16 -year -old girl is pregnant at school: early love, how should teachers and parents deal with?

At the end of February, a 16 -year -old senior girl in Guangxi gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital.

After the girl’s father, Mr. Huang, learned that his daughter was pregnant, and found a statement and the Education Bureau for discussing, but the school and the Education Bureau said that the matter had nothing to do with them.Due to Mr. Huang’s family poverty, he chose to expose the matter on the Internet.

Finally, under the mediation of the Education Bureau and the school, both men and women have accepted the solution.

Although this matter was finally resolved, it had a significant impact on the future and psychology of boys and girls.At present, girls are suspended, boys transfer to school … Tracking their origins because of their early love and ignorance of "sex". Parents and schools do not have a good responsibility for supervision and guidance.

Today, let’s talk about "early love" and then "sex education".

Student early love is a relatively common thing. In this case, how should teachers and parents do a good job of guiding education?Let’s take a look at the teacher’s opinion ~

Early love, please be gentle

Parents often call to worry about their children falling in love.Many class teachers also gritted their teeth to warn the students as soon as they opened the class: if they found who was in love, they would be punished.

But it is useless, it should still come.

Early love is really not a flood beast. Even if your child really loves early, he is still blue; even if your class really has early love phenomenon, it is just a flower that blooms early.

I remember that I went to the morning to study in the morning. When I was busy in the office, President Zhang pushed in and talked about the student’s management issues.

He said with a long point of view: "I am ashamed to say. In high school life in three years, what can our teachers leave for students? The knowledge you taught, and the truth of being a person will be disappeared by time and society.In the memories of the children, it is extremely sweet when I think of it. I am afraid it is still the relationship between the hazy young boys and girls. Innocent, without any utilitarian purpose, it is unfortunately not allowed to be allowed. "

Seeing that I feel the same, he went on to say, "So, seeing students’ early love, be patient, don’t be simple and rude, it is often counterproductive." This is the old educator, the father of a college student’s father.

Coincidentally, the fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie said in an interview that the only reason he regretted not let his son go to middle school was: "Let him go to school at home and lose the chance of early love."

Zheng Yuanjie has a unique understanding of education. He believes that early love is a beautiful and "very useful" experience in his life.

Judging from my personal experience, I also agree with the above two views.

In high school, several people in my class fell in love, not only did not affect the grades, but instead encouraged each other, and the academic performance occupied the top of the class.

In my freshman year, I often skipped classes, and often soaked in the basketball court. After my sophomore talked about my girlfriend, I was afraid that others would gossip (the university was not allowed but in love at that time), and I also wanted to perform perfectly in front of her. Instead, IGet my heart to study.

After work, my way of dealing with this problem is:

First, I will never take the initiative to talk about this problem, because I think this will give students a psychological hint: we have reached the age of falling in love.

Second, if it really appears, I won’t be a fuss, but I will see the changes.If the two do not have excessive behavior and do not affect learning, I generally will not disturb.If there is really wind and grass, I will guide psychologically according to the actual situation of the two.

For example, I have always been proud of it:

I remember that among a student, a girl with poor grades and the first boy in the class was "good". I pretended not to know. Unfortunately, the good times did not last.Start, ask me to deal with it seriously.

The next day I called the girl to the office, it may be because she didn’t sleep overnight, and she looked very embarrassed.As soon as I entered the office, I gave me a letter. There was such a paragraph in the letter: "Teacher, I know you must be disgusted with this kind of thing. In fact, I used to be like you.Yes. But -I don’t know if you will believe it. Some things are really amazing. Even if there are too many unknown in the future, the two hearts are connected, and I do n’t have to say it. I have always been inferior because of poor grades.Now, I think I am full of confidence in the future. "

As a person over, I certainly understand this feeling.Weighing again and again, I communicated with her from three perspectives:

First, no matter how much you like each other, don’t forget that you are a middle school student. You must restrain your behavior. Do not become an alternative scenery on campus.

At this point, she agreed without thinking.

Second, since you really like him, think about his future, don’t disperse his energy and affect his learning.

At this point, she was in a hurry to distinguish: we encouraged each other to learn and learn, and he has been helping me.(This, I believe it)

Third, you said that because of poor academic performance and inferiority, then at least in order to get the college entrance examination results, you no longer inferiority in front of him, you have to work hard from now.

She nodded hard.

I asked a boy to conduct about similar exchanges.I hope that boys will restrain their behavior, and help girls when they are together.The boy promised happily.

Now that everyone knows, there is a need to explain in the class.

At the class meeting, I did not mention it alone.It just expresses the following point of view from my understanding of love:

Some people say that success is nothing more than two aspects: career and love.Almost, I basically agree with it, and today I will talk about love alone.

First of all, love is not just the favor of the opposite sex, but on this basis, it can accept everything of each other and be willing to live together.Obviously, your age does not have the foundation of discussing love.

Since perfect love is one of the signs of human success, we are lucky.

Because in ancient times, the two young men and women may be couples by the words of marriage, or the martial arts of the fingertips, or the words of the media.

Today we are in high school in the county seat. You can choose what you like within the county seat, but if you go out, you will find that there is one that is more suitable for you.

So only when you really go out, you may find that the person who really belongs to you.

Of course, I do n’t rule out. Some people have read the return of Qianfan. I ’m still the high school classmate in my heart. If this is the case, I wish you.But today, please hide this beautiful emotion in your heart to see if it can withstand the test of time.

To this day, I have always believed that my words have greatly helped the concept of love of that year.

Later, I found a sentence on the title page of the girl: "Meet the right person at the wrong time."

I wrote a small note and gave it to her: "People who meet the wrong time in the wrong time are growth; when the right time is wrong, it is youth; when the right time, I encounter the wrong one who is wrong.People, that’s experience; when the right person is right, it is a fairy tale. "

The girl took the initiative to find me and said, no matter how hard she works, no matter how he helps her, her performance is always unable to go up, and she gradually understands that they are not a type of person.I didn’t feel happy, but I was a bit regrettable.

Some parents often look at the early love like a flood beast. In addition to letting the teacher help, they are anxious, and they are often counterproductive in tracking, pressure, and results.

I remember once, a parent next to the class, because I heard that her daughter had a early love, and she didn’t use it anymore. Later, they actually came to school to hit boys. As a result, the two children resolutely suffered from the Communist Party of China, and the two parents almost became almost the two parents.Enemy.

I hope my experience can give parents some comfort and inspire my colleagues.

In fact, everyone who comes here understands that if you really like someone, you will pay special attention to your image, including appearance, including behavior, who does not want to make himself flawless in his or her eyes.

High school students already have the ability to distinguish between truth, goodness, beauty, and false ugliness. In a survey of "what the other half that I want to like" for senior high school students, all students chose "character and talent."

Therefore, there are students in their own class early in love, and reasonable guidance according to different situations will not only have a negative impact, but it will be a good motivation.

Admitting that early love is beautiful, not indulgence or even encouragement.

It is just that early love is unstoppable. The tighter you blocked, the greater the reaction force.When you come early, give it a certain space and time, and treat this beautiful emotion with wisdom and wisdom. The ending must be happy.

This article is written by "Test Teacher" and "Teacher Pillow Book".

Cai Yan: Member of Linyi City as a member, Mengyin County as a member, a high school physics teacher.The major gave me rigorous thinking, and literature gave me a real personality.In the floating world, I use professionalism to make a living to support dignity; in my heart, I nourish my soul with words and support me.

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