A woman exposed her pregnancy by a university teacher, the official responded late at night, and the details were exposed.

Gourd!The education circle was again scandal, and it was Marxist Academy.

A woman posted a long text, saying that she was violated by a teacher of Zhengzhou University 11 years ago, and was taken to the fetus after pregnancy, which caused the woman to be unable to get pregnant for life.

Not only that, the woman said that the teacher was good at PUA, but also for the two and a half years of spiritual control.

The woman said that she was only 16 years old or a little girl. She was in a divorced family. She was missing from her younger father and her mother did not act.So she created her, lack of love, and only faithful personality.

Wang Moumou also grasped this. He asked the girl to warm up and care about the girl’s life. As an elder, he appeared as an elder, and made a PUA for the girl to corrode ideas.

At the first time, Wang Moumou deceived the girl and said that he would help him to change the paper and bring the girl to the office.Later, I said to take a break, and the girl thought to take her to dinner.Then Wang Moumou took the girl to the residence to violate.

Later, Wang Moumou brainwashed the girl, saying that as long as he was pure and sleeping together, he also said that the teacher loved students.

Students admire the teacher’s normal emotion, indicating the great shore of the teacher’s image.However, the use of students ‘trust and admiration, as well as students’ personality and family defects, to do things, not only moral issues, but also violations of laws.

Wang Moumou and the girl should not only this time, mentioned in the article, "Become Wang Moumou’s private doll."The woman said that she had not taken the initiative to call entanglement, and every time she called Wang Moumou to call the girl.

He also said that Wang Moumou did not miss the water. The girl had no friends to talk to it. Wang Moumou did not allow the girl to write a diary.Almost different elevators. If you encounter it, you will leave one after the other.

After the girl became pregnant, Wang Moumou took the girl to the local hospital for abortion surgery.The girl was crying after the operation, and Wang Moumou shook his legs cheerfully. It seemed very easy.

And after the abortion, Wang Moumou immediately did not admit it to himself. In turn, he hit a rake.

This series of operations can be described as meticulous.There is no handle at all, it is indeed a master’s degree in law.

The girl was forced to be with Wang Moumou, which brought herself a lot of trouble.One was that after abortion surgery, the girl claimed that she was infertility for life; the second was that the girl called Wang Moumou to her.

After that, she found Wang Moumou to discuss, but it was Wang Moumou’s wife and a professor of mathematics.The master showed a great understanding and the tenderness of women, soothe the girl with the glory of motherly love.

At that time, the naive little girl was defeated.Later, he went to Wang Moumou many times to discuss the statement, and every time he came forward.

The couple had to give the girl thousands of dollars and were rejected by the girl.

It is really hard to imagine that couples who are so highly educated and educational will be like this.Husband coaxed the little girl outside, and the wife wiped her ass.Maybe it is for the common interests, but how many little girls are deceived?

According to the girl’s description, Wang Moumou has a pedophile, and his words are extremely filthy, and in front of the girl, he is full of bad thoughts on other girls in the class.

In addition, the girl claimed that Wang Moumou received others and gave things to the girl.He also said that every summer, Wang Moumou is the busiest, and "help" many people solve the problem of enrollment.

However, due to the long time and the younger girl at the time, there should be no evidence.There is only one miscarriage record in her hand, which cannot prove that pregnancy abortion is related to Wang Moumou.

The girl was the first exposure long post issued by 21:58 on May 9th. The official responded at 00:59 the next day, saying that the investigation team had been established as soon as possible.All teaching activities.

In response to late at night, the response speed of official colleges was fast enough.It can be seen that the emphasis on this matter, after all, the power of public opinion is too strong.If it is not handled well, it will affect the entire school.

But although the response is fast enough, I don’t know how the investigation is?When can there be results?

I hope to be able to investigate strictly. If there is such a matter, we must remove the defeat in the teacher team.

It was really distressing to see the girl’s state before.For so many years, maybe she has never stepped out.Family inaction, mother’s accusations, the damage suffered can only be silently afforded alone.

Presumably she has been depressed for a long time. Many times, she has a tendency to commit suicide, but fortunately she persisted.

Recently, on May 5th, the girl even mentioned her own wish list.

But even committing suicide, she was worried that she would be assigned to marry …

I really worry about her, so I must persist.

Although the author is very willing to believe in girls and sympathize with.And from the perspective of girls in the past, the credibility is quite high.

But there are doubts in the incident, I have to mention it.

1. In the past 11 years, why not stand out earlier?

Many netizens have proposed this. In fact, this time has been a long time. Professor Wang Moumou is 60 years old. If Professor Wang will enjoy his old age later.

But understandable!This kind of thing also requires courage to say. The girl not only exposed Wang Moumou, but also exposed a lot of privacy, including family and some privacy when he was young.

The girl claimed to be exposed until now, one was humiliation, the other was fear of the revenge of Wang Moumou, and the third was also worried that her future was affected.

2. There are questions about age.

The girl said what happened at the age of 16, but was she studying at the age of 16?Or does it say that 11 years ago, Wang Moumou did not teach at Zheng Da?Or is it like some netizens guessed and read the preparatory class?

In addition, the brief introduction of the woman was born in 2000. If the profile is true, she is only 23 years old this year, 12 years ago, 12 years old, not 16 years old.

3. During normal school, travel.

According to the state of the news, from October 12th to January 13th, she was traveling.Normally, I have to go to school, how can I go to so many places, or do I go with the professor?

What is the truth of the current thing? Look at the official survey results.

But the author is still willing to believe in the girl. Who will just make a joke in such an unfortunate encounter?And the girl’s state of one year also mentioned words such as being violated.Who would spend a year and premeditated to accuse it?

What is the matter?Are there any other victims besides girls?What is going on with Wang Moumou’s problem of bribery?

The teacher’s occupation is sacred and does not allow the existence of defeats.If it is true, I hope Wang Moumou will get the punishment he deserves.

No wrong person, but never let go of a bad person.

“Is invaded by college teachers to get pregnant?School response”


“The woman was invaded by the university teacher to get pregnant, and the school responded to”

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