3 times pregnant, abortion again!The fourth time stopped?Doctors to reverse the ending

There are two situations on the road of Shengwa.

I want to have a baby, but I ca n’t conceive VS for the second time, but I ca n’t keep it every time.

Ms. Lin (pseudonym) has a deep understanding of the latter. On the way to giving birth, she seemed to be in a circular curse: she had a miscarriage as soon as she was pregnant.

Just after the fourth pregnancy, HCG repeatedly did not double. When she thought that it was going to have a miscarriage, the Chinese Medicine Department of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital brought her hope and successfully reversed the ending.

The following is Ms. Lin’s self -report.

Children come again and again

But go again and again

In the 3rd year after marriage, in July 2015, I was pregnant. This is my second pregnancy, and the first time I got pregnant, but unfortunate, Similarly, can only be miscarriage.

HCG, also known as velvet fur membrane, is formed by a special cell secretion in the placenta. The main function is to stimulate luteal, promote continuous secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and mature placenta.

In the early pregnancy, especially 8 weeks ago, the growth of HCG was conducive to the predictive prognosis of pregnancy. If HCG doubled or suddenly deteriorated, it may indicate that the baby’s development is not normal.

However, during different individuals and different pregnancy, HCG doubles, and HCG may be different. At present, HCG thinks that every 1.7 to 2 days will be doubled; when HCG rises to 10,000, the growth rate slows down.

After abortion, I quickly cheered up, and I always felt that my luck was not so bad.

After two months of conditioning by traditional Chinese medicine, in November of the same year, I was pregnant again. The family was immersed in joy, looking forward to the baby’s birth.We also gave the baby a name, named Lele, hoping that the baby would grow up happily and healthy.

But life is always caught off guard.

At 23 weeks, the birth check was over. On the way home, Lele in his stomach loved him. At that time, he thought it was a naughty of Lele and didn’t care much.

When I returned to work the next day, I clearly remembered the rain in the past few days, which made people feel very stuffy.I suddenly found that I couldn’t feel Lele’s fetal movement. I immediately took leave to rush to the Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital to hang the emergency department.

This result gave me a good start. I couldn’t accept the facts. I cried with Lele’s father in the clinic:

Lele, I’m a mother, are you okay?What happened to you?We can meet for 3 months. Moms and dads are ready to buy new clothes.

The child came again and again, but walked again and again, and the pain of miscarriage one after another was like the haze that could not be scattered shrouded me, torturing my body and mind.

HCG has not doubled for a few days

Is the child leaving again?

In 2016, I was hospitalized at the Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

During the hospitalization, I met several young sisters who also encountered. We encouraged and warm each other. With the care and enlightenment of family members, I slowly accepted the reality.

This is just a trough of life. As long as you work hard, children will always have it.After the induction of labor, I reorganized and actively exercised my body to prepare for the next pregnancy. During that time, I insisted on running every day. From the beginning, I could only run 2.5 kilometers to the last 10 kilometers.

In July 2017, I re -prepared for pregnancy.

After 1 month, I was pregnant again.

But in addition to being happy this time, I was a little worried. I decided to run a trip to Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital to do a peaceful heart.

August 7th

HCG: 3580, progesterone: 26.81.

August 9th

HCG: 4580, progesterone: 20.31.

HCG did not double, and progesterone decreased.

Welon is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian luteum, and one of the necessary conditions for mane to maintain pregnancy.

Generally speaking, progesterone has increased steadily with the increase of gestational weeks.If the level of progesterone is low within 12 weeks of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage increases; when the pregnancy ending is poor, it may also show that the progesterone value is low.

After learning the results of the inspection, my mood fell into the abyss instantly, afraid that "history" was repeated again.So after discussing with the doctor, he decided to be hospitalized in the afternoon of the day.

When reviewing on August 11, HCG still did not double.

The situation is still not optimistic. Each word on the blood value report is like a sharp dagger, stabbing my heart, and my heart is like a knife.Is the child leaving again?

The value is not good, but the pulse is good

There are hope!

With a blood value report, I sat in the bed and cried.At this time, the younger sisters in 20 beds came over to care about me:

"What are you?"

