15 -year -old girl, why is she pregnant but does not know who her father is?

Whose youth is not confused, and who’s youth is not ignorant.Young ignorant, a big mistake, who is it?

What I want to tell today is the story of netizens who provides girls about girls ~

I was born in the countryside and worked hard for many years. I finally landed in a small city. I was in the education industry. I went back to my hometown again and found that the 15 -year -old daughter of my Uncle’s family had been pregnant for several months, and I did not know who the child’s father was.The cousin communicated, and after knowing the reason, I was stunned.The cousin who was still in the middle school school went out to drink with 5.6 boys, and had a relationship with them that night.At that time, after listening to him, I really couldn’t believe it, what made the cousin of such a grade so indulgent and cheap himself.I don’t know how to protect myself at all.

Through understanding, the second uncle was a daughter because the first child was, and all one daughter and a son later ignored the eldest daughter.The daughter ignored it at all, except for giving money, she never asked her daughter’s study and life, and never communicated with her daughter. As a result, her daughter was unwilling to study and dropped out of school. Then she went to the neighboring county to study.The mouth never asks her daughter’s recent situation. Every month, there is no other connection, no care, no care, and care at all.

The cousin of this age should have been the treasure in the hands of his parents, but he has never received the love.After leaving his parents, he will never talk to his parents’ life without communicating.Her inside portrait is that no one hurts and no one loves it anyway. At this time, anyone who cares to her and treats her. She will do something she dare not imagine without reservation.

I have been in contact with children of single -parent families and orphans. They have no father’s love and mother love, but they are very hard to jump out of the cage, but some are very indulgent, thinking that they have no value, abandon themselves, and cheap themselves.Essence

Now there are many more backward places in China. It is very ignored by the education of children. The thoughts of men and women have never changed. They believe that girls are useless and even do not let girls read.It will cause many girls to form inferiority when they are young, resulting in lightness.

Everyone has a choice of personal views. Although the environment will affect a person, the ultimate option is still in their own hands.

Is this story’s fault?Or does the child abandon himself?

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