41 -year -old Zhao Xiaoqiao announced his pregnancy!Once for Qi Zi 100 stitches, two test tube babies failed twice

On February 19, the 41 -year -old actress Zhao Xiaoqiao updated the dynamic social account and announced the news of pregnancy: "As a result, all friends who care about me all the way, thank you, very happy to tell you: I am pregnant."

Zhao Xiaoqiao’s pregnancy was too difficult. The couple had given up. Her husband Liu Liangzuo also said that this year would be the last year of begging, because he did not want his wife Zhao Xiaoqiao to suffer again.

Now that he is pregnant, netizens have also sent blessings.Zhao Xiaoqiao also shared the journey of mind: "For more than more than this year, I have experienced artificial conception and two test tubes failed. They often say that I am courageous mommy, but I have to say that my courage comes from everyone to me to me to meThe concern and support, whether it is family, friends, fans, doctors, and medical staff, it is everyone’s courage to warm up little by little. I can really be very happy to be able to get pregnant smoothly. "

Zhao Xiaoqiao’s process of asking for a son can be described as very difficult.

Zhao Xiaoqiao married Liu Liangzuo, a 12 -year -old in 2017. The man had a marriage and already had a son.Zhao Xiaoqiao has always wanted to have children after marriage, pushed away a lot of work, spent more than 10,000 artificial conception, and had two IVF babies, but unfortunately failed.

In January last year, Zhao Xiaoqiao took a video about her experience in pregnancy. She was actually afraid of injections, but she had already taken 100 stitches since she made a test tube.During the recording, tears burst into tears.

Because her husband has a son with his ex -wife, and Zhao Xiaoqiao and the steps get along very well, many people think that Zhao Xiaoqiao does not have to force himself too much, and even thinks that Zhao Xiaoqiao is so persistently wanting to have his own children, so that his son Liu Zizhen feels about it.But in fact, Liu Zizhen also encouraged Zhao Xiaoqiao very much.

The husband and wife had sent Liu Liangzuo to the second year of high school. The car also talked about the second test tube failure in the car. Although Zhao Xiaoqiao seemed to be strong, the words still showed a bitter frustration.Oh, encourage Zhao Xiaoqiao in his own unique way.

Liu Ziyi also jokingly said, "Your baby was sent to Spain when he was a cell, and it felt cool." Zhao Xiaoqiao was so angry and funny.Maybe because of this, Zhao Xiaoqiao began to conduct a third test tube baby again.Now I finally conceive my baby.

Zhao Xiaoqiao also issued a post to thank her husband and steps for their encouragement. Although they also persuaded her to give up because of distressing her, but Zhao Xiaoqiao said: "After 40 years of age, I am more and more clear about the most important thing in my life, soEven if I have been in order to regulate my body without spraying perfumes, dyeing hair, and adjusting my schedule, I even deliberately pushed off my favorite drama performances and did not actively participate in film and television work, but I still have no regrets to the present. "

In the end, Zhao Xiaoqiao sighed: I hope to share such luck and joy with female friends who are working hard on the road of asking for children, hoping that every courage to be on the road of Qi Zi can have the best results."It was also very touched. Congratulations to her again!

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