2 months old babies have a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, breastfeeding mother must pay attention to

Breastfeeding Moms should be careful. Moms eat what you eat or baby.

Recently, I received a baby who was born shortly recently in the hospital. His body had vomiting and poor mental. He did not encounter it. When he went to the hospital to check the skull CT, he found cerebral hemorrhage, combined with coagulation function examination, and diagnosed vitamin K deficiency of sexual hemorrhage.Also called neonatal bleeding, what is the cause?

The reason is that my mother’s eating habits!After understanding the habits of her life from the mother, these Baoma did not have eaten vegetables during confinement.

Why not eat greens?

Baoma explained that her hometown has the tradition of "women do not eat green vegetables in confinement".The old man said that green vegetables are cold foods. Pregnant mothers eat green vegetables that are not good for their children, which will cause their children to diarrhea.

However, green leafy vegetables such as vegetables are one of the important sources of vitamin K.

The deficiency of vitamin K leads to lack of coagulation factor (II, VII, IX, X) synthesis and insufficient (or), and eventually hemorrhagic diseases.

In fact, when the baby is born, it is easy to lack multiple reasons for vitamin K:

1. Newborn vitamin K reserves less

During pregnancy, the mother’s vitamin K can only be delivered to the fetus through the placenta; after birth, the vitamin K content in breast milk is not high (15 μg/L); plus the first birth, the mother’s breast milk is not large.Vitamin K in the body is small.

2. Insufficient vitamin K synthesis

Vitamin K can be synthesized by the intestinal flora, but the first -born baby’s intestinal sterile, insufficient milk, and the synthesis of vitamin K is naturally affected.

Vitamin K is deficient in sex hemiasis, prevention is more important than treatment!

1. The demand for daily vitamin K of newborn is about 1 ~ 5 μg/kg. As long as the baby is born with a routine intramuscular injection of vitamin K 1mg, it can effectively prevent vitamin K deficiency of sexual bleeding.

2. Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to eating more vitamin K content, or daily oral vitamin K15mg.

3. In some places, "confinement" after giving birth or eating less vegetables and fruits should change the old concept.

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