52 -year -old Yang Yuying has a hot discussion, which is quite different from passers -by. Double chin big belly is suspected to be pregnant

Yang Yuying of the former Golden Tongyu Girl Group has recently started business and was invited to participate in commercial performance activities. From the photos circulating from the scene, Yang Yuying was wearing a young green dress. Although her temperament is still there, she has a big body.Change the sample, even the lower abdomen bulge, and netizens speculate whether they are pregnant.

Recently, Yang Yuying took a set of photos on social accounts and wrote: "I’m waiting for you in spring". Yang Yuying in the photo is wearing a green dress, which is really a very spring atmosphere.Looking at this figure and temperament, it is still very good.Netizens have also praised the post to be worthy of being an old goddess. The post here is Yang Yuying’s nickname.

However, after Yang Yuying took a beautiful photo by herself, out of curious netizens also went to the video of her appearance, but eventually found that Yang Yuying appeared in the video.It was very big. At this time, I found that the old goddess could not escape the traces of years.

From the scene photos of the event that happened by netizens, we found that Yang Yuying became "plump".

First of all, in the scene of the event, Yang Yuying’s little belly was particularly obvious. It looked like she was pregnant for several months. Some netizens boldly speculated whether Yang Yuying was pregnant.

In addition to the obvious bulge of the small belly, there are also a lot of flesh on Yang Yuying’s arm, and there are obvious double chins on the face. In detail, there are even a little bit of diarrhea.

In short, the beautiful photos with Yang Yuying were judged.The most obvious is that the small abdomen is swollen.

In fact, when it comes to Yang Yuying, when she was young, she was a standard big beauty, and her beautiful voice was very sweet, and she was known as the "sweet song queen".

In particular, the "Golden Boy Jade Girl" combination with Mao Ning was popular all over the country at the time.

Yang Yuying’s masterpiece, now it sounds very sensible, also represents an era.In 1995, she boarded the Spring Festival Gala and sang the classic song "Tell You Gently". In addition, there was a masterpiece "I don’t want to say", which made her stand out.Classic memories.

Later, Yang Yuying was in prison because of her husband Lai Wenfeng, and she also retired from the music scene with a disheartened comprehensive and comprehensive retirement.

In recent years, Yang Yuying has gradually become active. Even in 2021, she also participated in the second season of the fiery variety show "Sister who broke the wind and waves."Essence

Today, I have also started to do some business performances. Although my photos on the scene did have changed, after all, it is 52 -year -old people. It can be very good to keep this state.People can do this.

In the face of years, the shape of the figure is ultimately unable to match, but the mentality can be young forever.

Therefore, I hope that everyone should not pay too much attention to Yang Yuying’s figure. Instead, the focus is on the goddess and can continue to sing for us. Those who represent a generation of youthful memory.

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