A 42 -year -old woman is derailed and pregnant in her marriage. After the divorce, she was abandoned by her lover. What should I say to marry me?


The emotional journey in life is often full of twists and turns.This article will tell the story of a 42 -year -old woman. She is derailed and pregnant in her marriage. After divorce, she faces cancer torture, but her lover abandoned her at this time.This story makes us think deeply about the significance of responsibility, commitment and true love.

Part 1: Lost of Love

When we encounter true love, we are often driven by impulse and passion.However, for this 42 -year -old woman, she was derailed in her marriage.Perhaps she felt pressure and dissatisfaction in marriage, maybe she met another person who made her heart, and she chose to betray.This decision brought her the consequences of pregnancy, and her marriage broke down.

Part 2: Facing the torture of cancer

After the divorce, the woman did not get expected happiness.Instead, she was diagnosed with a severe cancer.Facing this unfortunate news, she was in despair and helplessness.However, she faces the pain of treatment and surgery strongly, hoping to defeat the disease and re -gain the health and happiness of life.

Part II

When she needed emotional support and companionship most, her lover did not hesitate to abandon her.He once promised to marry her, but when she was facing difficulties, he chose to escape.This cruel reality made the woman feel endless pain and disappointment.She began to re -examine her choice and trust, thinking about what true love and responsibility.

Part 4: Rebate yourself

Despite the failure of marriage, the torture of cancer, and the betrayal of emotion, the woman did not give up.Instead, she began to re -examine her life and values.She learned to forgive her past mistakes and actively faced future challenges.She gradually recovered her confidence and hope through professional psychological counseling and support of relatives and friends.

Part 5: Regain happiness and freedom

Over time, the woman gradually found her happiness during the recovery process.She found that the real happiness did not depend on the commitment and love of others, but from the strength and freedom of the heart.She began to pursue her dreams and love, actively participated in social activities, made new friends, and found a partner who communicated with her.


This story tells us that life is full of variables and challenges, but we cannot give up hope and pursue happiness.Even if we have encountered a major blow in feelings and health, we can still draw strength from it and redefine our lives.True happiness originated from the strength and freedom of the heart, not depending on the commitment and love of others.Let us learn to grow from difficulties and pursue the happiness that really belongs to ourselves.

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