I showed her the report. She asked me to quickly find Director Ning Yan of Traditional Chinese Medicine, saying that she was exquisitely medical and good.

At that time, it was already the evening. It stands to reason that Director Ning Yan was off work.But 20 beds have been encouraged to try to find it and accompany me to Director Ning Yan’s office.

When she walked to the door of the office, she suddenly told me excitedly that the doctor with her fetal heart was Director Ning Yan. The first time she saw her, I was still a little nervous, for fear of delaying her time.

I stepped forward and asked hello, Director Ning Yan asked me carefully, checked the medical records and blood drawing reports and gave me the pulse:

"The value is really not very optimistic, but the veins feel the pulse is pretty good, not as bad as the data response."

Director Ning Yan encouraged me to relax my heart to protect the fetus, adjusted my fetal Chinese medicine, and prescribed some western medicine. My mood was better.

Value is still not ideal

But the ending is reversed!

After that, I took medicine on time and cooperated with Chinese medicine.

Various values have increased better than before, but HCG still does not double the day than the day before, 6857.

HCG generally requires tens of thousands of fetal hearts and fetal buds, and the next day is B -ultrasound.I was ready to have a miscarriage again. Compared with the previous miscarriage experience, I was calm this time, thinking that I did not regret it, and told myself to face it calmly.

Early in the morning on August 16th, I held the determination of "going to death" to go to the B -ultrasound check or platform for examination.

"Fetal heart."

"Ah? Really? My HCG rose slowly, only 6857 the day before yesterday, is there really?"

As a result, unexpectedly.I couldn’t believe it, repeatedly asked, the doctor again and again with me.I cried again. This time I was excited. At that time, I thought, you don’t want to give up the baby, what’s the reason for your mother to give up.

So I was happy to take the B -ultrasound report to return to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and shared the good news with Director Ning Yan and the doctor present. Everyone was happy for me.

The B -ultrasound report sheet at that time

With everyone’s joint efforts

The baby is finally born smoothly!

On August 18, an expert in Shenzhen’s "three medical and health engineering projects" came to Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital to exchange.Director Ning Yan’s joint experts once again looked at me, explaining my complexion from "looking, smelling, asking, asking, and cutting" on the spot, touching pulse and observing tongue coating, and adjusted some Chinese medicine to encourage me to have confidence.

After the B -ultrasound results are growing, the blood value indicators are also developing in a good direction.

Blood drawing data during the fetal protection period

On September 13, I was discharged.After discharge, I will continue to return to the Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital every week to find Director Ning Yan to adjust the fetal protection medicine. Until 14 weeks, the placenta was checked on time.

On March 25, 2018, my baby was finally born smoothly, 5.08 pounds.

In 2019, I brought a baby over 1 year old to find Director Ning Yan

Now that the child is more than 5 years old, I think of the experience of the entire early pregnancy, I still touched it. I am grateful that the entire Chinese medicine medical team is unable to separate the efforts of the baby and the efforts of every medical staff of the Chinese medicine department.Mom dream.

The value of HCG

Probably a lot of Ma Ma after pregnancy

First anxiety

Worried that HCG doubles is not ideal

The baby will not be able to stay

But is this really the case?

Come and listen to what the doctor said ~

HCG rise but not doubled

The baby may not be "unable to keep"

Doubling is not good, but it does not mean that it must be "unable to keep".

● If HCG still has an upward trend, you can continue to observe.

● If HCG is lower than the normal range, there may be situations such as ectopic pregnancy, fetal stop, biochemical pregnancy or normal pregnancy, and errors in the gestational week.

● But if it is too high, it is not necessarily a good thing. There may be multiple pregnancy, hypotonic or normal pregnancy, and errors in the gestational week.

Although HCG is an important indicator of early pregnancy, it is not the only judgment indicator. It often needs to combine B -ultrasound judgment.

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, it can be judged by the B -ultrasound of early pregnancy to judge whether it is normal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

At 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, if the B-ultrasound can see the fighting of the fetal buds and the fetal heart tube, it means that the baby is in development ~ rest assured.

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