and mincer in the uterine cavity., And the risk of uterine perforations, the distress of women’s troubles, reducing the duration of the symptoms of early pregnancy, and avoiding the chance of cross -infection.

3. Low ecSet

All Helen Palace Palace Painless abortion has been performed by a long -term abortion surgery.

The flow of people must choose a regular hospital, Shishi Modern Hospital

(1) The abortion qualifications are complete.According to my country’s regulations, abortion must be carried out with a regular medical institution that holds the "Medical Institutional Practice License".Shishi Modern Hospital has the qualifications to carry out abortion surgery. It is a designated hospital for Shishi Medical Insurance, Work Injury, and Health Certificate. It is a professional hospital under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Health and Health Bureau and strictly supervised.

(2) Can carry out safe and advanced painless abortion technology.Shishi Modern Hospital took the lead in carrying out advanced abortion techniques such as Helen Painless Palace, Microstasis visual painless abortion, hysteroscopy embryoing, etc. The one -stop privacy and convenient diagnosis model, warm small confinement package service, for different situationsWomen’s safety relief of unexpected pregnancy.

(3) Surgery expert medical skills and professional authority.Shishi Modern Hospital has more than decades of clinical experience for more than decades. It is personally implemented by many years of safety abortion surgery.

(4) Sterile professional operation, infection during surgery.All abortion of Shishi Hyundai Hospital is carried out in the standard layer flow operating room. The air layer flow purification device is used to infection in effective operation to eliminate your worries.

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