10 yuan a life, pregnant women can be what they want for netizens: owe, deserve to be reimbursed

Title: Wife and wise husband is rare, and people are mad self -confidence

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The reason why people need to learn to be benevolent and wise faith, and respect for others is also a kind of responsibility to their lives, but I do n’t know why. There are always people in the society. I do n’t respect others.When he was high, he suffered a social torture, and even paid the price of life.

A pregnant woman in Shenzhen, Guangdong was extremely arrogant. She was furious for two hours because of the parking fee of 10 yuan. She even abused the security guard as a door -looking dog. The security guard could not bear it.

Ms. Guo in Shenzhen has been pregnant for 3 months. On the same day, she went to buy clothes to be born with her husband. The three -month pregnant woman did not have obvious pregnancy characteristics, because the belly could not see obvious rise.If you want this child, you are worried that the month will be bad to go out.

After her husband feels that his wife becomes irritable after pregnancy, especially when the temperament is poor. When the wife proposed to buy a baby’s clothing, she went out together. On the way, she saw a milk tea Ms. Guo who asked her husband to buy.Go to buy milk tea.

However, there is no parking space nearby. Ms. Guo is afraid that she will eat a ticket on the side of the road. She cleverly command her husband to drive the car into the fire passage at the time. After that, her husband goes to buy milk tea. She is sitting in the car and so on.

After seeing the security guards at the mall, she came over and told Ms. Guo that she couldn’t stop here. She said that she would only stop here for a while. The security guard should charge Ms. Guo’s 10 yuan parking fees in accordance with the parking fee of the mall.

"My car stopped here and had to collect parking fees? Grab money? Who stipulated?"

As soon as she heard the fee, Ms. Guo immediately scolded people. When she got out of the car, she scolded the security guard. She scolded for two hours.The security guard took the rules and regulations that it was stipulated by the mall.

Ms. Guo’s cursing was satisfied, and she hurriedly called her husband to make him come back quickly. Her husband couldn’t care about the milk tea he was making, and hurried back.

Her husband was more rational and questioned: We parking here is less than fifteen minutes. Most of the parking lots rules are not charged for more than thirty minutes or one hour ago. I do n’t know what indicators you charge.

Baoan said that this is the provision of the fire channel here, and you can’t be the master, I hope you understand it.

However, Ms. Guo didn’t think that she thought that her husband was next to him, and there was no fear, and his mouth was getting more and more unpleasant. Then she started to scold the security guards.

The security guard is also very angry, but she dare not do it. This is not the most powerful Ms. Guo, and she went straight up and gave the security guard a big mouth. Now she just stunned the security guard.

Seeing this, Ms. Guo was not satisfied. She was still scolding people: Dogs who watched the door, what qualifications to teach me here …

The security guard quickly reported the matter to the captain of the security team. The captain of the security guard said that this is indeed a fire -fighting channel. There is a rule that the owner is illegal, and the owner must bear legal responsibility.

However, the security guard felt very wronged. This was how my job was. Why should I be insulted by this woman’s words? The security guard, who had been endured, was completely angry by Ms. Guo, and kicked the stomach at Ms. Guo.

After Ms. Guo was hit, she fell to the ground immediately, and her blood flowed out of her legs. Her husband saw this and knew that something had happened.

The woman’s husband did not have the security guard and was thrown on the ground by heavily. The citizens quickly called the police to call the police. Ms. Guo, who was unconscious, was also sent to the hospital for rescue.

Ms. Guo, who was hit by her belly, woke up after being rescued by the doctor, but she spent a lot of effort to shed the children.After listening to my husband, the more he wanted to give birth.

Both sides of the court believe that they are reasonable and consider their responsibility in each other.The court later announced the surveillance video of the fire channel at the time: (the video description below)

I saw that the security guard was indeed a public affairs publicly informed Ms. Guo, but Ms. Guo looked at him with disdain. Later, the two sides came out. Later, Ms. Guo’s husband came over.

