A woman was drunk at the party, and found that she was pregnant afterwards. She didn’t know who the child was!

Looking back at the past, people often miss the past in the course of sweet and sour.As a student, it is often our most innocent period.Therefore, many people will miss the school days after social experience.Holding a classmate party has become a activity that people are happy.

However, adults attending classmates gatherings often have a ring of drinking.Once someone is drunk, it will provide opportunities for others.If you encounter upright generations, maybe the problem may not be great; but if you encounter a villain unfortunately, it may lead to a series of disasters, including loss and pregnancy.In Gansu, a ridiculous rape occurred. A young woman was drunk after attending her classmates, but did not know who the child’s biological father was afterwards.

Ms. Shang, a married young woman who lives in Lanzhou, Gansu.Although she has been married for many years, she still maintains a good face.Ms. Shang looks like a young girl in her early twenties.Because of this, Ms. Shang never lacked a suitor.Even though these people knew she had a husband, she still missed her.

Among them, Gong is a typical example.Gong and Ms. Shang were high school classmates, and she had a crush on her when she was young.Unfortunately, Ms. Shang did not accept Gong, and the two failed to come together.After graduation, they each embarked on different paths, and Gong gradually disappeared in Ms. Shang’s life.

However, one day in 2013, Gong returned to Lanzhou due to business and accidentally met Ms. Shang again.The encounter this time made Gong’s old inner feelings emerging again.Although Ms. Shang is married, Gong still wants to be close to the goddess of the year, and even hesitant to illegally.

Therefore, in February 2014, Gong and several other male students organized a classmate party.Gong deliberately invited Ms. Shang, because she rarely met her classmates after graduation, and she also had a little nostalgia in her heart.At the party, many people toasting to the former goddess, Ms. Shang was not easy to quit, and could only pay back a cup.

Not long after, Ms. Shang was drunk as mud.Several male classmates said that she would send her home.But Gong was reluctant to let go of this excellent opportunity. He immediately claimed that he had already reserved the hotel room and asked Ms. Shang to rest.As the organizer of the party, Gong’s speech has a certain amount, and others can only compromise.

After Ms. Shang was drunk, Gong did not continue to participate in the banquet. He hurriedly ended the party and sent away several other classmates.After confirming that everyone left, Gong took the room card and quietly came to the hotel where Ms. Shang lived.He opened the door, and the scene in front of him excited him -Ms. Shang, the goddess of the year lying on the bed.

Ms. Shang’s appearance is moving, and she is mature, exuding the charm of mature women.Coupled with long -term maintenance and proud figure, Gong looked at it, and could not suppress his inner excitement.The goddess of that year was in front of him. He could do it arbitrarily. Gong couldn’t believe it was true.

As a result, Ms. Shang was drunk, and Gong had a relationship with her.In order not to be detected by Ms. Shang, Gong decided to leave the room before she woke up.Sure enough, although Ms. Shang felt something wrong when she woke up, she did not realize that she had been violated, and she didn’t know who did this behavior of her.

After returning home, Ms. Shang did not tell her husband what happened. She always thought that she was resting alone at the hotel after being drunk.Until two months later, Ms. Shang found that her body was abnormal, and the menstrual periods were coming, and she felt vomiting when she was eaten.After being checked by the hospital, Ms. Shang found that she was pregnant.However, Ms. Shang was not happy because of this, but was full of fear.Her husband has been working in the field in the past two months. The two have not had a sexual life between husband and wife, so Ms. Shang did not know who the child’s father was.

Suddenly, Ms. Shang thought of her classmates.She was drunk and sent to the hotel room. Does anyone take the opportunity to do her unsatisfactory behavior?She immediately chose to call the police. After the police involved in the investigation, it was found that the person who opened the room to Ms. Shang was Gong.

Under the leadership of the police, Gong was under tremendous pressure in his heart and admitted to the police the invasion of Ms. Shang.Finally, Ms. Shang’s belly’s child’s biological father’s identity was white, and it turned out to be her classmate Gong.Gong was criminally detained by the police for suspected rape. He would wait for him to be tried by the procuratorate and the court, as well as legal sanctions.According to Article 236 of my country’s Criminal Law, Gong’s behavior has constituted a crime of rape.The crime of rape refers to a criminal behavior of violating the relevant provisions of my country’s criminal law and forcing the victims to perform sexual behavior with violence, threats, injuries or other means.

Under normal circumstances, the criterion for judging the crime of rape is whether the criminal actor violates the victim’s wishes and whether the victim is resistant.In this case, although Ms. Shang did not resist, she was in a special state of being drunk and unable to resist. Therefore, even without resistance, Gong’s behavior still constituted a crime of rape.

According to the law, the criminal behavior of rape women with violence, coercion or other means will be sentenced to imprisonment of more than three years or less.If the circumstances are bad, many people participate together, or the victims will be seriously injured and died, they will face more than ten years of imprisonment, life imprisonment, or even death sentence.

Considering that Gong did not cause harm to Ms. Shang, nor did it lead to her death or disability, and there was no plot of multiplayer J. Therefore, the court would quantify her torture within the scope of three to ten years.If there is no accident, Gong will face a sentence of about six years.

The occurrence of this incident reminds us again that whether it is a classmate party or other occasions, we should be vigilant, especially when drinking.At the same time, the law has clear rules and sanctions on the violation of others.We should strengthen legal awareness, emphasize respect and protect the physical rights and interests of others, and jointly create a safe and harmonious social environment.

Special statement: This article is adapted from the case of life. The plot description in the article is not real, it is just to increase the readability of the article.coincide.

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