34 days pregnant, the pregnant mother’s diarrhea caused a high fever, can the fetus be kept?Is such a fetus healthy?

Xiaowei Dabao’s son was 3 and a half years old. Xiao Wei and her husband intended to have a second child, prepared for two months, and finally pregnant with a second child.It was a very happy thing, but in the 34th day of pregnancy, Xiao Wei suddenly began to diarrhea and had a back pain. Go to the hospital for examination. The doctor suggested that the hospitalization infusion.

Xiaowei and her husband want to get pregnant. Can you use the medicine?Xiaowei’s body has always been very good, rarely sick, let alone diarrhea.Xiaowei thinks that there should be no big problems, discuss with her husband to go home to see the situation.In the middle of the night of the night, Xiao Wei began to pull the diarrhea and began to pull blood and pus, and began to have a high fever.Xiaowei couldn’t hold on. I went to the hospital for examination with her husband early the next morning. The doctor said that now it has transformed into a bacteria, and the high fever is not good for the fetus.Keep!

Xiaowei’s husband told the doctor to protect the adult first.Xiaowei’s status has always been a fever of 38-degree-39 degrees, blood blood and pus, always hurting!She was originally thin, and now she is left with a bonelessness. She is lying on the bed with a stomachache and her eyes closed. She didn’t even have the strength to speak. It feels like she is in a half -coma state.Xiaowei’s heart is still thinking about the fetus.

Xiaowei was hospitalized. Xiaowei’s mother and her husband took care of Xiao Wei at the hospital, and her mother -in -law took care of Xiao Wei’s son at home.Xiao Wei’s son was separated from his mother for the first time, but he didn’t go to bed. He looked for a mother in a room and a room in a room at home. He fell asleep at two o’clock in the middle of the night.

Because of pregnancy, the doctor suggested that physical cooling, Xiao Wei’s mother and her husband took turns to physical cooling Xiao Wei. Fortunately, the effort was worthy of the care of the person. In the middle of the night, Xiao Wei’s body temperature began to return to normal, and Xiao Wei’s mother and his husband began to relieve!But Xiao Wei still pulled blood and pus, and the stomach pain in the intestinal tract was unbearable.The first time I saw Xiaowei moan because she couldn’t bear it!

The son came to see Xiaowei the next day, and the son ran to his mother’s bed with his face on his mother’s arm and jumped.Ask my mother if she is sick?Can I accompany you here?Seeing his son so well -behaved, Xiao Wei leaked a smile with pain.

After 5 days of the hospital, Xiao Wei was relieved. The doctor told Xiaowei that even if she did not infusion, she would have to avoid mouth. Recently, she eats less greasy.Stomach pain, go home and raise more body!

Xiaowei’s condition is much better, but Xiaowei is now worried about the baby in the stomach. In those days, the diarrhea was still high. Does the infusion affect the fetus?Waiting for the first inspection during the nourishment at home, Xiao Wei’s heart was very embarrassed!

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