25 "taboos" that women cannot touch

1. Women should not sell their bodies for money and power, so it really makes people look down on.

2. Women should not give others three, and the family that destroys others is to pay the price.

3. Women do not dislike their men who can’t earn money. If men have money, they may change others.

4. Women should not be a full -time mother at home. They must be economical and independent.

5. Women should not marry far. Sometimes love really can’t eat meals. When regrets, they may not even buy tickets.

6. Women don’t want people to marry a good husband before and after, they are afraid that someone is jealous.

7. Don’t introduce your girlfriend to your husband, don’t take your girlfriend to the house. It is the wolf into the room, and the girlfriend may replace it.

8. Women should not complain if they work, too much, men can cocoon their ears, which will really be annoying.

9. Don’t be too lazy to wear a woman. They are very sharp when they go out. They do n’t clean up their houses. They do n’t go out in the door for a long time.

10. Women should not treat my mother -in -law as a mother. Mom can say anything, but you ca n’t just say that your mother -in -law. After all, you do n’t have a blood relationship between you, you still have to pay attention to the size.

11. Women should not tolerate men’s domestic violence. There are countless times, and the voicing can only hurt themselves.

12. Women should not tolerate men’s derailment. Since the heart is gone, what is the use of people?

13. Women should not be ambiguous with men outside her husband and wear a green hat for their men.

14. Women should not pass on nonsense, let alone right and wrong, they will be jealous.

15. Women who have been married, do not go too close to the opposite sex, let alone go in and out of the wind and moon. Going home in the middle of the night will make people think of bad places.

16. Women should not have one -night stand with others, and they will regret it for a lifetime.

17. Don’t be too strong at home, such families will not be too happy.

18. Women should not be used to children too much. You think it is love. In fact, it is harmful. The child is big and you can’t control it.

19. Do n’t love yourself, you can love the person you love.

20. Women should not treat themselves as a machine for having children. In order to prevent children, they will spoil their bodies.

21. Women should not be contaminated with yellow gambling poison. They will be destroyed in this life, and they will even empty their family.

22. Women should not find death because they are in love, and believe in fate.

23. Girls do not want to live unmarried, let alone get pregnant before marriage. It really makes people look light.

24. Women should not take marriage as a child. If you want to leave, you are not so easy to enter a family. Divorce hurts the child the most.

25. Do n’t care about their bodies, make money, and exhaust their bodies. Your man will be the groom of others.

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