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Longquanyi peach peach consumption timetable still remember to sprinkle


When Bai Feng was listed

If you have friends from Longquanyi around you

He will mostly tell you if you only eat one peach a year

Then choose Baifeng

The late -mature Baifeng, which is given more sweetness by time, is characterized by high value, high sweetness, enough water, three good students in peaches


The weather is dry this year, and the peaches are not big in rainy, but the taste is really sweet

And Bai Feng’s fragrance

It is the most prominent of several peaches

Eat a peach, full of fragrance

The taste is too busy

It is no exaggeration to say that after the peaches are cut, the hands are still fragrant after washing my hands.

Longquan Mountain Baifeng Peach Peach

Color Box & Gift Box 元 128 yuan/from


Longquan Mountain Baifeng Peach Peach

Color Box & Gift Box 元 128 yuan/from


Baifeng’s flesh is also more delicate and smooth, smooth and delicate, soft and smooth without fiber and sweetness. It is not sweet, but the fresh sweetness is very refreshing.

Light and easy -to -tear, small core core, sweet and smooth and white and white phoenix’s most basic advantages


01 Bai Fengtao, the beginning of the prosperity of the year

The appearance of Bai Nenshui, I can’t help but bite a sip of juice as sweet, soft and delicate, and I ca n’t stop it. No wonder so many people are recognized.


Those who love sweetness will definitely fall in love with Baifeng Tao sweetness to reach 17.5+. Before the teeth have time, the flesh of the tender and sweet and sweet flesh will slip into the mouth full of sweet and juicy sweet tongue.Addicted


The peel is also very easy to tear the kind that has not had time to force, and the thin peel slipped down the full juicy flesh to scramble to jump out.


02 The hometown of peach peaches in Longquan Mountain

The Ming Dynasty as early as 400 years ago

Longquan villagers began to grow peaches. Longquanyi is one of the three major peach bases in China.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Longquan Mao Tao has also successfully selected the peach peach with so many stories in the "Olympic Recommended Fruit". Of course, it is delicious.


"Natural Oxygen Bar" Longquan in Sichuan here is as high as 36.78%of the peaches sunbathing. Drinking mountain spring water and soil with rich minerals with rich minerals.


03 Ecological planting, artificial weeding, bagging planting

In the process of planting

The orchard insists on the use of farm organic fertilizer, artificial weeding

Wait until the peach starts to make a small fruit

Put on a special fruit bag,

Prevent strong ultraviolet rays

Keep the moisture without loss, while

Can also be physically insect -proof

Resolutely do not take pesticides, pesticides, herbicides

Patient take care of each fruit and grow up healthy


It is guaranteed that if the fruit is not willing to remove the extra peach fruit, the peach fruit will not be long, only the sparse fruit can ensure that the remaining peaches can be sufficient.

Figure/Discarded fruit leaves

In the mature season, we insist on not picking up early, not ripening, and natural maturity. The peach juice is more sweet, and the aroma is stronger.

Paper bag bag

The cost is more expensive, but it can make the color of peaches look better and have a strong fruity aroma

From bags to unclean bags, it takes a lot of labor. This is also one of the precious reasons why peach peaches are precious.

Figure/Fruit farmers who are bagging

04 Dedicated Gift Box Delivery Gift Box Drum Peach is the most delicate fruit. It is easy to hurt. We pick out the best fruit and mature fruit one by one and put it in a dedicated pearl cotton for 360 degrees without dead ends.Every one you receive is every bite of the gifts we carefully selected.


Because the peach peach is delicate, it is easy to be bad for a long time, so the peach peaches that we choose are 8 mature around the transportation process will gradually mature sugar points and gradually increase


Longquan Mountain Baifeng Peach Peach

Color Box & Gift Box 元 128 yuan/from

After receiving the goods, gently pinch the soft peaches with your hands to eat the cold and light -eliminated shade in the cool place that has not changed.It should not be too long to eat too long

Sichuan · Longquanyi · Xiaobaifeng’s skin is thin and tender, fresh and sweet, and the "ceiling" in the peach world in the juice is only 15 days a year.

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