A man in the United States is naturally pregnant, and he will have a baby boy smoothly!Is "he" a male or female?

A man in the United States successfully became pregnant through surgery, and now he has given birth to a cute baby boy.However, the "mother" of the male "mother" who had a child often complained that he insisted that he was a man, and the nurse was more enthusiastic about calling him a mother.

Is it really feasible for men?Is this American male or female?

In October 2020, Bente, who gave birth to a child, was 36 years old.He had a thick beard, and his wide and flat chest hugged his child to be powerful. He himself had always been his own.

However, because of his strange pregnancy experience and the love in gentle eyes, people can’t help calling it "mother" or "lady".

In fact, Bente has a long history as a woman. Bente, who was just born, was regarded as a girl by his parents because the reproductive organs were not easy to identify, and had been raised as girls.As a girl, he was asked to be restrained by his parents and teachers since he was a child, and he should not be too naughty.

However, in adolescence, Benat, wearing skirts, found that while his breasts were developing, the beard on his face became more and more dense. Sometimes he was pointed out by his classmates in public, suffering from other people’s strange eyes and ridicule.Moreover, his throat knot continues to get bigger, and he is always rough when he speaks.

Therefore, Bente had doubts about his gender. In the end, men or women are related to which toilet he should go to in public. It is also related to what kind of treatment he should be treated and what kind of behavioral standards he should follow.However, only he feels that these problems are very important and will affect his future life.In the eyes of outsiders, Benat’s weird physiological characteristics are just a fresh and interesting topic.

Bente has experienced love and questioned.As the body’s development became more and more complete, he found that he looked completely a rough man, but there was no male reproductive organs. Hospital examination also showed that he only had ovarian instead of testicles.

At this time, he finally realized that he was a bisexual person, but he was essentially a woman who could be pregnant and had children.

However, in 2014, Bente still performed a transsexual surgery and continued to insist on his dream of becoming a man.He began to take testicular hormones and cut off breasts in 2015.Despite being so strong to become a man, he still did not decide to perform surgery for reproductive systems.When considering whether to get pregnant and have children, he was hesitant.

Bente not only wants to be a man in a dignified man, but does not want to give up the right to pregnant children easily. It sounds very contradictory.

But according to Bennte himself, "I always know that my body may be pregnant, but before I learned how to distinguish my physical function from any gender concept, I never want to do this,"

He means that pregnancy means that more people will treat him as a woman, which makes him uncomfortable.If when he can treat a man with a child, he may choose to get pregnant.

This day came quickly.In 2017, Bente met a man named Malik. The two quickly fell in love and got married in 2019, and they decided to have their own children.Would you like to say that love is great!Bente stopped hormonal treatment. Just a few months later, it was naturally successful in March 2020.

It sounds like Bente is completely lost in love and is no longer controlled by secular views, but for him, it is very difficult for him to make a pregnancy decision.The first thing is to overcome the stereotypes that only women can get pregnant.

"Once I learn to treat my body as a tool, rather than a set of gender stereotypes, I realize that I can be the person I want or bring my child into this world."

See the body as a tool, not a sign of gender.That’s it, but it is very difficult to do it.When the hospital was treated during pregnancy, the doctor and nurse would ignore the thick beard and flat chest on his face, calling him "mother" or "lady".

Now it seems that Bente is a little naive. If you want to be a man who can have a baby, it seems to "fight against the world."

In addition, they are also worried that children can be born smoothly.

"No one can really know whether it is possible to have children -a uterus at birth can not guarantee pregnancy or conceive children."

This is because bisexuals often have dysplasia of vulva, and chromosomes also have different degrees of mutation. Many bisexuals often cannot give birth normally.

Fortunately, in October 2020, Bente ushered in his healthy and lovely son Hudson through a caesarean section.Today, hearing his son’s "Dad" is his happiest moment, and his prejudice was no longer so important in front of their family.Recalling the helplessness of "Mom" during pregnancy, Bente smiled indifferently. He felt that pregnancy was not a sign of "feminine". He had nothing special, but a father who could have a child.

Perhaps in the imagination of most people, the biposuke is a person who has two reproductive systems. They can not only marry a wife as a man, but also marry a man as a woman.Such bisexuals do exist, but the number is very small. Most of them are people like Bente who have only one reproductive system.

Bisexuals are divided into true bisexual deformities and pseudo -sex deformities.The main difference between them is:

True bishers have two sets of reproductive systems, both male testicles and female ovaries, and they can have endocrine function at the same time, that is, they have estrogen androgen at the same time.True bisexuals can not only have childbirth, but even two organs can work normally for normal fertility behavior.

Bisexual athlete

There is only one reproductive system in the body, and there is only one reproductive system in the body. When birth, it may seem that it is no different from the normal child.But once they grow to adolescence, they will show very contradictory characteristics after their bodies develop.For example, Bente is "female fake bisexual deformities", and the gonads in his body are ovarian.However, due to the variation of chromosomes, he appeared in throat nodes and long beard.

Personal people like Bente are undoubtedly unfortunate, because some of them have a female reproductive system at birth, but they will be mistaken for men, and some people are essentially men and mistaken for women.Adolescence is the most painful period. They have to accept a fact. In the past 10 years, they have made their own gender.

When they started to realize this, the gender characteristics they showed were completely different from their usual ideas.For a simple example, a boy has been taught by his parents to be a weak and implicit girl from an early age, but when he is accustomed to wearing a skirt and speaking in a coquettish tone, he will be began to have long beard and throat at this time.Renewal and ridicule, and he can no longer change these behaviors.

At this time, it is possible to cure the probability of surgery, but it may also be because it is too long, the treatment effect is not good, and the fertility function cannot be returned to normal.At the age of getting married, they often cannot get the love qualifications of normal people.If you join in love, you should confess everything about your lover, or maybe you will be lonely in the future.

For the group of bisexuals, most people do not know them, and even have prejudice and discrimination in their hearts.Make special groups get a more peace of mind living environment, and maybe each of us requires learning to accept and respect them.

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