7 months of pregnancy, the belly, armpit, and neck are not dark. Is the male treasure pregnant?

It has been 7 months pregnant now, and I found this problem at about 5 months.There is a black line in the middle of the belly, and then the neck and armpit are significantly darkened, the root of the thighs becomes dark, and the neck feels wearing several rounds of black necklaces every day. It is ugly!

I am in the south. Now the weather is still very hot. I ca n’t wash it off every day, and it seems to be getting darker and more and more. What is going on?Some sisters said that she had a child for a month to make a confinement. These places were still darker. Will she not recover before?Can’t you come back?

In addition, some old people saw that my neck was relatively dark, congratulations, I was pregnant with a boy!A look of aggressive!

Some friends also said, "The skin of the whole body is worse and darkened, and the underarm and breasts are even darker, but the skin is better than before the skin is born! It is a boy who is born."

I do n’t know if you are not sure. Is the neck and armpit when you are pregnant? Is it a boy?

Fan Ma said:

In fact, most pregnant mothers have this situation. After pregnancy, some body parts are relatively easy to turn black, which is the reason for hormone changes.

1. Face

After 3-5 months of pregnancy, the face will appear in the face of chloasma, and it will not gradually retreat until after childbirth. In addition, the stimulation of the outside world such as ultraviolet rays will also greatly increase the number of meantic cells.With the increase of the pregnancy month, the pregnancy -based liver spots mainly appear under the eyes.This is why some pregnant mothers look dark.

2, nipples, areola

After pregnancy, due to the increased amount of emotional hormones and lutein, the areola may also occur, which makes the areola and nipples look darker, as if there is a phenomenon of turning black. This is actually a normal pregnancy period.Most of the skin changes will gradually fade after giving birth.

3. Neck, armpit, abdomen

It is also obvious that the neck, underarms, and abdomen become black. The precipitation of the pigments of these parts makes these parts as if not washed. A black article, and even some patterns, make the pregnant mothers feel very very very very likelyAwkward.

However, it is normal for pregnant women to blame the skin during pregnancy. You don’t need to worry too much.

Is it a boy to become black around the neck?

The neck turning the neck after pregnancy is the role of hormones, and it has little to do with the boy and girl.

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