A man and girlfriend in Guangxi were recording, only to find that he was actually a third party

At 7 am on November 10th,

Mr. Wu and his girlfriend

When sleeping in a rental house in Nine Lane, Dasha Tin, Nanning,

A man is in the name of "catching rape",

Suddenly broke into the house to shoot video shooting,

There was a physical conflict between the two sides,

Mr. Wu found out after asking the man, and found that

It turned out to be my girlfriend

I have married someone to get married …

Mr. Wu said that on the same day, six men rushed directly into his house. He slept with his girlfriend at the time, a man lifted his quilt and recorded the video throughout the process. He also hit him and his girlfriend.

Later, after the man’s explanation, Mr. Wu discovered that her girlfriend Ms. Wei had already married the man, and it was a legal couple, and she became a lover inexplicably.

Subsequently, the reporter found a man who was beaten, that is, Ms. Wei’s legal husband, Mr. Lu, to understand the situation.

Mr. Lu said that as early as December 2018, he got married with Ms. Wei. After he suspected that Ms. Wei had an improper relationship with others, her cousin lived on the grounds of temporary residence.The house is "undercover", and at 7 am on November 10 this year, the cousin passed the intercourse to "capture".

Mr. Wu said that afterwards, Mr. Lu also took away the children born with himself and Ms. Wei, and the other party said that he had to pay 180,000 yuan.The two parties contradicted again because of this child.

It is understood that Mr. Wu and Ms. Wei met in October 2017 due to work and developed into a couple relationship in November of the same year.Before the two were formally interacted, Mr. Wu also determined that Ms. Wei was single before she had a single relationship with her.

Mr. Wu said that Ms. Wei became pregnant in May 2018, but he became a black household because of loan debt.Later, the two did not get married because of some contradictions, causing Ms. Wei to get married with Mr. Lu during pregnancy.

Ms. Wei said that at that time, she felt that she could not get Mr. Wu’s affirmative answer, and then suddenly caught a life -saving straw.And at that time, her stomach was already very big. For the sake of children to read and get a hukou, she had a certificate with others for a while.

After the marriage of Ms. Wei and Mr. Lu, I felt unhappy life after marriage. After repeatedly proposed the divorce, Ms. Wei once again rebuilt the old good with Mr. Wu and hidden in the house of Mr. Wu in the house."The scene happened.

Ms. Wei said that the child was born of her and Mr. Wu, but since the "catching", Ms. Wei’s legal husband, Mr. Lu, took the child away, and threatened to give 180,000 to return to the child.

The reporter learned that the child’s household registration is currently settled on Mr. Lu.Mr. Lu said that Ms. Wei told him the news of pregnancy five months after she was pregnant with her child. At that time, he thought the child was him, so he received a marriage certificate with Ms. Wei.And the child has been raising in their house after birth, and has a certain relationship after a long time.

In addition, Mr. Lu denied the "180,000 for children". He said that he said that the wedding and gift money spent 180,000.

Since both sides think that the child is his own, Mr. Wu and Ms. Wei hope that Mr. Lu can cooperate and go to the hospital as a parent -child identification as soon as possible to prove who is the child’s biological father.

In this regard, Mr. Lu also said that he was willing to do parent -child identification, but he had to make the next plan after the identification results came out.

I hope that the three will solve things as soon as possible,

Facing the farce of this relationship.

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