37 -year -old Ma Li took a big photo after pregnancy!The belly is round and long legs are eye -catching, and the 11 -year -old husband is very sweet

I believe that friends who have watched the movie "Charlotte’s Trouble" are no stranger to the name Ma Dongmei. In the film, Charlotte and the old man downstairs about the name of "Ma Dongmei" because of being too funny, once became a popular stalk on the Internet,EssenceOutside the film, Ma Li, who plays Ma Dongmei, is also a good actor in the hearts of the audience.On January 6th, some media showed the first group of big belly after Ma Li Guanxuan’s pregnancy. In the photo, she was a expectant mother.

In this group of exposed pregnant belly photos, a short hair Ma Li looked very good and his temperament was very outstanding.In a photo, she stepped on high heels and wore a yellow slit dress. She sat on the chair and stared at other directions quietly. The exposed long legs were quite eye -catching.

In another group of photos, Ma Li, wearing a brown sweater turtleneck dress, looked very obvious. She either looked at the camera gently, or bowed her head to stare at her belly.On the belly, it looks very tender.

In other photos, Ma Li, who was standing in the white wall in front of the white wall, was also very moving. She put her hands on her chest. She looked very elegant with her eyes slightly.

Ma Li, 37, joined the happy twist team in 2005, but although she was rated as "female version of Guo Degang" by the media, many audiences also liked her because of her comedy talent, but in fact Ma Li has also appeared in many film and television works, and her acting skillsVery good, such as "AA Life", "Workers’ Courtyard" and so on.

In January 2017, Ma Li announced his relationship with the actor Xu Wenhe on social media. In April 2018, Ma Li announced that she had a marriage certificate with her 11 -year -old Xu Wenhe.Publish a post for her.

After marriage, Ma Li and her husband Xu Wenhe are also sweet. In addition to often taking photos of Xiu Enai, they will also interact in the comment area.In December last year, Ma Liguan announced the news of pregnancy, and the birth of a small life between the two was about to be born.

This time, once the distinguished mother Ma Liguan Xuan’s pregnant group of pregnancy was exposed, it attracted a voices of blessings and praise from netizens. Many people were happy to Ma Li and were infected by the brilliance of her mother.

Some netizens said: "In the past, Ma Li, who was weird, was really softened after the whole person was pregnant, and began to emit the warm and soft maternal glory."

Some netizens do not praise beauty, and commented: "It’s so good -looking, super beautiful pregnant women are really good."

The birth of new life is always looking forward to it, and Ma Li is indeed beautiful after pregnancy. I wish her all smooth and smooth, and hope that in the future, she can bring better works!

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