52 years old, I was pregnant, and I decided to give birth to my child

So far, I still remember Aunt Luo’s back.

Her head was low, with a little camel, and a thin shirt was put on her fat body, which seemed a little tight.A gust of gusts passed through the hospital’s corridor, and the cuffs were swinging with the wind.

She slowly moved towards the ward, like a turbulent balloon, without cracking.Subsequently, hidden in the dark at the end of the corridor.

Aunt Luo is 52 years old and she is pregnant.

Doctor, can the children in my belly be kept?

My name is Li Li, a obstetrician and gynecologist.In the summer of 2017, I was studying for graduate students and had obstetrics in a hospital in a hospital in Shandong to assist in teaching teachers to work.

I noticed Aunt Luo at that time.

Different from other departments, obstetrics are always full of busyness and joy of the first mother.

But on Aunt Luo’s face, there was no festive festive.At the age of 52, she made her look particularly abrupt among the mother.

Her expression always reveals melancholy.His white hair and the shape were stubborn. The red shirt on her body had hardly seen her change. The lower body was wearing plaid pants at will, and the whole person exuded a deep twilight.

I heard that for pregnancy, Aunt Luo paid too much.Earlier, she had done two artificial test tubes.In order to promote ovulation, she injected hormones and had a weight of 160 pounds.At the same time, she has to endure the feeling of pelvic swelling and bear the risk of ovarian cysts and rupture.

Due to age, they failed twice.

She was unwilling, and tried for the third time, and finally became pregnant.But in the early stages of pregnancy, she had vaginal bleeding, which was one of the symptoms of threatened abortion.The doctor suggested that she go directly to the obstetrics to protect the fetus. In this way, Aunt Luo, who was less than two months pregnant, became a frequent visitor to our department.

Her ward is at the end of the 17th floor corridor.After admission, Aunt Luo often lay on the bed and stared at the monotonous scenery outside the window, day after day.Most of the time, she did not speak in the room.In the doctor’s inspection, she just returned some words at will.

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Aunt Luo’s physical condition is not good.Adults, metabolic abilities, and hormone secretions change, and complications such as pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes follow.

We always monitor her indicators, use tire protection drugs, control diet, and minimize her complications.

However, compared to her own disease, she cares more about her child: "Do you, can the children in my belly be kept?" When she said this, she revealed a hint of anxiety and worry.

"You must do your best, we must do our best." Considering that her age is relatively old, the current symptoms and the possible complications that may occur in the later period cannot give her a 100 % commitment.

Hearing this, her eyes were immediately dim.We are worried that Aunt Luo’s bad emotions will affect the children and always persuade her to open something, but it is not available.

One night, it was my turn on the night shift.Passing by Aunt Luo’s ward, I heard a crying cry.

"Are you uncomfortable?" I asked in her room.

"I can’t sleep." She let go of tears, holding a photo in her hand -in addition to Aunt Luo, there is a young face in the photo.

I didn’t even see my son’s last side

It was Xiao Hao, the only child of Aunt Luo.

Perhaps the number of times has come, and gradually became familiar. Aunt Luo told me the story behind the photo.

"Xiaohao was particularly thin when he was born, and his skin was wrinkled. I looked at him and was worried that the child could grow up smoothly?"

Aunt Luo talked to me about her son, with a rare smile on her face: "The child is quite smart, and his grades are not worried, especially conscious."

"Later, when I reached high school, Xiaohao always liked to watch the sea, and wanted to study at the city of college to the sea. This child was also fighting.","

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Aunt Luo recalled his son, and his face looked better: "He got home from the notice and went home. His father was happy, and he took the photo with our family."

"This is this photo." Aunt Luo pulled the bedside drawer and handed me a photo.The photo was a little wrinkled, maybe the tears fell on the photo, wet and dry, dry and wet.

The boy and Aunt Luo were very similar to the eyebrows. Wearing a pair of black -frame glasses and put on Aunt Luo’s shoulders, his smile was bright.

