A mother who was pregnant for six months, went to the smoking area to smoke, and vomited bitter water while sucking. Do you believe it?

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A few years ago, when I worked as a class teacher at the adult training institution, I met a strange student: a 23 -year -old girl, who was pregnant for more than six months, and always chatted with a group of men in a cigarette area during the rest.For a short few days of training, I have made many friends of the opposite sex.From time to time, "good friends" will go out for dinner and sing a dragon, playing very indulgent.

I saw that the girl had to go to smoking in the smoking area with pregnancy. She stopped it once and talked with her for a long time.I advise her to say that smoking is not good for children and endanger children’s health.If the child has a health problem, adults and children are suffered. For the sake of children, for themselves, it is best to bear it during pregnancy. Don’t smoke!

The girl said to me, the teacher, I was panicked, I was too bitter, and smoking just vent. If I did not smoke, I would collapse.I told her that if you are uncomfortable, you can find a friend to tell you, to find other ways to relieve it, such as shopping in parks, shopping, listening to music, etc. You can choose a way of harmless children.Essence

Next, the girl began to tell me about her "tragic" experience. First of all, her in -laws disliked her as a foreigner and poor family.Most of the money must be given to her mother -in -law.After pregnancy, he resigned at home, and her mother -in -law gave her 800 yuan pocket money a month.

Again, when she was pregnant, her mother -in -law did not make her delicious, without meat.The girl said that although her family is poor, there will be meat to eat every three differences. My mother -in -law rarely makes meat. She wants to eat chicken, and her mother -in -law does not do it.Another is that there is no air conditioning at home, and she is not used to blowing the fan. She can’t sleep too hot. She told her mother -in -law several times, and her mother -in -law did not agree.In the end, her mother -in -law did not let her go out, restricting her out, and her husband also defaults to her mother -in -law’s approach.

I asked her, how is your mother -in -law’s living standard?She said that her mother -in -law made people clean up, more than 1,000 yuan a month, her father -in -law was a security guard, more than 2,000 yuan a month, and her husband was more than 3,000 yuan a month.The total income is okay, but I can’t bear to spend money.I asked her, is your husband doing well to you?She said that she was chased by her husband. She was good at her before she got married. After she got married, she only listened to her mother and did not listen to her daughter -in -law.

By chatting, I probably understand the situation.In fact, it is a trivial matter of garlic. If it matures, the family understands each other, and there are no big problems.I told her that the family had to communicate more, and many contradictions were caused by misunderstandings.As long as you make things clear and reasonable, your mother -in -law must agree that if you have a problem with your mother -in -law, you can ask your husband to help.

Your mother -in -law’s house is frugal. For decades of habits, you may not be able to change. Some things have to be taken slowly, not too anxious.Home and everything, some things need to be understood each other and make one step.My mother -in -law does not buy it, you can ask your husband to buy it back, and you do it yourself.After giving birth to a child, wait for the child to get older, last class, make money, and buy what you want to buy.

She quickly said that her husband and mother -in -law were breathless, and he always listened to his mother.The two of them also restricted me to go out, and they couldn’t go shopping for a street. They had to wait for my husband to follow me when my husband was free.I told her that they were afraid that you would be in danger of a pregnant woman. That was care for you, because of love for you, you might think too much.We must learn to interpret the meaning of the family from a kind perspective, which is conducive to the harmony of the family.

In fact, I feel that her mother -in -law does not give her money and restricts out. One is that she is afraid that she will be in danger, and the other is that she will be afraid that she will leave.Previously, there were many cases. Girls from other places came here to work and found someone to marry. When they were unwilling or deliberately rolled their money, they would never come back.Her in -laws do this to leave her, but the way is not appropriate.If you want to leave a person, you must use sincerity rather than restrictions and care.

One more thing is that after the girl got married, she didn’t know to keep a safe distance with men.From her smoking and chatting with a group of old men, she didn’t know to grasp the scale of the opposite sex.Maybe she was just to make friends, without other thoughts, but her husband, mother -in -law, and outsiders would be wrong.Whether it is a man or a woman, you must pay attention to the distance from the opposite sex after marriage, and you must not make people feel illusion.

There is also the most important point. I feel that this girl is a bit selfish, and I don’t know how to think for others.I am pregnant, no matter what the reason is, it is not possible to do things that are harmful.Yes, she thought that she was very wronged, and smoking made herself vent, but she was so comfortable at the same time hurting her flesh deeply.She thinks that she has vented, and her mood is good. It is not good for the child. The child is not good. It is really incomprehensible.

All three people in the family went to make money and worked in the early morning. The mother -in -law also took the time to eat it for her. It should be content, but it was not gratitude but complaints and complaints.I told her that when my husband was not at work, I asked him to take you to disperse, what I wanted to eat to let my husband buy it for you.All three of your family are busy at work. You can also do something that he can do. For example, you can do the family’s meals. This way you have your taste and make your mother -in -law easier. My mother -in -law will be very happy.

Since the family has come together, we must cherish, understand each other, and care for each other.Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. We must accept the shortcomings of family members, affirm the advantages of the family, and learn to look at the problem from the perspective of each other.Any problem with the family must have patient communication and communication in place. Everything is not a problem.Another point is that you are married and keep a distance from the opposite sex. Otherwise, your husband will be jealous. She loves you and does not want you to approach the opposite sex.

In the end, the girl said that when I knew the teacher, I tried to restrain myself from smoking. I also tried to communicate more with my family. Thank you for your enlightenment.But she said nicely, but she still poisoned her children with first -hand smoke and second -hand smoke!I can only silently feel the child and pray that the child is okay …

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