19 -year -old girl is pregnant, and the hospital has a fetus to remove the uterus

Yan Bing is a good girl. She fell in love with a boy in a boy and is the brother of a good girlfriend.

She was looking forward to seeing him every day when she was looking for girlfriends. She was not good at her childhood, and she was very strange and had no testicles.So he is particularly inferior. He has no friends. He supports him every day. He hopes that he can treat his illness.

So every day after school, he went to the library to read a book, and Yan Bing silently followed the Mingzhong, looking at his back.When I arrived at the library, I read the book in Mingzhong, and she looked at him silently.

Finally, Ming Middle School admitted to Beijing’s Medical University and achieved the first grade in the province.Yan Bing was happy for Mingzhong.

Mingzhong was about to go to school soon. In the face of separation, Yan Bing finally checked the courage to confess to Mingzhong.Yan Bing wrote the admiration of Mingzhong in the letter.He stuffed him when he embarked on a far -reaching train in the Ming Dynasty.

Mingzhong saw Yan Bing’s letter, but he did not accept it because he was inferior and felt that he was not worthy of such a good girl like Yan Bing.

In the five -year college time, the medical treatment of the medical treatment was cured. She also had her girlfriend. She went home on the New Year’s Day and brought her parents and her to know her.

At this time, Yan Bing knew that there was a girlfriend in Mingzhong, and she was very frustrated and sad. She came to the bar alone.When he met the boy who had been pursuing her, the boy came up to talk about Yan Bing ignored him, and only took care of himself, and the boy accompanied him to drink.

Who knew that the boy had a relationship with her after Yan Bing was drunk.

Yan Bing didn’t like him, and the relationship between history also avoided him everywhere.

But unfortunately happened, Yan Bing was pregnant.She discussed with her girlfriends and wanted to kill her children, because they were still students, worried that they were joking and did not dare to tell their parents that they found a small medical gallery to perform surgery.

The girlfriend was waiting for Yan Bing in the surgical ward. Suddenly, the doctor was still in a panic. The girl went in and watched. The blood was scared everywhere. She hurried to call Yan Bing’s father for help.

Fortunately, Yan Bing’s life was presented in time, but Yan Bing remained unable to have children.

I really feel distressed to see this.

First of all, I am a girl and a mother. I like children. The happiness that children can bring to us cannot be satisfied. I can have a child with my beloved to raise a child. It is an important practice in my life.Essence

Secondly, I have a daughter. When I saw such a result, I really wanted to grow up again and told him that when you are in love, you must cherish yourself.Really pregnant, don’t be afraid that mom and dad will train you, parents will always love you, we will try our best to protect you at any time.

In the end, if children at this stage see it, I hope not to lose myself in love. Only by loving yourself can you get the respect of your boyfriend, can you go long -term and sweet.

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