Then they ran out of the surveillance area. The security guard said that she did not know that Ms. Guo was pregnant at that time, because it was really difficult to bear Ms. Guo’s humiliation of herself, and then kicked Ms. Guo, but at the time, she was angry and did not know that she did not know that she did not knowWhere is the specific kick?In the picture, it was not enough to directly prove that the security guard kicked Ms. Guo, causing Ms. Guo’s abortion.

There is no result in the first instance, and the second instance continues.There were passers -by in the second instance as witnesses. In the narrative of passers -by, the news that could be obtained was the security guard that Ms. Guo first played, but the security guard really kicked Ms. Guo’s belly. Because the fight at the time was fierce, she dared not dare to herself.Right stepped forward to persuade, but she called the 120 emergency phone …

Netizens also have a lot of discussions, but most of them blame Ms. Guo, let’s take a look.

The child is innocent, but it feels that this mother is blame by himself, and people will be disaster.The babies were ashamed of such a mother and did not want to come to their house. They were too arrogant and lost their lives.

It’s a little too much, but the protection of women should be a civilized society, and security guards are a bit impulsive.Slightly protects women and a child who comes over and fights. Generally, it will push away the child’s reason. I dare not say what this case is, but the security guard is definitely inappropriate to directly kick a girl’s abdomen.

People originally wanted to save money before they hid in the fire passage.The security guard asked others for money.The greedy cheap psychology was slipped out by others, and contradictions were arisen.

Woman, not everyone is used to you like a family.Sober.I really responded to the phrase, "Wife and Hyeper", and the same to the child. A messy mother also followed the children.

Those who look down on security guards, nanny, and cleanliness. Those who see these professionals can’t help but have a sense of high sense. They bully others.Essence

It ’s good to do n’t come. After coming, I do n’t know how her mother would scold him. Will she scold them for two hours for some small things?

The nest is used to it! If you encounter a ruthless person outside, you will not get used to you and receive social education

Geramate is still low -key when you go out. Don’t find something to mess with people, especially don’t mess with male comrades. Nowadays, people are under pressure. You can only be provoked and provoked, and you can only be unlucky.

This kind of villin will also teach a social fire tumor in the future to like the Big Brother of the Security, hoping to take responsibility for each.

Ms. Guo can blame who herself, is usually arrogant, people are not used to you, who scolds people first, whoever be hit first is who is responsible, and the other side is just a right defense.Regardless of whether it is pregnant or not, the legal responsibility should be the same.

I was so impulsive when I was pregnant, and scolded the security guard and beating.The impulse is the devil.

As a pregnant woman, it should be low -key to cause less trouble outside. In case of conflict, isn’t it afraid of accidents?I see that pregnant women may not want children, and deliberately get angry like this and let others be fooled.

What is wrong with the woman’s first move and the security guard is forced to fight back?What does pregnancy have something to do with others? Can pregnancy do whatever she wants?I think it is good to fight, and next time I will memorize.

Pregnancy is not the reason for impulse. Pregnant women first hit people, and then the security guard returned to a pregnant woman.If you can’t see pregnancy for three months, security guards do deal with and compensated.However, in view of many factors, it is not possible to blindly punish security, which depends on how the relevant departments have operated.

Is this a legitimate defense?If you do n’t fight back, are n’t it beating in vain and scolding so unpleasant. Even if the security guards reported the police at the time, would the policeman happen to the woman.The weak will always be the weak, not to be humiliated by himself, and even more …

Support security guards, handle the first -to -one people, be free to punish security.If you do n’t die, you wo n’t die. Who will let you hit someone first.


In the end, how the court judged this, it must only be judged from the most fair and fair perspective, but no matter what the result, Ms. Guo’s children will never return.

Both sides have mistakes in this matter, but because of a small matter, Ms. Guo lost her baby who was three months pregnant. Is it worth it?

Many times, some people have argued because of something, and even rose to start. As a result, they lost both, and they were very unparalleled.

Some people say that tragedy is caused by impulse, and people cannot always control their own reason and cannot control their emotions. Some people make impulse errors for face, which cannot accept the field and cause tragedy.

People still need more respect for others.

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