33 -year -old lady reads: After half a month of divorce, I find that she is pregnant, and where to live in the future

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Introduction: When they first got married, everyone imagined the marriage very beautifully. I feel that the relationship between the two parties in the future must be tender and honey. You and me, life will be better and better with the work of joint efforts.

Over time, many people will find that marriage is not love. In addition to passion, it is more about Chaimi vinegar salt and loyalty and responsibility. It is these things that need to face and adhere to.The more I feel boring and heavy.

As a result, quarrels and complaints began to appear in the marriage life, and there were no harmonious voices.When the relationship between each other has developed to an irreconcilable level, marriage will come to an end and face the risk of disintegration at any time.

Ms. Han, 33, has been married for 5 years with her husband. She has experienced ups and downs. Finally, she divorced because of her unsuitable personality and trivial matters of her life.After half a month of divorce, he found that he was pregnant, so he was confused.Where can she go from the future, let’s take a look below.

Reador: Ms. Han, 33 years old, a beautician

When I was young, I was a little ignorant. I talked about two loves and ended.

On the weekend night at the age of 26, my girlfriend and I went to the bar to drink.When you drink it, a man around 30 came over to talk to us.Out of politeness, we asked him to join the wine bureau.

The man had a good amount of wine and humorously talking, and laughed at me and my girlfriend for a night.That night we drank a lot of wine. When we separated, we added WeChat to each other, saying that the next time I had time to drink together.

In the next week, I was busy with beauty work, and that man often asked me on the Internet.I was busy at work and I didn’t have much time to return to him, just to talk to him when I got off work.

Through chat, I knew that his name was Liu Xin, 29 years old, unmarried, and operating an advertising company. According to him, the benefits were not bad.Liu Xin also told me that his family conditions were not bad, and his parents had helped him buy a house and car.

On Friday, Liu Xin said that he asked me and my girlfriend to go to the bar to drink.I asked my girlfriend, she agreed to go.

That night, we came to Liu Xinding’s bar and saw him greeted us at the door, feeling quite gentleman.Moreover, he also dressed up, and he exuded a taste of a mature man all over his body, which made me feel a little deer in my heart.

In the evening, we drank and chat together, danced with music, and in the cup of cups, I felt like there was something like love slowly climbing out of the body.

Once the seeds of love are planted, they will quickly take root and germinate, which is unexpected.

After that, Liu Xin and I talked about the Internet, and the more I talked, the more they opened.From work to life, from the south to the north, from the open to the private, our topic has no boundaries.At the same time, we also met with dinner, supper, drinking, and walking. The relationship became more and more intimate.

Three months later, Liu Xin confessed to me and said that he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I agreed to him without thinking.

I talked about love for about a year. On Liu Xin’s 30th birthday, he proposed to me solemnly.

He said: "You may not be the most beautiful girl in the world, nor the smartest girl in the world, nor the most wise girls in the world, but you are my favorite girl in this world! Marry meYeah, dear! "

As soon as he said, I was instantly moved to tears in tears, nodded again and again.

After a grand wedding, I changed from a girl to a woman and officially became Liu Xin’s wife.

After the marriage, Liu Xin asked me to resign from the work of the beauty salon and said that work in the beauty salon was not decent, and it would not be easy to say with friends in the future.

For his face, I went to the boss to resign the next day.The boss stayed with me, but I was decided.

After losing my job, I became an attachment that must be relying on her husband’s life.Slowly developed a woman who had to look at his face, to endure his bad temper, and to serve him.

My father -in -law hopes that we will help them give birth to a grandson as soon as possible, but I have never been pregnant, which makes them very anxious.

In fact, I was also in a hurry, but after marriage, Liu Xin often returned early and returned early, and sometimes it was very late to get back. We rarely said a few words a day, let alone discuss pregnancy.

After three years, my stomach hadn’t moved, and my mother -in -law took me to the hospital for examination and found that I was normal.Let Liu Xin go to the hospital for examination. He always said that he was okay and pushed off with the excuse of work.

Later, Liu Xin returned to getting late. Sometimes he said that he was going to work overtime and did not come back all night.I felt strange, and I started to worry faintly.

Liu Xin’s mobile phone set a password. In order to clarify the reason why he went out early and returned every day, I secretly remembered his unlock password and turned on his mobile phone while he was asleep.Ambiguous information and explicit photos.

I instantly felt that the sky was turning, and my heartache was so unable to breathe.For so many years, I lived without dignity, gave up my dream, willing to be the woman behind him, and tried my best to support his career. I did not expect that it was his cold eyes and betrayal.

I want to divorce, but there is no courage. After so many years from the society, I have no courage to face career competition.What’s even more ridiculous is that at the time I was still fantasizing that he could turn back and return to me.

I did not expose Liu Xin’s betrayal, and I didn’t have anything to do with it, but I endured pain and torture in my heart.

Heaven seems to want to punish him. Soon after, YQ came suddenly, which caused Liu Xin’s advertising company’s business sharply. After a few months, the company couldn’t support it, so he had to close the door to stop business.

Liu Xin borrowed wine at home all day and complained with me.Looking at his decadence, thinking of his once betrayal, I feel that this day is getting more and more suffering.

In the end, in the case of unbearable tolerance, Liu Xin and I spread the cards, telling the secrets that have been hidden for a long time, and completely released the pain that depressed for a long time.

In the end, I ended the heavy marriage with Liu Xin for 5 years, and re -got my freedom.

After the divorce, I felt like I had a serious illness. I didn’t have appetite every day.

I went to the hospital and hung internal medicine to check whether there was a problem with the stomach.As a result, after a series of examinations, the gynecologist congratulated me for two months.

When I heard the news, I felt spinning.

It really creates people!During my marriage with my husband, I couldn’t get pregnant. Now I am divorced and I actually find that I am pregnant. How ridiculous this is!

After thinking about it, I decided to call my ex -husband and tell him about it to see how his attitude was.

The ex -husband answered the phone and heard the news that I said pregnancy, and said to me inadvertently, "Do you want to slap me? Unfortunately, I have no money. If you are really pregnant, I can’t control it, who knows this childIs it mine? "

Listening to him so unreasonable, I hung up the phone angrily.

I stood in place dumbfounded and touched the little life in my stomach. I didn’t know where to go.

Conclusion: The famous sociologist said, "It is sad and ridiculous to give up everything for love for love."

After seeing too many misfortunes in marriage, you will gradually understand that both parties must try to pursue equality between each other as much as possible.Including the equality of status, equality of work, and equality paid.Only by putting both husband and wife in an equal environment can we appreciate each other, understand each other, and support each other.If one party is attached to the other side or the other party is directed, the marriage will only slowly imbalance the marriage and eventually break down.

Just as Ms. Han in the article gave up her husband and chose to depend on her lifestyle, so she lost her family status and personal dignity. She had to swallow it with her husband’s trample. This approach was extremely sad.

For the future of Ms. Han, the author suggested that she has completely broken with the past, and do not have any entanglement with her ex -husband and start a new life again.

What do you think of Ms. Han’s future?Welcome everyone to leave your shiny view in the comment area.

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