However, the warm and bland life of the family drew an end to the day in August 2015.

"That day was Xiaohao’s 20th birthday. His father ordered the cake in advance. I asked him to take it. When my father came back from get off work, he would celebrate his birthday." It’s. "

"I and his dads collapsed all of a sudden. When I was in the hospital, I was confused, my mind was blank, my thinking was too messy …"

"After being taken to the hospital, people can’t do it. His dad dare not let me see my son last, I’m afraid I can’t stand it …"

"In the past, I thought that the white head overnight was an exaggerated statement, but Xiaohao walked like this, my hair was really all white overnight, and people were decades old."

I only knew that the white hair that was not matched with her age was like this.

Lost love made Aunt Luo’s spirit and body collapse.The sudden blow became a huge gully in the life of the husband and wife, which was difficult to surpass.

"After experiencing this, I also know that I want to open it, but I can’t do it." Aunt Luo’s eyes became red again: "In the past two years, I am thinking about my son every day. I forced myself to be busy. But the late night is quiet.Closing my eyes is my son’s smile, and always dreams of my son crying for help. "

Such a only child full of hope can be imagined, how much hope and dreams have parents pinned on him.In this accident, Aunt Luo’s life was like a kite that broke the line. He couldn’t find the goal and lost the motivation to live.

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Finally, Aunt Luo and his wife decided to ask for another child -to the exit of those who had nowhere to place, and also giving them out of sadness and looking for new hope for life.

"There must always be a sustenance, let’s live." Aunt Luo sighed.

Life Hanging Line

The decision has been done, but the age becomes a problem that the couple cannot avoid.

The older the age, the increase in the risk of pregnancy, and the increase in the abnormal probability of children.At the same time, pregnant women are over 45 years old, which means that up to 80% of the probability of abortion.

A few months ago, Aunt Luo was relatively smooth.Time slowly passed, her abdomen gradually bulged, and she had a pregnant woman.

Due to her pregnancy, she still did not escape the complications during pregnancy.Her physical condition is getting more and more optimistic. At 34 weeks of pregnancy, blood pressure and blood sugar indicators gradually lost control.

At that time, Aunt Luo’s blood pressure was as high as 170, and the retina was also affected, and things could not be seen clearly.If this goes on, there may be a dead body at any time.

We and Aunt Luo explained the current situation, and immediately decided to implement a cesarean section for Aunt Luo.

The accident is still here.

I just decided to have a cesarean section in the morning. In the afternoon, the nurse ran: "Patients with severe eclampies."

"I didn’t expect the condition to progress so fast." I immediately ran to Aunt Luo’s ward and saw her teeth closed and twitching. The teacher decided to immediately implement a cesarean section for her.

I handed the surgery consent to Aunt Luo’s husband, and his signature hand shaking slightly.After signing, Aunt Luo was pushed into the operating room.

Due to severe eclampsia, the risk of aunt Luo’s cesarean section was much higher than that of ordinary pregnant women."There may be early peeling and big bleeding risks, which means that adults and children may be in danger of life." I prayed silently in my heart: "Must be smooth."

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40 minutes later, Aunt Luo was pushed out.

Fortunately, the mother and son are safe, and they are a boy.

After the child was born, Aunt Luo frowned and finally let go, and joy overflowed from his face.The bed was full of baby products, and she smiled and discussed with her husband what name was to give her son.

For the child, Aunt Luo took a trip from the ghost door.

A few days later, Aunt Luo hugged the child to say goodbye.She enthusiastically said to me, "This child is like me or his father?"

I smiled and said, "It’s like, it’s like."

The child’s asleep looks like Xiaohao in the photo.

When the family was discharged from the hospital, it was a year of spring, and Aunt Luo’s life began again.

(According to the real story, in order to protect the privacy of the parties, Aunt Luo and Xiaohao have become the name)

This article is reviewed by Weng Ruopeng, the attending physician of the obstetric hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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